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Talon Build Guide by Alahir

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alahir

Talon: How to carve a prison shank

Alahir Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, you've seen this cool new champion named Talon and you're wondering to yourself "How do I play this shrouded anti-hero lookin' dude in a way that will decimate the enemy?". Well this build answers that very question! My name is alahir (League Name Of Course) and I have been playing talon since the day he came out and I can in full confidence say I've fallen in love with this champ.

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Pros / Cons

- Great Farmer
- Huge Burst Damage
- Short, but numerous amounts of Crowd Control
- Good Maneuverability
- Sure as heck aint the squishiest ad carry.

- This is the Achilles heel, he is all 100% physical damage (aka armor is an obvious and easy way to counter him)
- An oracles elixir can shutdown his escapes during ult
- His ult doesn't allow for impressive escapes as its duration is so short most cc lasts through it.
- Armor can ruin his entire game, a whole armored team will nullify him almost.

In short he doesn't have that many cons other than the obvious ones, but he sure as hell has Pros!

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Is Talon For You?

The talon mentality is similar to most carries: get in, burst (most likely for a kill), get out (unless you can chase safely). Talon is unique in that while he is an ad carry he can silence, chase, flash to enemy target, slow, and to top it off go invisible and deal burst aoe damage. His maneuverability is strong and he can easily surprise opponents. What he can't do is stand toe to toe with durable enemies, he in my opinion relies on shaving health away with his spells and then going for the kill if the enemy is about 30% or less in hp. Though he excels in chasing as his cooldowns are quite short!

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Why did I choose the runes I did?

- I chose Marks of Armor Pen for several reasons. Really anything but penetration in your marks section is just a waste (rare rare exceptions). And if talon's damage is all physical, well then you sure as heck want your damage to pierce through armor! This makes your early game hits melt the hp away.

- I chose Greater Seals of Resilience because talon likes to get in close, and not just get in close but slice his enemy into nice red ribbons and to do that he benefits greatly from being able to take a hit or two. I wouldn't really want to waste any of my items on armor items so I figured runes was the way to go. I chose flat armor because it allows talon to get his early harass done without being hit too hard.

- I chose Greater Glyphs of Shielding because talon is most vulnerable when he is out of range and not hitting you or when he is locked, stunned, cc'd etc. With magic resist talon can shrug off some of the ranged damage from ap characters so he can get in their face and cut 'em up. I chose over time glyphs for a greater magic resist in the end since he mostly just pokes with rake (his ranged) spell early game and doesn't need a flat bonus (imo).

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Offense: This is a no brainer! Talon needs every damn thing in the offense tree. A little bit extra cdr & attack speed lets him get more attacks and spells in before the enemy knows what hit him. The armor pen is just stupidly good on talon, the flat attack bonus & the 4% is to die for and talon ends up critting quite a bit end game so the extra crit damage is nice.

Defense: Well... If you need the flat armor or mr its understandable, but again running a 9 in defense wont help you by great strides. You could try and get the mastery for hp regen scaling off mana but talon doesnt build mana. And you could try and get the dodge masteries, but talon doesn't stack dodge runes, he doesn't tabi boots, and he sure as heck doesn't have a dodge spell you aren't jax!

Utility: Well 9 in utility isn't a game changer, but the extra exp helps and dead hands is a pretty decent spell (9/10 chances you will die at some point in the game and reviving quicker prevents underleveling.) Greed is pretty cool too, extra gold over time (this is interchangable with any mastery as its only 1 per ten).

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A simple build really

1st Doran: good starting item (hp, just a tad of lifesteal, damage)
2nd Doran: this is pretty much your survivabillity these two dorans, also 20 damage is still good early.
Berserk Treads: for burst damage berserk boots are reccomended, merc treads are also acceptable.