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Talon Build Guide by Deadpool VII

Talon - LoL's Ezio Auditore

Talon - LoL's Ezio Auditore

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deadpool VII Build Guide By Deadpool VII 15,668 Views 0 Comments
15,668 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Deadpool VII Talon Build Guide By Deadpool VII Updated on August 25, 2011
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A Quick Word... PLEASE READ

Before you guys all critique the **** out of this guide, please take into account that I am a CASUAL LoL player and that this is my FIRST guide I've ever built. I'm not looking for any kind of respect or kudos... Just posting this for people who don't know what to do with Talon and what works FOR ME. THIS IS JUST A RECOMMENDATION AND MY THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTER. PLEASE DON'T GET UPSET AND SPAM HATE IF IT DOESN'T WORK OR YOU THINK THE BUILD SUCKS. Thanks.
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Nothing is True... Everything is Permitted

Talon is the newest champion in the League of Legends and there has never been a more fun character to jump onto the Assassin train than now. Talon is quick, strong, and unforgiving. He can dash in and out of fights and deal a good portion of burst damage. The key to mastering Talon is knowing whether you should throw yourself into battle or not. Hopefully, this build will help.

For a little background, I started League about a month ago and was QUICKLY drawn to the Assassin crowd, as it's the type of character I play in everything. My main is Nocturne, but hopefully Talon will be my new char of choice. This gives me a nice edge in that I almost ALWAYS play assassin and I'm pretty good at it for a casual player.
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Permoted to Master Assassin

For masteries, I choose 22 offense and 8 Utility. It's pretty self explanatory.
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Every Assassin has his Tricks

As for the Summoner Spells, I use Flash and Exhaust. Flash is so versatile that it's practically dumb to take anything else for an Assassin, or any character for that matter. Exhaust lets you stop an escaping target, allowing you more time to close the gap if your abilities are on CD. Exhaust also lets you get away from would be attacks by slowing their movement and damage output.

The only other SS that I recommend on Talon:

Cleanse: A good way to get yourself out of trouble. Once you start playing an Assassin as main though, you should know how to avoid situations that call for cleansing yourself. If you really want this power, just buy Quicksilver Sash

Ignite: A nice DOT power that can mean a quick kill early game. Not particularly useful late game, Ignite will allow you to throw one last hit that may kill an opponent before they're out of range.

Ghost: I used to use Ghost instead of Flash until I realized just how good Flash is. Ghost is nice because it gives you a solid burst of speed and no unit collision which is perfect for when you NEED to close a gap that keeps expanding. Still use with Nocturne.

Teleport: It seems a lot of people still prefer BAMF'ing places. I like it, but it's just got too long of a cooldown for me to use it. I'd rather get nice boots.
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Training is the Key, Ezio...

Now, I'm JUST breaking the tier 3 barrier at level 21, so I don't have the greatest knowledge on Runes and what to pick. I did however base a LOT on a moba build on Nocturne that works VERY well and keeps him around while providing ample offense.

I take 9 Greater Mark of Desolation as I want all the armor penetration I can get as it can mean all the difference in the world and can possibly save me from spending gold on an in-game item.

For Seals, I take 6 Greater Seals of Vitality as Talon is certainly not the toughest character on the roster. This keeps him alive and provides him a little bit more time to get the ganks taken care of early game. I really like 'em. I also take 3 Greater Seals of Focus to help cut down some of the cooldown on Talon's abilities. Talon already has INSANE cooldown, and the more you lower them, the more damage he'll put out.

For Glyphs, I take the full 9 Glyphs of Alacrity bringing my attack speed up. On a character like Talon, you want to hit hard and hit fast.

For Quintessences, I PLAN on getting Greater Quintessence of Desolation for all 2 slots to boost more armor penetration and a single Greater Quintessence of Celerity for more cooldown.
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An Assassin is Nothing without his Tools!

This is the biggest area that I've seen people going crazy about. What items do you give the Assassin? I've tried about 5 different builds for Talon and so far, this build gives him the edge he needs and deals TONS of damage to champs. I like to build Critical because it will reward you with the most damage when combined with great attack speed.

I start the game off with a Doran's Shield which will give you some bonus health and armor, as well as some health regen. I was on the fence about this or Doran's Blade, but I found that I ended up staying alive longer with the shield early game.

Once you rack up some minion kills or a champ or two, go get Berserker Greaves. The bonus to attack speed is just TOO good to pass up and I find myself throwing these boots on most my characters.

Once the greaves are done, you need to start building up your damage. There are two ways you can do this. Either go straight for Bloodthirster, or go for The Brutalizer. Personally, I like aiming for the Brutalizer because it's cheaper and I can build it around level 6-7 after completing my boots, and it provides more cooldown reduction. Once you have one built, go straight for the other. Remember though, when you go for Bloodthirster, BUILD B.F. SWORD FIRST! This gives you HUGE damage early game.

Now it's time for you big item: Infinity Edge. This puppy is amazing and will be the difference in hitting hard or scoring a kill. Again, build your B.F. Sword first, farm, and upgrade to IE as quickly as possible. Once you have this down, you're a force to be reckoned with.

At this point, you have to make a decision based on the game. If you're being assaulted by magic (which is usually the Achilles heel of Assassin's), go for your defensive item like Banshee's Veil. If you AREN'T getting killed and are still dominating, progress through the item build, upgrading The Brutalizer for Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Once you've gotten that done, round out your assassin by giving him attack speed and crit chance to round him out for full DPS. Zeal into Phantom Dancer is pretty much the best you can do here as they provide SO much benefit.

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