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Talon Build Guide by Cherp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cherp

Talon - FULL Guide AD Burst

Cherp Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is my first guide, I'm by no means a pro. I played around with Talon last night and read a bunch of different opinions from different guides. There seems to be a lot of different opinions on how he should be built, some prefer glass cannon AD nuke, some prefer tankier DPS with a little more attack speed, some like pure AD + lifesteel.

This build is kind of an in-between. Most games will be completely situational and you will need either more armor, MR or both.

*THESE ITEMS ARE IDEAL SITUATION (If the other team does not have much CC). Just about any item is replaceable to your personal preference or given situation.

very high damage
good harass with all skills, mostly W which will allow you to farm and harass safely at the same time for low mana cost.
good initiating mobility, good for ganks
R is an amazing escape or initiator which often allows you to E in, nuke a carry, R out and probably pick some assists in a teamfight.

If R is on CD, you're extremely vulnerable. (But the CD is really short)
Vulnerable to CC
Pretty squishy
Blades on R give you away during an escape attempt, highly mobile champs can still track you down so if flash is on CD you're vulnerable.

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Runes are mostly personal pref, the armor pen is standard. I like armor for early game, I find some auto-attack champs like Jax are a pain so this helps for laning. I like CD reduction too and they're a pretty standard rune most people should have. Quints are your choice, I like AD again for early game. I think you should gear your runes towards early game since you want to be farmed/fed as much as possible and late game you will destroy people simply from items and AD scaling.

MR blues, and ArPen quints work too. HP also works. I'd stay away from AS and I think other things are more beneficial than crit but if that's all you have, it won't go to waste.

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Pretty standard 21/00/09 you could also go 21/09/00 if you prefer the extra armor and MR over utility which will probably help more early game. If you don't really care about reduced time spent dead cause you're too pro and don't die, you don't need the extra XP cause you just dominate your lane anyways and you don't much care for an extra 15% buff, just go defensive secondary.

Chances are however you will die once in a while as an assasin and everything after the armor and MR in the def tree is borderline useless for Talon.

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Start with. This will give you a stronger start, the lifesteal, hp and extra dmg is nice. If you feel like you're going to have a lot of trouble with AD champs or auto attackers, you can experiment with abut the extra AD from the blade is very nice for farming. If you want to save money and don't feel you need the extra help at the start, you could try boots orand a couple health pots.

First trip back, assuming you've bought the blade, buy your boots, the mobility will help harrass more, escape, roam, etc. I usually pick up a few health pots too. Lane as long as you can before going back, if you can hold out until Phage, great but don't be afraid to go back and get boots and pots if you're getting low.

Next up is eitheror your tier 2 boots. If you feel you need the mobility, get the boots, if you want the extra damage, get Sheen.

Most people say: you need to get mercury (MR and tenacity). Often you do. If you're playing a CC heavy team, 1 long CC can kill you, especially while you're building your dps items.

If the other team is not that CC intensive however and you don't feel that threatened, you have a number of options. The most popular so far seems to be. This is nice since you can combo more often and your lifesaving and devastating ult will be up even more often.

The other options are: Berzerker boots, boots of swiftness or boots of mobility. This all depends on your playstyle. Most don't like berzerker boots since they say Talon isn't an auto-attack champ, and he mostly isn't but the extra attack can be nice to dps people down if you aren't being focused. The problem is that you usually are focused so the strat is more get in, nuke, get out.

The other options, swiftness and mobility are for people more oriented towards roaming. Mobility will make you a threat to everybody on the map and swiftness will also make you a threat and help you chase while in combat or escape. Swiftness is nice with your ult since you need to make those seconds count. I know I could have used them in a couple escapes last night.

I forgot to talk about, some people have omit it from the build in favor of.
Mallet is nice for the extra HP but I think overall trinity is just better, it gives you that extra dps that synergizes with your Q and E, it gives you movement speed, AD, crit and AS. If you want to build more defensively though you can go for Mallet.

The next item I put is. Try to farm/gank until you have enough for B.F. Sword before going back, otherwise pickup the pickaxe. Some people build this item last but I think it's a good choice after trinity since it gives nice AD, good crit chance and will make your crits devastating. Q + E combo with the trinity proc and a W will seriously mess somebody up without a crit, a crit or 2 and that champ is toast.

By now depending on your farm it should be late mid game. I start to build. Amazing AD and the lifesteal could be the difference between life and death while you're assasinating their carry. Since you don't have tons of attack speed, it won't be the most significant heal, but still helps. Also you can farm minions and jungle to get your HP back instead of going home.

This is where the items become even more "personal pref". I listed a second Bloodthirster for the insane dmg and extra lifesteal. 2 of these + infinity + trin will just about melt anybody. But if the other team has a lot of armor, you can goor. Again, the people who don't like AS on Talon say no no to the black cleaver but against certain teams I think it works fine. For very heavy armor teams, take last whisper but if they aren't stacking armor just have some pieces and you feel you are benefitting from a little extra AS, go for the cleaver. Otherwise just stick to a 2nd bloodthirster. Another viable option here is the ghostblade too.

(If you feel you already have enough damage though, you can start building defensively after trin, infinity and bloodthirster make your last 2 items defensive)

By this point, you SHOULD have an absurd amount of damage and should probably build a defensive item. I listed warmog's. This should put you easily at 3k+ HP (about 3600 by the time warmogs is complete). The extra HP should make it that much easier for you to survive team fights, get out alive, go lifesteal back up and go back. There are many other viable items though, Banshee's Veilif you're having trouble with AP carries, randuin's omenvs auto-attackers or even Guadian Angel. GA I can see being very helpful for Talon as a final item. you can get in there, take out their carry, if you get cc'd and killed before you can ult out (which happens quite often), you get another chance.

