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Talon Build Guide by Mistreal

Talon - A Noxian Story

Talon - A Noxian Story

Updated on April 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mistreal Build Guide By Mistreal 3,833 Views 4 Comments
3,833 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mistreal Talon Build Guide By Mistreal Updated on April 21, 2012
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Most of you are probably wandering why haven't I got brutalizer in my build? well I like to play talon as more of a burst DPS, most of his abilities run off of Attack Damage, I don't know much about making guides or explaining these things but just try this build its loads of fun and most of the time you escape on so little health you'll be sitting there laughing your *** off, I'll do as much as I can to improve this guide in the near future, be sure to leave your comments below :)
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Pros / Cons


A lot of damage out put early game.
Farm comes easy with more damage.
Your silence can easily shut down AP users and amplify damage dealt to them.
Talons abilities make him almost inescapable and hard to chase.
A Noxian Diplomacy and Ignite combo can make good use for getting those ones that always get away on less then a bar of health.
Shadow Assault gives you great mobility in team fights.
Even when under fed early game talon can easily catch up.
Shadow Assault can help get out of sticky situations.


If they get an oracles it can shut down your role in team fights to target the AD/AP carry with Shadow Assault.

Talon is easily countered by silences.
If stunned or even slowed just before you activate your ultimate it can reduce the effectiveness of shadow assault.

A lot of CC shuts Talon down.

You wont have too much harass until level 3.
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Summoner Spells

Flash: I personally like this spell on Talon it helps close the gap between you and your enemy and can also help for an easy escape, this gives Talon balanced mobility for both chasing and escaping.

Ignite: This spell makes good use with Noxian Diplomacy for getting those ones that always barely survive or shutting down someone with a lot of healing power.
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Greater Mark of Desolation: Well this one explains itself :)

Greater Seal of Resilience: This gives me some defensive power against AD Users which also helps reduce some of the damage I take in the laning phase.

Greater Glyph of Warding: Same as with the seals this helps reduce damage I take against AP users.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: I simply get this to give me a bit of extra mobility through out the game.
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Farming is simple on Talon, just use the three R's, Rake, Rinse and Repeat. Early game with talon you won't have much damage to farm with so play defensive until you do, conserve some mana incase your jungler decides to gank, so don't go wasting all your mana for farming with Rake and I can't stress this enough, play defensive until you have enough damage to sustain some aggressive play.
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Skill Sequence

I get Rake at level one and max it by level 9, I take a point in Cut Throat at level 2 and another point in Noxian Diplomacy at level 3, this gives me a full combo to make a balanced damage out put early on in the game, maxing Noxian Diplomacy by level 13, Cut Throat by level 18 and a point in Shadow Assault whenever possible. Maxing Rake by level 9 gives me enough damage out put against minions so that I stay well farmed through out early and late game. Maxing Noxian Diplomacy by level 13 gives me that extra bit of harass in team fights that I need mid game.
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Talon runs off a lot of burst damage so I build him pure AD, with the amount of damage out put you have mid game with these items you can easily dominate 1v1 in almost any situation, having so much AD I need some survivability that's where the Guardians Angel comes in, not all at once though, I get Infinity Edge and Trinity Force this helps me get that damage I really need mid game but also I get Infinity Edge to Increase my critical strike damage to 250% from 200% another reason for getting Infinity Edge on Talon is that it can help do extra damage on top of Noxian Diplomacy if it critically hits with your next basic attack. These Items increase my damage out put dramatically.
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I take 21/9/0 in masteries this gives me as much damage out put as possible while also giving me some defensive power in lane, and take less damage in fights. This way Talon is not squishy at all early game and can if necessary dish out some harassment in lane without taking any serious damage in most situations.
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Skill Order

Once you hit level six your basic skill order is E,R,W,Q for a major harass or E,W,Q for a minor harass. This provides Talon with a significant amount of harassment on his enemies. By using E first before every combo It gives you a good jump straight to your target, and amplifies the damage of the rest of your abilities or your allies abilities against that target, this ensures that as much damage as possible is dealt to your enemies. E also silences the target which really helps to shut down casters. Rake is useful for the slow as well as the damage it helps chase down enemies to get your Q off if your E is on cooldown. As for his R you want to make sure you use this in every team fight your in, as it will really help even out your odds of winning.
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Thanks for Reading

Well this is where I leave it up to you to give your opinion on my guide, and advice on improving my guide would be much appreciated, thanks again for reading, leave your comments below :)

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