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Talon Build Guide by b0nk.AnX

Talon can carry from Bot.

Talon can carry from Bot.

Updated on August 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author b0nk.AnX Build Guide By b0nk.AnX 5,452 Views 0 Comments
5,452 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author b0nk.AnX Talon Build Guide By b0nk.AnX Updated on August 26, 2011
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Whats up guys its AnX comming at you with some silly **** i call Talon can carry from botlane.
This is my second guide in general because i only really release a guide that i feel like doing, my first guide was for Jarvan IV which was released the 2nd day he was out for the public and got alot of great reviews. So here is my Talon guide.

Keep in mind; I play Talon as AD carry bot lane.
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Item Build Order

Everything that i listed uptop.

Build on how there team is;
Zerk boots if not alot of CC
Merc boots if alot of CC

Bloodthirster for more dmg/survivability
Infinity Edge if you want over BT
Phantom dancer with a frozen mallet can work, its for funs mostly
Black Cleaver works
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Talon can be played anyway honestly, he can go to being a great initiator in a 0/21/9 build, to a assassin heavy build[which he is] like 21/0/9 , 21/9/0 < your choice >
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9 armor pen reds
9 armor + yellows
9 flat MR blues

3 flat hp quints
3 armor pen quints
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Skill Order.

Since i play Talon bottom lane with my support, i max out W to farm and harass. 1 point in E and Q until R and W are maxed out, after that max out Q before E and your good to go.
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Talon bottom lane is completely different from talon top lane solo.
Talon bottom lane needs to play more passive until lvl5-6, at this point feel free to dive onto ashe/caitlyn/trist/whatever with E>W>Q and walk away, they just lost 35%+ hp and now they have a talon wailing on there face and they are just going to retreat. Upon talon hitting level 6 you can actually just leave the lane and attempt to gank middle whenever the opportunity arises, if not keep farming and kill bottom lane/jungle and the tower.

Talon lane phase is hella boring bottom lane and all the action starts when you get W at lvl 3.
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Team Fights.

You can actually engage if your team has no initiator.

Your main focus as talon is to DESTROY there AP or AD carry in a matter of milliseconds. Jump onto there AD/AP carry and just combo him to death, plain and simple. I jump onto the AP carry always with E because i can kill him in that silence.

Team fights are very serious and can lead to you winning or losing! do it smart, Communicate before the engage, Focus your target down and do it right!
League of Legends Build Guide Author b0nk.AnX
b0nk.AnX Talon Guide
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Talon can carry from Bot.

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