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Talon Build Guide by DieVine

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DieVine

Talon, May your blades have mercy!

DieVine Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Talon is one of the best AD burst champions. He has some unique abilities which can deal an extreme amount of damage if used properly. Talon requires some skill to use, and may be easily mastered within a few games.
What i like about talon is his ability to easily dive and eliminate an enemy champion within seconds.
Talon is a squishy champion with an amazing damage output. He is a powerful early-gamer and a extreme ganker. He has the ability to easy take down a two vs. one if played properly. Using his cutthroat, he can easily pass their tanks and go straight for their AP carries.
On a scale of 1-10, i would give him an 8.

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Pros and Cons


+ Powerful early-game champion
+ Amazing burst Damage whole game
+ Great ganker
+ Has a strong stealth ultimate
+ Has a damage-inflicting slow
+ Great farmer


+ Very Squishy
+ Usually targeted in team fights

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One of the best things about Talon is the amount of Damage burst he can inflict within a matter of seconds. Greater Mark's of Strength combined with the Doran's blade allows you to have an amazing early-game damage output. At level one, you would start off with 75 AD.

Talon's main burst of damage come from his abilities. This means that a lower cooldown on his abilities will allow you to achieve a higher burst of damage and a higher chance of a take-down.

Mana regeneration seals combined with Talon's low cooldown abilities allows Talon to keep up with his lane for a very long time, which is an important role to what Talon can do early-game.

Along with Talon's damage output and cooldown reduction, Armour penetration allows Talon to keep his damage output high early game. This should always be a must since Talon is an AD champion.

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These masteries give Talon the best possible damage early-game. Being able to take down a champion is one of Talon's most important roles. This can be easily achieved by the Cooldown reductions and the early game minion farming. Talon also has an increased burst damage output and ignore a percentage of the enemies armour. His physical damage is also increases by a percentage and so is his health making him more durable early-game and deadlier then ever.
Talon has the ability to take down any squishy carry with just one combo of his abilities making him an amazing killer.

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Doran's blade

The best item to start you off would be a Doran's blade. This is because of the extra attack damage and the life-steal. I consider this item to be like a miniature version of an early-game Trinity force.

Mercury treads/Berserker's Greaves

Once you have your Doran's blade you will want to quickly get your boots which will allow Talon to quickly run in and harass with his Rake. You will want to get Berserker's Greaves unless the enemy team is full of CC's, you will then want to instead get Mercury treads.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The third item you should be getting is the Youmuu's Ghostblade. The 25 attack damage combined with the life-steal makes this the perfect choice as it increases Talon's damage burst.
Oh, and not to mention the amazing Unique Active which gives Talon 20% movement speed and 50% attack speed for a few seconds. Did you're enemy manage to escape? This combined with a flash and exhaust can guarantee you the kill!

The Bloodthirster

This should be your third main item because it will also increase your attack damage by a bit more, and also gives you some more life-steal which can be very useful for Talon as he is squishy as hell but powerful as ever. Don't forget the cute little passive which will give you more attack damage and life-steal per kill! Shame they are lost upon death, but hey, you're not going to die are you?

Frozen Mallet

For your fourth item, you should get a Frozen Mallet starting off with the Giants belt sub-item. This is because you want to last with your bloodthirster and not losing your stacks. Talon is very squish throughout the game and is usually targeted making this a very useful item as it gives you health and attack damage.
And this item has one of the best passive's for talon as it slows down the target. This is very useful because whenever a target is slowed/cc'ed, Talon will deal an additional 10% damage to them till the effect is gone.

Infinity Edge

Now it's time for some more attack damage, but at the same time critical chance. Yes brah, it's time for an Infinity Edge. This item will give you a higher chance of doing your crit and will give you a massive boost to the amount of damage you inflict. An extra 80 Attack damage is awesome for Talon. What about the passive? Now your attacks will deal 250% critical damage instead of 200% which is awesome!!

Banshee's veil

Now that you're so powerful, you will want to be a bit more durable in team fights. It's time for you to finish off your build with a Banshee's veil. This will give you a pretty good amount of magic resist. Although, what if your team is mainly AD? You will want to change this item to a Thornmail or if you want to have some fun maybe even a Warmog's.

Once you have completed the build, you are pretty much unstoppable. Now get going, you're blades are hungry for blood (:

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Skill Sequence

You should always start of with Rake at level one as it will be useful for its damage and slow. At level two, put one point into Cutthroat and keep it like that until level 13. Rake will also be the first skill you max out because of its amazing damage burst and it's useful slow. Next of, you want to max out Noxian diplomacy. This is because of the damage it can inflict onto a target and not to mension the cute little blood trail your enemies will leave behind. Finally, you will want to max out your cutthroat until level 18.

