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Talon Build Guide by Valdoroth

Talon: A True Asassin

By Valdoroth | Updated on August 28, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Talon works best as a Bruser/Assassin hybrid. He is great at getting in a fight, damaging, surviving AOEs, and then getting out. He then repeats this untill the target is dead, or is forced to retreat.

He is at his best late mid and late game. That doesn't make him usless early game though.

Yes he looks like Enzio from Assassin's Creed, and interestingly has a similar fighting style. I'll explain.

Please read the guide, practice, and expirement before rating this guide.
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Not much to say here:

For Marks i go with all Flat Attack Speed. This helps not only early game, but also late game. Going all AS Marks is like getting a free Dagger at the very beginning.

For Seals i prefer Flat Dodge. This has saved me from dying from minions and champions countless times. It is often that one last auto attack as you get behind your tower that kills you. With Dodge Seals your safer.

For Glyphs i suggest Cooldown Runes. You could go with whatever helps you best, just DON'T go with ability power

For the Quintessences i go with more Attack Speed. As explained above, free Attack Speed is invaluable at all times of the game.

Runes in my opinion are something that has to be detirmed by the player. Everyone has a weakness and runes can try to help buff that weakness.
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Summoner Spells

Masteries for Talon are a no brainer,

With Talons passive (Mercy-Talon deals 10% more damage when the target is under the influence of a crowd control effect) Exaust not only stops the target from getting away, but allows Talon to disable and then take out an enemy champion faster. Not to mention exaust can be used in combanation with his ultimate (Shadow ***ult) to make it impossible for any one champion to catch him.

Flash is the second Summoner Spell i use. Flash can be used to escape and attack. Flashing over walls to catch fleeing champions to secure a kill or to escape being focused is a plus.

These Spells make the most sense given Talons style and abilities, while other Spells can be used successfully, none of them well be as much of a help to Talon as Flash and Exaust.

Spells to stay away from:
Rally, Heal, Revive, Cleanse, and Clarity.

I suggest staying away from Cleanse just because if you play smart, you will still have your ultimate and probably your Flash to help you get away. If you can't get away with those two then don't use Talon.
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For Masteries i suggest 22/8/0. Getting as much damage and attack speed as you can makes you a better assassin. You need to rely on skill, timing, flanking, and planned escape routes to survive and get away after getting a kill. The 8 points in Defence are enough to keep you laning longer in early game, and roam longer in team fights late game.
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Gameplay-Early Game

Early game focus on survivability and last hitting. Only go in for a kill if you know that you will survive. Only harass other champions if you can get away with only taking minimal damage. Talon works better with his gear to survive and hurt his opponents. This is why i get Boots and 3 Health Pots as my first items. Boots allow you to chase down any level 1 champions that are running away in level 1 team fights, or escape death. The Health Pots allow you to lane longer to get those last hits. When you get enough money get Zeal, movement speed plus better last hitting, then Phage, 25% slow chance and some health for early game laning. Finnish up with your Berserker Greaves, Tri-Force, and Vamparic Septer. By now you should be in mid game unless you got fed.
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Gameplay-Mid Game

Just keep plowing through the item list, with each item you get stronger.

Once in mid game focus on getting kills while not dying, only go for low risk kills. Only go into multiple champion fights if your teammates are allready fighting. Never start a teamfight. As an assassin your job is to jump in and kill or distract the squishies which are the supports or ranged DPSers. You need to relieve the damage that your teammates are taking without taking any yourself.

Never go help a teammate who is doomed. Unless you have more teammates close enough to come in a couple seconds while you stall the attackers, don't risk dying. Your job is to make the other team focus you for 1 or 2 seconds as you take out one of thier valuable players and then disapear, wait a second or two and do it again securing the kill or getting a new one.

At the end of Mid game you should have The Brutilizer, Black Cleaver, and Warmogs.

Just a quick note on Warmogs, i only get Warmogs for the slight health regen but mostly for the health. Talon loses health pretty fast in team fights from the AOE (Area of Effect) attacks unless he has the 1k health from a Warmogs. Also with Warmogs, Talon is able to solo more on weakened DPSers or other unfed/weak champions.

The Black Cleaver is for Attack Speed and the Armor Pen to help take down the melee champs.
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Gameplay-Late Game

By now you should have all your items, with Ghostblade and Bloodthirster you do a lot of quick damage that scares the target into thinking that he is taking more damage than he really is. By doing this the other team's synergy is messed up and threatened forcing them to retreat and scatter allowing your DPSers to have a field day and allow you to clean the fleeing champions up. The point of this Talon build is to ruin the other team's moral and make them afraid to fight Talon, even if you are by your self. By not dying (hopefully) you level fast and get gear fast. This allows you to constantly harass and bruse the enemy champions in 2v2s or full team fights.
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In summary, remeber that Talon is an assassin. Assassins do not fight head on against thier enemy but rather keep them hurting and scared. Assassins do not play fair but do all they can to change what is considered the "rules" or the "right" way of fighting. As Talon you have to disturb the teamfights, cover retreats with your debuffs, and get a great KDR. Don't Kill Steal, but take advantage of close duals, teamfights, weak champions by themselves, and the support that is too far behind his teammates.

I hope you like and understand the gist of this guide and build. Remember to think about what your role is and capitolize on it. If you don't like my Runes or Mastery setup, change it to what fits your fighting style or your take on what an assassin does.

Remember this is just a guide so treat it as such, just know that if you follow this you will be the most annoying variable to keep track of in a fight.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Valdoroth
Valdoroth Talon Guide

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Talon: A True Asassin
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