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Talon Build Guide by Rabastav

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rabastav

Talon Jungle - A straightforward guide to the crazy ganker !

Rabastav Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A quick guide to jungle Talon the way I play it thanks to the new masteries.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

Super ganker
Great pusher
Strong late-game
Good chaser

Cons :

Harder to jungle with than others (Noc, Lee Sin, etc...)
Talon as a jungler forces you to get a tank solotop

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As he isn't as suited for the task as any other jungler, Talon needs a lot to AS to make early jungle efficient without having to spend gold on AS items during the game.

Apart from that, I assumer Armor Pen and Armor are obvious choices for Talon.

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Creeping / Jungling

I usually start at banshees, smite the big one, rake the others and kill them (do NOT take a pot for now). Take your first pot as you get closer to the wolves and rake to pull them, focus the big one, pick your new skill and use both Q and W to finish the wolves. Take another pot while heading for golems, kill the first one and smite the second one (you might want to try and save some mane for ganks). Once you hit lvl 3, get your E, take a pot and head for a gank.

This is when things get serious : to be efficient, you will need at least 770 gold before you head back to shop. This is because you need the madred + 2 pots to take blue easily after your first back and still be able to gank effectively (you will most likely be lvl 4 at that moment).

When you hit lvl 3 you will take your third potion : this leaves you with your 3 skills + 2 pots for ganks. Don't back before you have 770 gold ! You can gank and then do banshees/wolves/golems again (they repop every 1:40') to earn that much needed-gold.

As far as jungling tips are concerned, you should always be looking at your minimap to see which lanes are pushed and which is easily gankable or not. When you're moving between groups of minions in the jungle, you should always look at the rest of the map to see who needs helps, what are the available options, are there any SS/MIA, etc... Map-awareness is the most important quality for a strong jungling. If you make good decisions about where to go and who to attack, you will be successful when ganking with talon ; just remember that he is squishy, and that you need to be careful and make sure that your teammates are aware of your presence and ready to follow you when you initiate a gank.

Finally, remember that Talon loves CDR ! With blue + boots of lucidity you already have 30% CDR which grants you an insane CD on every skill (even your ult). Try to get blue as often as you can, and steal it from the ennemy if you can.

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Team Work

As a jungler, communicate with your team : ping, talk, etc... and don't forget that the support is not the only person supposed to buy wards in a team (every person should buy at least 2 or 3 wards during a game). You need to buy early wards to cover your solotop before you get your lantern (especially if the ennemy team has a jungler) and you may even want to buy ward on top of your lantern to make sure you can cover the important buffs and maybe do some counter-jungling.

Another good habit to have as a jungler is timing : as neutral buffs have such an impact on the game, you need to be aware of their spawning times to plan ahead and make the best use out of them.

GOLEM/LIZARD : 5 minutes

DRAGON : 6 minutes

BARON : 7 minutes

Small Golems/Banshees/Wolves : 1 minute 40 seconds

At first it is kinda hard to remember those timers and use them effectively during the game but the more you jungle and the more you will want to use that information wisely. When you kill dragon : always look at the game time, add 6 minutes to that and type the respawn time in the ingame chat (for example you get dragon at 18:30, add 6 minutes, type 2430 in chat). This takes like no time and gives your team a strong edge if the ennemy team doesnt take that information into account.

As you get used to writing the dragon's spawntime in chat, you should try and do the same with buffs. Then you will use a letter to identify which number goes with which neutral monster. for example you could see in game chat :


Dragon respawns at 24:30, red Lizard respawns at 26:10, and blue Golem respawns at 26:50.

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Skill Sequence

Talon is a reallly good jungler thanks to his skills. He won't be able to farm like crazy before having equipment, but he is probably one of the best gankers out there. He has a dash/silence a slow and an escape move on top of a more than decent damage output. With a well-coordinated team, Talon's ganks are fearsome and deadly. Try having a tank solotop that has some CC and you will easily pressure the top lane.

The skill sequence is pretty obvious : you dash with E, hit with Q and slow with W. Enjoy :p.

IMPORTANT : always use Q on turrets !!!

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You can any kinda stuff you want with Talon, my choices vary from game to game as I adapt to the enemy team. If you need HP then you might want to get Phage early, or you can take an early BF if you're getting fed, etc...

It's all up to you depending on the situation and the enemy team.

I strongly recommend getting BT asap after Lanter+boots because the life steal will be of great help while jungling, allowing you to not back and gank a lot more often.

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I made this guide really quickly to show people a build that I think works very well for Talon. Please try it, enjoy and comment !!! I can update the guide with any idea someone posts in comments !!

Thx for reading !