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Talon Build Guide by Jackdaniels69

Talon- Blades, i haz them.

Talon- Blades, i haz them.

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackdaniels69 Build Guide By Jackdaniels69 1,079 Views 0 Comments
1,079 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackdaniels69 Talon Build Guide By Jackdaniels69 Updated on August 25, 2011
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This guide will teach you how to play altai- i mean talon. This is the build that i have found to work the best.
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Pros / Cons

-Can gank extremely well
-possesses a slow ability with a short cooldown and low mana cost
-can harass very well early to mid game

-Can have problems with long range champions (especially Malzahar)
-Until you get your frozen mallet, ganks are not usually successful
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The reason i chose a predominately defensive mastery is due to how often you get focused down in team fights. I have tried offensive builds and it usually ends up in having a high death streak. Also, the points put into utility help more than going into offense.
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Getting boots first is essential. Keep in mind, Talon is VERY squishy early game.

Next, i get phage and madred's razors in order to combat the squishyness of early game talon.

Next, you need to build a frozen mallet as soon as possible for two reasons.
-1 it makes ganks a whole lot easier
-2 it will proc your passive ability giving you a guaranteed 10% extra damage

After that, item choices are really up to you the item sequence i included in this build is simply what i usually choose according to what funds are available to me
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a must. It slows them both proccing your passive ability (10% damage) and helping you in team fights for that one overextender.

I prefer flash to ghost but either one will work. If you do choose ghost you should take a point out of perserverance and put it into the improved ghost.
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How to use your Skills effectively

all 3 of your abilities can be used to harass an opponent without damaging your mana too terribly. For example you can start by using noxian diplomacy port to your enemy hit them (applying noxian diplomacy and if you have it the slow from your mallet) and then follow up with rake and after that if their teamate shows up you can use your ultimate to get away or if they simply run use your ultimate to finish them off (use ultimate, get in front of where they are running, hit them)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackdaniels69
Jackdaniels69 Talon Guide
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Talon- Blades, i haz them.

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