Early game, you will want to harass your enemies with Rake and at the same time putting in a few Noxian diplomacy hits. When you know you can kill your enemy, you will use cutthroat to dive at them and continue to combo them until they die.

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Summoner Spells

For your summoner spells, below i will show the spells that i would recommend to use and also identify the spells that should never be used.

Good Spells

+ Flash (recommended)
+ Ghost
+ Ignite
+ Exhaust (recommended)

Bad Spells
+ Heal
+ Promote
+ Revive
+ Smite
+ Teleport
+ Cleanse
+ Fortify
+ Garrison
+ Clarity
+ Rally
+ Clairvoyance

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Gameplay - Laning

Laning Top/Bottom

Talon is not a really good champion until you're level 4. Start off a lane by farming minions. Always make sure you LAST HIT a minion to ensure you don't really push into a lane. To go good with Talon, you must succeed early-game. Always harass with your Rake as it will do pretty good damage with a small mana cost.
Talon has the most trouble with ranged champions so be careful if the champion your up against is a ranged AD. Always play safe to pull off a powerful combo later on.

One of the most important things early game is patience. Without it, you will find yourself respawning at base every few minutes. Be patient, farm minions and slight harassment until level 6. Don't forget to call your mia's as well.

Once you hit level 6, you should start ganking for your team. Talon is a great ganker and can pop in many kills with little combo's. Never forget that Talon has a slow and a silence and a beautiful stealth.

Before you engage in a fight, you must make sure that you can take your opponent on. Don't just jump into a fight cause they look juicy, make sure you can get the kill and that you will survive without grabbing a death. Time is valuable, every minion killed contributes to your late game. Position yourself right all the time, don't over extend unless you know for sure that you are safe.

Laning Mid

You may or may not believe this, but Talon is a powerful mid champion. With his early-game Rake harassing and quick tower killing, he can be one amazing mid laner. Always last hit minions, and if needed you can use your Rake for some harassing. Once you feel that you're good enough or your opponent is over-extending, you may begin to dive and throw in a combo which will most likely get you the kill.

When taking mid, you must never forget that your team depends on you. By this i mean not letting down mid and ganking for your team. Look around, any lanes look like they need a juicy ganking? Then come on over and help your team out.

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Pulling off a combo!


Pulling off a combo on Talon can be really fun and rewarding. This is done by using all your abilities in a certain sequence which will allow you to pull off a massive damage burst to your enemy. By doing this, Talon can also sometimes take out not only the target but also another enemy at the same time. Soo... How do you pull off such a combo? Well i'm glad you asked, it's actually quite simple (:

Combo skill order

Well, you first off want to use your Rake to deal some damage to your enemy and then quickly follow that up with a cutthroat to dive at the enemy and silence them. You then want to quickly put on Noxian diplomacy and wait for an auto attack. Right after the auto attack, you put on your Shadow assault and position yourself for the return of the blades. Once all that is done and if your enemy is still alive, you will now have your Rake back and can continue to chase them down with your Youmuu's Ghostblade.
Remember, all that should be done within seconds for your combo to be successful.

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Talon + Jungling/Farming?


Talon is a horrible jungler and he should never be used to jungle. His early game minion farming is not as good as you might think and he only begins to shine later on during the game. Talon should always be used to lane as he can be a very powerful harass to enemy champion and can help pull in many kills with pure ease.

Overall, i don't ever recommend farming with Talon as it will be a mistake that you will regret :\


Talon is not a really good farmer at early-game so you must make sure you last hit minions and use your rake efficiently. Once you are later on into the game, this is when your true minion farming will come in. Make sure you use your rake on large minion groups as this will easily kill them/completely lower them.

Overall, Talon is a not that good minion farmer early-game but when it comes later on during the game, he becomes an amazing minion farmer.

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My Opinion on Talon

I find Talon to be one of my favorite champions as he can be fun to use and can also be very rewarding. He is good for any game mode and if used properly can be really powerful.
On a scale of 1-10, i'd give Talon an 8.
Talon is a beast, and can take down any champion, in any lane, at nearly any time and Talon shines brightly throughout the whole game.

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Well, this is pretty much the end of my guide.
I spent a lot of time making this guide and this is my first ever guide.

Please tell me if you spot any mistakes and let me know if there is anything i can do to improve my guide on talon.

I am also new to Mobafire and new to making guides so yea, i hope you like my guide!
If you need anything you can pm me or let me know on League of Legends: DefkonOne

Thanks (: