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Talon Build Guide by irize

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author irize

Talon is alive

irize Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Welcome Summoners!

First of all, i'm not an oldschool player, and my english is poor (still you'll understand), so i must apologize for this first. Sorry.

I cannot say that, i'm a good talon player, because he is the first ad champion whom i'm playing. My main is Singed, so after an ap tank, now i'm training a glascannon ad, just imagine that.

I'll try to explain everything, just listen. Have fun!

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Well, the runes.

Arpen marks: I think arpen mark is the best choice, like all the other builds are suggesting this. Nothing new.

Armor seals: It's a pretty cheap rune, you can use dodge instead, but i think this works better. If you want to gank someone at early levels, the creeps will attack you, and they can deal noticeable damage. Besides this, it is good to have more armor on a glasscannon.

CDR glyphs: You are a burst champion, so you like to have low CD on your skills. This gives 5-6% cdr (with masteries it's 9+5-6%, noticeable also).

Arpen quintessences: same cause than at the mark. The more arpen, the better you are.

Atma's impaler: crit chance, defense, and the passive it gives. 2% of your maximum health is now granted as damage. With 2500 hp (because it's the endgame yet, and you have at least this much hp, that's sure) you have 50 more damage! Besides this, it's cheap.

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I'm using 8-0-22.

So yes, i'm using utility on this burst champion too. It gives me all i need: movement speed, CDR (on summoner spells too), 15 secs less cooldown on flash, mana and hp regen.
The offensive page is for the CDR too, but gives also some critical strike chance. I'd not say this is better than going for full offensive, and i'd suggest that only to get the lethality, but nevermind. So, the CDR helps the burst, while you have some defensive abilities. That's why i use utility.

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The items, it's the most important.

First i buy boots, and 3 hp potion. With that and the utility masteries i have about 380-390 movement speed, and that's much enough, with the potions i can stay longer in lane.

After this it's a good choice, if you are rushing for sheen. It's cheap, and it's passive will let you to be able to gank at early levels. And it's a part of the trinity force.

Ionian boots: CDR for the burst, as i said. Now you have 15+9(masteries)+6(runes)=29% CDR. Pretty nice, and you get it quite quickly with other utilities.

Bloodthirster: This is a must have for talon (i think, but most of the builds are rushing for this only at the end). With it's base damage you'll be a quite good farmer, and the more you farm, the stronger it is. With the life steal you can everytime go to the jungle to fill your health back up. Believe me, even if you die, it's quite easy to stck it back with rake, because it gives much enough damage. And yes, the damage is the most important here, if it's stayked up, you have +100 (and you feel yourself in the heaven). The only negative attribute is the price.

Phage: another cheap item, that works well with your passive, gives you a few health, and attack damage. All we need.

Trinity force: This item is simply giving everything. In one slot we have a stronger sheen, phage, and zeal. Pretty expensive, but the core items are helping you also.

Infinity edge: after you have a trinity, you just waste the abilities it gives, if you don't buy an infinity. Trinity's attack speed an crit chance suits well with infinity, besides the damage and 250% crit chance.

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Summoner Spells

I suggest exhaust/ignite and flash. I'm sure you don't need my explanation. I use ignite myself, it simply gave me much more than exhaust did.

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Pros / Cons

-Burst champion
-2 of talon's skills can be used twice when cast.
-High damage
-good CCs
-ulti is good for escaping (even if it reveals your location, you have increased movement speed, and stealth)
-talon can jump on the targets with cutthroath.
-he is'nt eating the mana.
-with rake you can support your team's escaping.

-it's expensive to build up
-easy to keep away from the creeps.
-hard to play
-very focused