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Talon Build Guide by Malvicher

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malvicher

Talon Burst Build

Malvicher Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Ok so I dont claim to be the best or even good for that matter but im writing this guide for how I use talon mostly so I can get feed back from ppl who are better and possibly get some help to be come better myself.

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From runes I use flat armor pen. marks because it helps counter early game Doran's sheild or high armor champs like tanks.
Flat armor seals because talon has what seems like no armor.
Cool down reduction glyphs because i find talon to be rather reliant on his ult so shorter CD on that seemed like a good idea.
And last more armor pen. for quintessences - ive been debating on wether or not to change this as i have armor pen marks and plenty of armor pen in my item builds comments on this would be helpful

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the new change to the crit mastery to AD per level i dont see being verry useful as its only 9 damage at 18 i perfer the %damage and lifesteal as you will have high enough damage i dont see 9 making taht big of a difference but the 10% increased crit daamage may be useful but talons crit with this build is only about 40% so im not sure how useful it really will be i dont like change damage to much -

The masterys should be pretty basic so im not gonna go into detail leave comment if you have questions about it maybe ill explain them later prolly not

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For items i take boots and 3 potions (3 health or 1 health and 2 mana depending on what im laning with). as soon as i get enough (as long as ppl arnt on my tower) I get tears of the goddess to fix early game mana issues. then i upgrade boots to the CDR boots, and upgrade tears of the goddess to manamune to have some damage (and to make use of tears of the goddess as it will be useless later). then i get 2 B.F. swords to help with your burst and get a giants belt to give you some health because your rather squishy and phage for slow to work with your passive. then vampiric scepter and upgrade phage and giants belt to frozen mallet for a more reliable slow. after upgrade your 2 B.F. swords to bloodthirster and infinity edge and get an avarice blade. sell manamune wen you have enough to buy trinity edge by this time you shouldnt need the mana (sometimes i get last whisper instead if there team has alot of armor and finally upgrade avarice blade to ghostblade

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Skill Sequence

for my skill sequence ive been back and forth with lvling rake first or noxian diplomacy. I find rake a really nice lvling skill but i find myself spaming it to often and running out of mana. I tried noxian diplomacy first and that gives me creep kill issues but much easyer to kill champs early game. Cutthroat i take at lvl 2 to have a quick way to get to the enemy if needed, and Ult like most champs lvl it every chance possible. Comment on noxian diplomacy vs Rake plz?

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i use Ghost for escaping (if used with ult make sure you use it FIRST other wise it breaks stealth) and flash again for escaping (again dont use while stealth or it will break) Ive also tried exhaust but with frozen mallet i dont see a need for it. I tried ignite but dont see it being extremly useful i mean i guess if someone slips out with low hp and you cant chase but again with frozen mallet, flash, and ghost i dont have problems with that unless there hugging a turret. Early game that would be a problem but i dont find it helpful in the long run. Ive used cleans tahts really nice since i dont have a quicksilver sash in my build (come to think of it thats prolly a noob move on my part... comment?) cant think of any other summoner spells that would be usefull for him.
[Edit] - ive been useing ghost and cleanse latly as i recently realized it removes ignite (yes ino it says "removes summoner spells" on the thing but i dont read everything completly cuz im lazy :P) also im finding i am getting targeted more and more as i am getting better and becoming a threat :D so since i dont want to change my build to fit quicksilver in it its really helpful for getting out of stuns and slows but of course you can still go with flash if that isnt a problem to you as you really have no other way of jumping walls if needed (i suck at this little "skill" any way because im to ******ed to click at the wall instead of were im trying to jump to)

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Pros / Cons


    High burst damage
    good mobility
    easy to farm creeps with rake
    Usually targeted first
    Mana issues early game
    did i mention how squishy talon is? :(

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Team Work

Team work... hmm well personally ive been yelled at way to many times for "kill stealing" but i find it hard not to wen you can take half someones health away in 1 hit.. so i tend to stick to side lanes and either farm or back door till team needs my help mid, make sure you have some way of keeping track of the enemy while doing this (in other words use wards or have someone else use them but dont rely on ppl to do what you tell them random queue ppl dont seem to ever want to help with anything other then arguments :/)

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like i explained above try to be the one to clear creeps off sidelanes while team pushes mid farming should be simple line up rake to hit all creeps late game rake should clear the hole wave (obviously not super minions or seige minions)make sure to get back mid ASAP if you are needed staying in side lane too long can cause a few problems 1. enemy will leave mid to gank you, you are no use to anyone dead 2. your team will be mid 4v5 (if your team can handle 4v5 backdooring is a exstremly helpful and i think really fun :) but make sure to communicate with your team on this and again ward to keep track of enemy)

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Again as i stated at the beginning i am no pro in fact far from it this is not really a guide to follow exactly to be the best talon but a guide for other players to see and hopefully you will leave feed back so that i and other Talon players that see can learn from and be better. Thank you for your time in reading my "guide" for talon :)