Another interesting defensive item is Hexdrinkerif you'd rather survive a big nuke instead of just cancel a spellcast, this can be helpful and it adds some AD and MR.

OTHER POTENTIALLY USEFUL ITEMS (Not sure I would fully recommend them but you could find them handy)
Cloak and Dagger, this is a new item (20 AS, 20Crit, 25 tenacity). It is pretty cheap too so it could be a good early item if you don't want to get mercury treads and you want a little extra AS and crit to go with your IE.

Executioner's Calling, this is a completely situational item for healing intensive teams. It's also cheap so you can buy it early and take out that overly confident warwick or soraka laning against you. 20sec CD too so you can use it pretty much on every kill attempt.

Wit's End, Not completely sure about this one, saw it in another guide but I use this regularly on Eve and Shaco. If you really finding the AS works for your playstyle or for a particular game and they are a heavy AP team, this could work well for you. But you absolutely need AD so if you're stacking too much AS you'll find yourself at the losing side of a lot of exchanges. The MR is nice, but maybe you're be better off with a hexdrinker or banshee's. But you can try it, Wit's End is a great item overall and it will give you some damage with the bonus dmg on attack.

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Skill Sequence and tips

I and pretty much everybody else max W first. It's great for farming, harassing, ganking, basically everything. I find that I harass my laning opponents just by farming with this skill. Against another carry at lvl 3-5 ish it starts to take out a quarter of their health, sometimes more, and on a 9 sec CD.

Initially, try to last hit with W. After you get Trinity Force and especially IE, it should pretty much 1 shot minions.

Next is Q , pretty standard for everybody who builds Talon so far, R whenever it is up and E last. But put 1 point in E at either lvl 2 or 3 to harass and close gaps.


you can Q before E to basically start with the burst instead of waiting for another auto-attack. I've seen some people make guides without knowing this and they tell you to E first. but this way you can just Q + E and immediately W giving all your skills more time to come back up again sooner.

E can be used defensively. I escaped a gank from behind a couple times by using E on a minion and escaping through their jungle.

Your ult can be used defensively and offensively. I tend to use it more defensively. Using it defensively is still offensive though. It deals its initial damage either way. If you don't feel in danger of dying, you can hang around for the blades to descend upon your target(s) or gtfo. If you flash over a wall after using it, your blades will still most likely hit them on the way back anyways. You can also Ult while out of sight of your openents and flash in (or run if you're close and fast enough) to surprise them. This is very risky though and a bit wasteful since you lose the initial damage and you lose your escape mechanism. But if you think it will get you a sure kill that you can't otherwise get without popping it first, then by all means go for it.

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Summoner Spells

Flash + exhaust is pretty standard and what you generally should use. Flash is good for ganking and escaping and goes very well with your Ult. Exhaust is also good for ganks and escaping and helps you come out on top if you get a 1v1.

Ignite also works, between ignite and exhaust, it's personal pref.

I can see cleanse being useful. If you find you get CC'd and nuked before you can ult escape, maybe you'd prefer cleanse / flash.

Others you can choose: Teleport(gives you even more map control), Ghost (can use with or without flash, if you prefer this type of mobility over flashing around or if you'd rather ghost/flash instead of having a crippler or dps spell like exhaust or ignite.

Be sure to fix up your mastery tree depending on what you take!

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Initially you want to farm. Talon is particularly good at harrassing MOST heroes, some will give you a very hard time and you'll have to either ask for a switch or a gank or just play really defensively. If this is the case, once you get higher level you can roam more and gank or jungle a bit for gold.

But generally you can harass while farming pretty well just with W. If you feel confident that you are dominant in your lane, you can Q + E combo their squishy too for extra pressure. But if you spam this, you will eventually go oom even though talon doesn't really have mana issues. You also want to make sure that when you Q + E in you inflict more damage than you take. For example if you jump Ryze who is just out of range of his turret. He stuns you then combos you then runs to his turret, you just lost more HP than you took away. Talon doesn't have much sustainability and you aren't uilding regen so any HP you lose stays lost until you start getting more lifesteal.

At lvl 6 you can start roaming and setting up ganks with your team. You can do a little jungling too while you roam. Always be farming or ganking. If you see a large cluster of minions and there isn't much else going on, go for it.

He plays like most other assassins, you don't always want to be in the same place, you want to keep the other team guessing and cautious. Your mere presence in the game will make other teams back off a bit and leave your carries alone as soon as you go MIA, if if they don't, you kill them.

Finally for teamfights. Talon can initiate but I don't recomend it. You should have a better initiator on your team. But you can do it, especially if you have cleanse or tenacity. You will most like have to Ult right afte E + W. The ideal way to enter a team fight though is from the side and strike their carry hard after the fight has been initiated and preferably when their team is a bit lower and have their hearts set on killing that Singed that just won't go down. As soon as they switch to you, you should book it our of there with your ult and hang around to see what happens, hopefully you can sneak back in for an extra kill or two or chase down the survivors.

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That's pretty much it. If you're thining of buying him. He's a fun champ to play. I play Evelynn and Shaco (and on an unrelated note, Singed) so I like the assassin type or tanky type, roaming, high mobility characters more than playing hard ranged carries. And a high dps char is a nice change to just soaking damage on a tank. If you're like me you'll like Talon.

If you have any suggestions to the guide, I'm glad to hear them and chage whatever makes sense!

Hope you enjoyed the guide and that it helps!