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Talon Build Guide by Yammikid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yammikid

Talon - Burst Assasin - Full Guide for New and Veteran

Yammikid Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Talon: Good and Bad stuff

Bad: Talon has a hard time getting out of fight, once he's inside the middle of a team-fight.
This is not really a bad thing, but many times you may Kill Steal (KS) and you will get a lot of hate but if you can ignore that, no problem!
His health is low, but it needs to be that way or else he would be even more OP (overpowered).
Talon is easy to do well with, but it will take time to master him.

Good: Talon is probably the best AD (Attack Damage) assassin. He has a great gang, slow capability. In team-fights he does a ****load of damage on the enemy carries.
He is easy to learn, but hard to play against.

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Summoner's Wrath: When you know you can kill a target, put Ignite before you Attack to get those extra 5 Dam.

Brute Force: For even more burst attack.

Alacrity: Not any specific reson for this, but its always good with some Attack speed.

Demolitionist: This is used as a combo between this and his Q, to get towers down fast.

Wepond expertise: This is to do more damage early and late game.

Havoc: This makes his damage more effektive.

Lethality: when he crit. hits it will do a huge amount of damge on the target.

Vampirism: Talon is one of the more resilient assasins, but he still dies fast compared to others, so in or after a battel it would be good to go in the jungel and get some HP and get right back in there.

Sunder: This is for an even easier earlygame so you can get the enemy Champion down faster.

Executioner: This is ideal for all assasins to get on a Champion with low life and take him down easy.


Resistance and Hardiness: To Make Talon more recelient to incomeing attacks

Tough Skin: When attacking enemies early game, the enemy minions are gonno do quite some damage while retreating from an attack.

Good Hands: It helps alot to spawn faster, but you can also put the point in Improved Recall to get away fast in a tight situation.

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Armor Penetration: This is because were focusing on to get a fast kill and do a whole lot of damage.

Armour: To make the early game easier so you don't need to go back as often.

Dam. pr. lvl. and Dam.: helping in getting thous early kills

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Game start items: In this build we are trying to focus on getting kills and getting out of there, so the boots helps for the early mobility to get easy over to and away from your target. The health and mana help staying in the fight.

Yoummu's Ghostblade: Remember to activate its unique arability when entering combat. (still learning that -.-)

Guardian Angel: If something goes wrong when entering a team fight it's nice to get revived again.

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Gameplay - early

What you wan't to do is harass with your W, but make sure you don't charge in for the kill (unless you can get it), take their life little by little. When you get to lv 2 the harassment can really begin. If possible wait in the brush (bush) until you target is close enough for you to silence the target. when the target is silenced you can use you W to slow the so they can't catch up when you are running away. Keep repeating this and you will get a kill.

The best thing would be to have a tank by your side,so when you are running away he can come in and take most of the dam. for you, until your abilities has cooled down and can help again.

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Team fights

Your Main target is the carry or in other words, the one that does the most damage. DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THE TANKS!!! NEVER!!!

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Talon is a great champion if you like to get a lot of kills. He takes down enemy champions rather fast, unless he has a lot of kills, then he'll slice right through them.

If you are brand new to the game, take him to co-op vs. AI and try him out. Learn the game before taking him into P.v.P, thinking you can own right away, but if you can, that's awesome.

A little tip, read what the different items does it will help you a ton, to see how the enemy build up their champions so you can do the most damage.

If you got question or just wanna play "Yammikid" is my Summoner name so look me up if you will.

Hope this helped, if it did, leave a like up top so other can see this :)