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Talon Build Guide by doakZ

**Talon Guide** Key to Victory

By doakZ | Updated on August 24, 2011

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I will be going through a guide about Talon, he is a new champ as of today. There are no guides currently on him, i though i would be the first to give it a crack.
Talon is a assassin with great damage/great teamfighting skills and great get away.

PS this is my first guide :P got any tips for me? i would be glad to hear them.
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Skill Sequence

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Runes -
9 Red Armor Pen Runes
9 Yellow Armor Runes/Res Runes
9 Blue Mana Regen Runes
3 Armor Pen Quins
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Solo Lane / Items/Summoner Spells

For solo lane either go top or bottom lane with a support/tank/ap or a real high damage dealer. Ofcourse you can solo top also if you want to.
I take exhaust and ignite for chasing and finishing a target with ease.

Starting Items -
you can either start off with boots with health pots or cloth armor with 5 health pots depending on who you will be going up against, if you are going up against someone like udyr start off with the cloth armor and 5 pots to stay in the lane as long as you can. If going up against someone squishier such as ashe or vayne etc. go for the boots and health pots straight away, so you can chase down easy mode and use exhaust if you need to catch someone.

Early game items -

The reason why i picked boots of swiftness is for the chase factor i have seen first hand Talon getting someone down to really low hp and not finishing them off because of lack of speed.
If going up against an AP you could always just get MR Boots, with exhaust and ignite it wont be hard to finish off a champion with low hp.

After boots you will want to rush into sheen for the proc factor which will do a ton of damage with your abilities, but if you got your cloth armor first you can go straight into building the rest of your Wriggles.
Also getting phage is a massive benefit for the slow factor, so you will want to rush that after sheen.

Mid game items-

Righto 1st mid game item to get is Triforce, why triforce? well it gives you RS,AS,chance of slow and also sheen proc which will be great for Talon for chasing and doing high damage.

2nd Item Black Cleaver. why? with talon you want to do as much damage as possible, and armor pen gives you that help that you need.
if you are versing a tanky team you can skip BC and build into Madreds to shred down opponents.

3rd item Phantom Dancer, why so late to build this you are wondering? well because of Talon being more ability based it would be better to get damage items first to scale with his abilities. Why get phantom dance at all? well Talon's abilities run a pretty long CD and phantom dancer would be great for the AS and Crit that Talon needs to burst out damage.

Late Game -

It is really up to you really.. you could go either AS/CRIT or something more tanky or even GA.
TBH i like to get 2 BT swords and get rid of wriggles just for that massive lifesteal and damage factor.
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Plus Sides and Down Sides to Talon

Plus Sides -

Good CC
Good Getaway
Good Damage
Good in Team Fights

Down Sides -

Easy to evade
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Take Smite and Ghost
Start of with Cloth armor and 5 health pots.
and Take your W skill
Jungle pattern -

Start off at Blue, make sure you get a leash and use a health pot straight away.

Head to the wolves.

Then head to the Wraiths.

Then from there if you think you do enough damage do red or if you dont have confidence head to golems.

From there if you have a chance to gank bot or mid take it.

If not head to the enemies Blue take that and then head to base, you should have enough gold for a wriggles. get that and then go to wolves.

then head to the enemies wraiths and take them and also their golems and then head up and around to your wraiths and basically start over again.

Dont forget, if you have confidence to gank take it.

After Wriggles Get Boots of swiftness to chase down for ganks.

then build the same items i have shown for Solo Laning.
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Initiating into a fight

Initiating into fight you want use W E Q, just keep harassing with that combo and then one lvl six use W then exhaust and ignite if up, use E Q R. This should ensure you a kill.
In a big Team fight you will want the tank to initiate the fight first you should be atleast the 3rd person into the fight, use E R W Q make sure you attack there most valuable player aka there best damager. then just pick off the rest make sure the tank goes down 4th or last even. if you need to chase someone just exhaust them and use your E Q W. chances are if you are in a long battle lets say 40 seconds you will have enough mana to use your ulti again since it is such a short CD.
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No matter who you play you should always get a Ward if the opposition has a jungler. Make sure you either place it near Baron or near dragon depending on where you are laning.
You should buy a ward if you are soloing top almost everytime you go back to Base
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