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Talon Build Guide by Beremus

Talon - I see youuuuuu.

Talon - I see youuuuuu.

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beremus Build Guide By Beremus 2,518 Views 0 Comments
2,518 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Beremus Talon Build Guide By Beremus Updated on August 25, 2011
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Hey guys, actually, it's my first guuide/build so don't be salty right! =D

Ok, let me introduce Talon. He's an assassin, newly released by Riot. Well builded and played mid game, he's godly. I see him as a Wukong, but OP. Let me explain:

- His Q hurt like a bit** and deal DoT (Nice to finish a champ).
- His W deal 2 times the damages and SLOW FOR 2 SECONDS, this is OMG with his passive + Q.
- His E teleport him back to his target and SILENCE HIM FOR 1 SECOND. (Ok guys, 2 CC on an assassin champ?)
- And finally his R well placed and timed can change a teamfight. (Movement speed, stealth, double damage)

So hope you will like it, here it is.
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Skill Sequence

In any fight, you should do this combo:

E -> INSTANT Q -> Attack -> W -> Q

When you want to gank:

R -> E -> INSTANT Q -> W -> Q

Thoses combos can kill any squishy champ.
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Summoner Spells

I take Flash for the escape mechanism, to chase or to gank. You are free to take teleport, ghost or even cleanse.


Then I take exhaust because of the ultimate passive of Talon. (Like Ignite with the Mordekaiser's ultimate)
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I start off with a Doran Blade, that give's him a flat 625 HP at lvl 1, enough dps to get first blood and 3% life steal for sustainability, pretty good start.

Then, when I get lvl6, I go back to base, buy me Boots, Sapphire Crystal, or even Sheen if I've farmed and/or killed enough. Then, after the Sheen, buy Berskeker Greave's

The next item depends on you, you can take Zeal, or even Phage. It will depend on how you feel. Most of the time, I take Phage because of the CC it have so with my passive, it's pretty AWSOME.

Once you've got you triforce, rush a Phantom Dancer for the Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Then right after a Infinity Edge. Now, you deal 250% Crit damage with 84% of crit chances. There's no way you can't kill someone.

Now it comes to survability. I usually take Banshee's Veil if the other team have a strong CC, otherwise, I take Frozen Heart or Thornmail. But BV is really suggested.

The last item (that will replace the Doran's Blade) comes to you. It's situationnal. If there are strong tank (such has Singed) take The Last Whispers. You will RAP* THEM HARD. If you feel you're not enough tanky, take Randuin's Omen or Force of Nature.

And finally, if you want to kill more, to do MAX DPS possible, take a Bloodthirster and feed it.
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I really didn't expected that, Talon is not a ****i** mana eater. So, spam his skills.

When you last hit a creep, let him reach 1/4 of his life or 1/3 if you feel comfortable and spam your Q. It reset the auto-attack timer. There's no reason to not be feeded in creep.
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Lanning Partner

Kayle with Talon his AWSOME. His attack shred the armor of your ennemies, and you can kill them so easely.

Here is the list of the Champions that are good laning with Talon:
[*] Soraka

Else support are good, but not as them.
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The only thing I could say:


Yes, your Q does hit the tower. With Tri Force, you should hit tower mid game for 300 damages. HEHE. GG.
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Don't be salty, make the other team salty.

If you're having fun, the other team doesn't.

The Real Beremus.

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