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Talon Build Guide by Nomnorindignior

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nomnorindignior

Talon CDR Build

Nomnorindignior Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So since Talon has been a champion where I've had the most fun recently I decided to make a guide for him. Basically what he gets from this build is high CDR early in the game so he can harass with Rake.

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Marks are the standard 9 arpen. I find these to work best but have been tooling around with a couple AD marks worked in.

Seals are your personal preference on this champion though I prefer flat health as he needs it early game because of his high cooldowns and having low escape ability until level 6.

Glyphs are 3 flat cdr and 6 per level cdr. This gives him great early game harassment with rake while giving him that 40% without blue buff at the end of the game. Talon is a "AD caster" type champion not an outattack champion so having his CD's up sooner rather than later is better than getting a few more autoattacks in.

Quints, I prefer the AD but you can also go with the health.

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Since the new mastery Revamp and the mana nerf that happened a while back I've redone his masteries. It's still 21/0/9 with the 4/4 in cdr but I've changed up the utility tree a bit. Since the mana masteries got changed from bace percent to per level, this really helps him out early game and is actually viable. The mana regen is for his regen being hit in the nerf so you can spam rake like Yorrick's ghouls.

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Items, my favorite part. Always start with a dorans blade and when you go back make sure you get another if you have extra gold.

First item to get is the CDR boots. This is my personal preference as talon's an in and out character I think him having his combo up more often early game is great.

2nd item to get is the Brutalizer. Some more Armor penetration, some AD for rake and CDR for rake. Gives you great early game harassment.

Next up is a BF sword that'll be built into an Iedge for more AD as well as a vamp scepter for sustainability. Then finish out your Youmoo's before Iedge.

By now team fights have started happening and you're squishy. However being that Talon's an in and out champion you want to be able to get in and out without being blown to smithereens by the nearest Gangplank. So grab a banshee's veil, gives you that extra little shield so you can get out with them running after you while your team cleans up. And if they're not focusing you? Gut them.

To finish out the build I usually like to grab a bloodthirster for the AD and a Guardian's angel for the defense on it. You're going to be in melee range for Noxian deplomacy so you need to be able to take a couple hits. Plus when someone sees guardian angel they don't usually say "oh I'm killing that guy first".

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Skill Sequence

For his skill sequence I prefer to max rake first and diplomacy second, making sure to take Cutthroat at level 4 and his ult at 6 11 and 18. This gives him the most early game harassment damage and while diplomacy does do great damage I don't feel it's a great harassing tool since you have to be up close and personal with it.

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Summoner Spells

Standard spells for the assassin. Flash and Exhaust/Ignite are my favorites on him but ghost works well for placing his ultimate better. Teleport doesn't seem necessary on him as he can get around the map pretty easily.

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Pros / Cons

-Loads of Damage
-Not easy to Target
-Good CC and works off the CC of his teammates
-Can Jungle
-Very mobile

-Ultimate seems a bit buggy
-Honestly is a ****ty jungle. Takes too long because he has to go back so much.

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All in all Talon's a great champion, what he's not is an auto attacker so never build AS on him unless you want to get wrecked. Have fun with him folks