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Talon Build Guide by KingOfFate

Talon = Kat + Shaco + Jax + Wu Kong

By KingOfFate | Updated on August 24, 2011

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Third Build I ever made

Talon : DPS Assassin with amazing damage output and the kewlest initation/escapes.

Note : His ult does not give you off really. That things not too noticable. Havent gotten chased and killed successfully so far using that skill to escape Ganks.
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Quick Things you should know about

TALON is NOT another Vayne. He is WAY MOAR BETTER \o/
His W is amazing. Mini Sivir Boomerang.
Talon scales only AD

If he isn't nerfed to the ground in a patch or 2 use this build.
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For items I build shoe first with 3 potions (hp pots cuz talon has high mp regen for a assassin)

Alternatively you can start with longsword and a potion. (my DPS build approach)

Choose Mercs if they are heavy in CC
Choose Mobility if you are roaming and you like watching R decimate champions.

Build into brutalizer -> avarices -> youmus -> mercs -> phage -> frozens -> TBR (I never gotten late game with Talon because he ends it pretty much)
Frozen Mallet - win sauce (see Talons Passive for details)

Since the 2 hours he went live, I been ruining peoples lives by running into things and hopefully this is the first Talon build :D

If the game does go late, I recommend LW BT and MaDr for lots of damage.
Last whisper + youmu + arp marks/quints = WIN SAUCE. SO MUCH ARMOR PENETRATION THE TANKS WILL SAY OP HAXS NERF TALON (Please don't say that Talon is beautiful don't nerf hiiiim)

If your not doing so hot early game, do NOT build into heavy damage but careful support dps. As in Ionians -> Banshee -> Omens
If you are careful support dps do NOT ks the carry and just support him in his survival. E the enemy casters that are trying to nuke the carry, W the melee carries trying to chase the carry, Q the random runner thats near you (DO NOT ATEMPT TO KILL UNLESS TEAM IS TOTALLY FINE) Also KILL the enemy champion if the carry dies and/or the carry is most likely to die if you don't kill the enemy quickly.

Ex. Twisted Fate is being hammered down by Xin. Twisted Fate is almost dead and Xin is barely alive. If twisted fate lacks the damage, R E W Q that xin pronto.
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Talons E, does NOT deal damage.
HOLD ON TIGER WHOA THERE! Did I mention it silences for a second (not upgradable) AND you get damage amplifying marks? AND ITS A FREE TELEPORT! WITH LIKE 10 SECOND COOL DOWN! (cant use on allies :( )

R E W Q ignite/exhaust melee run - Most dastardly underhanded approach. Does less damage then the other combo but its a better SUPRISSSSSSEEEEEEEEE. The only bad thing about this combo is the enemy may flash away so R never hits but I like this combo for tower dives. Hide in a bush somewhere and make sure R isn't seen, E in, Blades come in, W, Q, escape or if necessary melee and ignite.

E R W Q ignite/exhaust melee(?) run - Better combo, does more damage, and is impressively stylish. Problems with this combo is it reveals you so they may know whats up and will escape sooner.

E Q R W E ignite/exhaust melee run - This combo is for running targets. Teleport, stab so you have vision, open up daggers regardless of if you can see them or not, W in direction they ran and pray it hits, and if it does, E into them and smash.
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Unlike most players I'm super aggressive and I have amazing luck (or my sub-consciousnesses is a genius) so I pack all aggressive runes besides my mana regen which can be swapped for other things.

Talon's main damage early game is his W so I up Brute Force and get Crit masteries for late game. My ultilies are for just extra exp and less death time. If you feel confident and don't mind 60 second death times, just put this in defensive masteries.
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Summoner Spells

Every summoner spell is useful on Talon. Even Revive. (revive masteries work wonders on Talon)

I highly recommend however FLASH and EXHAUST
Exhaust is my best friend, I always pack exhaust. Ghost is awesome and all but if you want to R and hit successfully your going to have to get flash. Ghost might be better in many situations but flash covers up the most IMPORTANT situations so I pack flash.
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Thanks for reading my build, sorry I'm still a amateur at this but I hope this build helps. \o/ Also please note Talon could go warmog atmas and pull it off but thats in my theory. I will try that later.

Also I hope this is the first Talon build
League of Legends Build Guide Author KingOfFate
KingOfFate Talon Guide

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Talon = Kat + Shaco + Jax + Wu Kong
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