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Talon Build Guide by martine

Talon - Master degree in the art of killing

By martine | Updated on August 28, 2011

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Hello everyone!

This is my first build on MOBAfire, and I thought I'd try it with my new-found love, Talon.
I have played him for quite some games now, and I believe I have found a build that works quite well. Feel free to discuss it or name improvements if you see any :)

This build is meant for more or less public play in normal games. I have not yet played Talon in many enough ranked games to see how he works there.
Talon is one of the more fun champions I have played during my time in LoL :)

Hope you like it!
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Pros / Cons

Very agile and VERY fun to play
Awesome burst, a melee-version of LeBlanc ;)
Great at getting away and jumping into fights
Low mana useage in late game
Low ulti CD for the damage it does
Good tower diver
Silence, slow and bleed abilities

Quite squishy
Easily focused and held down early/mid game
Challenging to play right in the first 4-5 games
Needs red buff to be really good mid game
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My choice of runes:

Marks: Flat Armor pen
Why: His abilities and everything scales with AD, and armor pen is great earlygame for some early kills.

Seals: Flat Armor or Flat Mana regen
Why: Flat Armor: He is squishy and needs armor in the start for some survivability.
Flat Mana regen: If you feel comfortable with him, I suggest you take the mana regen runes for some more lane sustain in early/mid game and for better roaming/ganks.

Glyphs: Flat Magic resist or CDR per level
Why: Flat Magic res: Survivability early game, as he is quite squishy.
CRD: Helps take down the already short cooldown of your ulti, which is the best damage move you have (24sec CD at lvl 16+ with blue buff)
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Masteries don't need that much explaining, really. My standard AD carry/assassin mastery tree.
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Start with a Doran's for some survivability, lifesteal and a bit of damage. Then get T1 boots for some speed boost. Then stay until you have about 2000gold or until you die, then get Swiftness boots and Brutalizer (for more speed. duuuhh.. And some damage+CDR)

Next, you should get Sheen to up your burst damage (and if you can get Phage at the same time, you'll have a good advantage because they don't expect your damage to go up that drastically that fast :) ) After that, Ghostblade is up, for more chasing/getaway ability.

Over to later in the game, you should get a Vampiric Scepter for some more sustain/healing so you dont have to bluepill that often. Then build your PHage+Sheen into a Trinity Force for some REAL damage! And last but not least, build your Vampiric Scepter into a Bloodthirster.

Now for the optional/choice items (If the game isn't over by now):
If they have alot of CC and are able to hold you down, you should go for Cloak and Dagger (for some tenacity) and Quicksilver Sash (for the CC dispel).
If they don't have this, go for an Infinity's Edge + Last whisper for even more damage.

Feel free to mix these items if the opposing team's composition lets you.
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Skill Sequence

Rake is your #1 skill (apart from your ulti), so it's important that it is maxed first.
Cutthroat is good to take at level 2 for the early harrass with silence, so you can run back before they can root you in place (max this last. it's not really that good to skill more than 1 point in it before late game due to its precentage increase in damage.)
Noxian Diplomacy is your best skill for Sheen/Trinity force, so get this maxed when/before you get Trinity force to max it's potential.
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Summoner Spells

I like the exhaust for when ypou're chasing people and getting away from them. OVerall a good spell.. You can also take Ghost for max mobility, or Teleport for cross-map ganks.

Flash is a must have on most champions. It's great for both chasing and getting away from enemies.
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Team Work

Talon is a squishy champion. So if your team nags you about you not going in first with them, just ignore them. The way to play Talon is to wait until they have engaged, pick the target they're going for. Swoop in with your E, use W or exhaust to slow him and then do a Q (ult if he's below 30-40% ish), rinse repeat.
He is an Assassin (aka Killstealer), meant to go for lower hp targets and finishing them off.

He is alot of fun, to me atleast, and I hope you think the same of him :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author martine
martine Talon Guide

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Talon - Master degree in the art of killing
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