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Talon Build Guide by Greed4659

Talon, Destroyer of Health

Talon, Destroyer of Health

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659 Build Guide By Greed4659 3,539 Views 2 Comments
3,539 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659 Talon Build Guide By Greed4659 Updated on August 25, 2011
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Pros / Cons

High damage output some of early/mid and all late game
Quick attacks and movement because of the stacked items
Almost unkillable late game
Slow,bleed, silence the good stuff (10% buff on attacks on slowed/stunned/immobilized or suppressed)

not a lot of health early game
if not played right you will get dominated
when against people who got stacked lifesteal or have a passive lifesteal you have to be careful more than anybody else you'll go against
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Talon, why to play him? simple He's able to destroy health ferociously and he is really easy to learn how to play and hes great to blow up a health bar. In this guide you'll learn to blow up anyones health bar easily.
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I went with the Armor penetration marks/quintessences so you can inflict a massive amount of damage to someone not worrying about how much armor they have on top of it, dodge rating seals because in the mastery tree i have you get the defense dodge rating and increased speed from dodging making you have the ability for 3 escape tactics instead of just your ultimate. Finally i gave him the magic resist runes so he is able to take some damage from those nasty casters that can hit from far away, giving you more than just the silence to knock them down a notch
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I went with 21/9/0, getting the increased critical strike chance, critical strike damage, and the increased attack speed all vital for this build then the 9 for the little damage resist and the speed increase, with this it will get you the nice high damage from the Bloodthirster, and two Infinity Edge's criting 100% of the time and having 260% critical strike damage it is a very nice thing when attacking someone whose health is high, just blow someone up completely getting crits and all of it being 2 1/2 times the damage of your normal attacks, plus a nice attack speed makes you a deadly little man
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Summoner Spells

My first choice is Exhaust because of the idea that you get the 10 armor and magic resist subtraction from the mastery that you get, also it keeps them from doing a whole lot of damage to you before you can get to them if they are too far away for you to jump on them

My second choice would have to be flash giving you the escape/engaging attack, because if you get into a scrap and they try to get away cutthroat being on cooldown will be your demise in a chase but if you flash to him hes finished, also in early game if you just cant do it flash away and let your teammates finish the enemy off

You can use
Ghost- hey you can use this but it seems useless when you'll have increased movement speed from many different sources
Ignite- replacement for most likely exhaust so you still have a movement spell and you deal a lot of damage in the first place this is if you cant get the job done with your beginning
stuff and damage
Cleanse- taking off CC's is useful but it is optional if you would like to take that instead

Heal~ the fact that you'll heal yourself and that by late game it will be a most useless spell to have

Clairvoyance~ when you are going to be most likely the one jumping on people for a one man gank you wont need to see the map

Clarity~ you don't need that much mana as him just don't even waste the space

Revive~ do you even have to ask?

Smite~ leave it for junglers...

Fortify~ let the tank get it if he wants it

Rally~ I've never EVER seen a real use for it

Teleport~ if you are going to get ghost or flash this is pointless because of how much you are going to be increased with movement speed
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First off you get the brawlers gloves to get 10% crit chance right off the bat, going to the boots you can either go through and build it all the way giving you an extra 25% attack speed or you can get the boots then get zeal and then finish your boots off, after this you go straight to phantom dancer so you will have 32% critical strike rating, getting the next item infinity edge is vital to you, when you get that you getting your executioners calling will get you up to around 50 some percent after that you can either rush the next zeal or wait and save to just get the next phantom dancer, finish off your build by getting the second infinity edge and selling the executioners calling, doing so gives you room to get big bad bloodthirster and with the high attack speed, attack damage from your crits, and your armor penetration you should be able to devour someone with nearly no damage taken because of the bloodthirsters life steal almost being able to equal out your damage output
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Skill Sequence

I skilled this guy very similar to how i skill my Cho'Gath in the build i use, getting skilled
QEWWWR then from there you'll have a nice slow your up close high damage and bleed and your silence, afterwords youll want to get rake maxed out as fast as possible, getting your cutthroat on levels you cant up it until you get your ultimate again, when you get to level 12-18 your going to want to get Noxian Diplomacy the first 3 levels, get cutthroat your ultimate then finally max out Noxian then cutthroat to make you able to really eat a mage and tank.
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The best way i can recommend you doing this is by the time you get up to your 3rd level of rake you'll be hitting for hopefully around 100-110 twice so you can farm off of the minions pretty easily while your minions hit them a little bit, you doing that will get yourself 26-35 g per minion kill so multiply that by 2-5 kills getting pretty nice amount of gold over a bit of time, so just have fun getting a lot of gold
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In all if played correctly talon is a wrecking machine who by the time you have gotten all items you will crit constantly your damage will be outrageous and people will run from you like the plague you'll be making people surrendering left and right if they cant handle you anymore I hope all people like my build for this guy and i get good reviews from this one
League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659
Greed4659 Talon Guide
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Talon, Destroyer of Health

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