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Talon Build Guide by Szelkiraly

Talon Low risk high rewards

Talon Low risk high rewards

Updated on August 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Szelkiraly Build Guide By Szelkiraly 2,933 Views 1 Comments
2,933 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Szelkiraly Talon Build Guide By Szelkiraly Updated on August 28, 2011
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How i play talon. Focusing on an assassin actually assassinating high priority targets. Get in get kill get out. With am empathizes on high ms and cdr as we stock up on ad as game goes on.

Tanks by the way. not your target. don't even play this build vs a pure tank team.
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Taking red Flat crit %. Yellow Mr over time. Blue crd. Quints Crit Damage boost.

first items sustain so i try to differ from other Runes = talon lanes build.

Would like to adjust quints 4 something better, but i have ms and sustain so hp or ms quints not that great.

Why no armor pen bro? becuase i feel that haveing more crits helps early game more then pen does. late game pen shines... but id rather take out 3 squishy then 1 tank. so crit % it is.
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21 0 9 or 21 6 3. personal choice. upgrade exaust grab more crit % max both cdr and as boost. ignoring armor pen i aint the tank buster.. Max Crit damage boost. enjoy 4% more pain for their team. Flat mr and armor. Then personal choise between mp = hp regin and armor or good hands. Don't take perseverance as last time i checked it only works off base regn thus is trashy. put 1 point only. grab exp and gold gain.
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Grab fairy and 5 hp pots with 1 mp pot. You can now lane a solid 10 min or till gold is > first 3 items. Philo first then boots then greedy blade This will give you lane and gold gain prepping you for mid game domination. Next take sheen then a phage. After phage upgrade boots to what you want. i personally like mobility but your call. left it blank for personal and situational issues. finish tri. get brutalize. Finish reverie. finish ghost blade. Work on big item. Blood thirstier good for squishy who go down faster. If their team is less squishy more durabley get an ie. Last item i usualy get is my 1 true love black cleaver.

P.S build not good vs team of all tanks. Thornmail not your friend. Also if you take flash over cleanse may want to get a veil or a qss.
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Skill order

Rake is your bff. Max it first. Personal recommend W E W Q W R for first 6 then ignore E till end of game. Max W then Q and take R at 6 11 n 16.

Skill cast order vary on situations.
Early game only cast w to harass and lh. Dont bother trying to blink q them as the mp cost and risk of damage is not worth it. unless you can get the kill.
Otherwise spell order changes to what ever allows u to get in kill target and gtfo.
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Summoner Spells

I rock Exhaust and cleanse. Flash and Exhaust is close second. Cleanse just frees up his ulti and other cc allowing more survives and kills that flash alone cant. additionally your ms gets ungodly so fear not about getting around.
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see the other 4 champs? yea talon loves having 1 of them on his team. i dont grab the assumed mandatory frozen mallet as i dont feel the 10% boost he can get with out it easly enuf anyhow and hp boost play into how i play assassins. look at the other 4 and if ones on your team rejoyce. If this guide gets good rateing ill go into details.
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First build cleaned up and explained. Try it first then get back to me with suggestions. Dont know how to work this site very well so sorry for messiness. Also my English sucks. Not cuz im from some crazy country. It honestly just sucks.
If any one wants to bounce an idea or suggestion go for it!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Szelkiraly
Szelkiraly Talon Guide
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Talon Low risk high rewards

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