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Talon Build Guide by Zaurex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaurex

Talon(New) - Murderer of the shadows

Zaurex Last updated on September 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Talon is a great hero, if you play him well. He is a great teammate in top and bot lane, use your W to harass, and go in for the kill with E>Q>W. if you have to mid, make sure to harass a lot with your W. you are a burst hero, so make sure that the other enemy mid champion is low on HP when you go in for the kill. if you have your ulti, and you can't use the element of surprise from som brush, make sure you use your ulti and then your E(Cutthroat) in under like 2 secs. so the mid-enemy-champ will have no time to react and you will kill them quickly.

Talon is an attack dmg champ, and he needs CDR(cooldown reduction) and armor penetration.

BUILD 1: go for Attack damage and kills from the start

Build 2: better survivability, but less dmg in early game

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Skill sequence

Max "rake" first, it has a slow, which triggers your passive. Rake is a ranged attack, which gives Talon great Harassment and damage output. Use it to harass, but don't burn our mana out. Use it to hit champions, not to minions farm. If the enemy champion's hp is low when you reach lvl 4, put one ability point on "cutthroat" and jump in to kill him. Also make sure that your teammate helps out, you have a dorans shield, but you're not invincible(yet). After you have maxed "rake", you should max out "Noxian Diplomacy", why not "cutthroat"? Because you only need the gap-closer from that ability, your damage output wil be a lot higher if you max out "noxian diplomacy"

And ofcourse, when you can, lvl up "Shadow Assault"
Funny thing about Shadow Assault, you have to use it a lot to use it good. use it at lvl 6, because it deals a ton of dmg. it's great for escpaing, just remember that if you use flash, you WILL become visible and the blades will fly to your new location. Anyway, to get kills with it, try to open up with it, use it in a bush, and "cutthroat" over to them, if you are still behind them when the blades emerge to you, you will deal a lot of dmg. also if you haven't used it when a fight is almost over, you can pop your ulti to get those just outta reach. if you open with "shadow Assault" remember to use the ghostblade for extra movement speed.

other uses that "shadow Assault" provides:
Jarvan: if he gets you into his ulti, and your health drops really fast, pop Shadow Assault, and he wasted his ulti
Poppy: same goes for poppy, go invible for almost the whole duration of her ulti.
Tower dive: about to be towerdived? pop your ulti, either they have to run away, or they are stupid enough to stand in tower range, then use your burst to kill them.

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i start of with a Doran's shield because it gives Talon more survivability. 120 more hp is pretty sexy, and the armor helps out in early game. Talon tends to get picked on a lot, and harassed. So the Hp every 5 sec is REALLY(and i mean really) helpfull.

Get Ionian boots afterwards, you need the movement speed, and also the CDR.

Brutalizer is a great item, it has armor penetration and CDR, the 2 things you need.
build it to Ghostblade(i never type "Youmuu's Ghostblade" cus i don't know how to type it). the Activate goes great with your ulti.

Trinityforce is a great item. you have a chance to slow the target, and that will trigger your passive. and the "sheen" ability is great.

Inifity's egde: "Noxian diplomacy" can critt, so the getting infinity's egde is great, and the damage it gives rules.

Warmog and Atmas: gives more survivability and dmg, + critt chance.

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Summoner Spells

Normaly i would use Flash and ignite. Flash is really great for escaping or getting into a team fight, and also it can save you from dying first(not that first blood exists anymore). And you can actually, but this is extremely hard! EXTREMELY! To get the full advantage of your abilities, you can first pop your ulti, then use cutthroat to get behind them, and run away form the, so the blades will hit them... AND THEN! flash back infront of them, and the blades wil hit them once more! EXTREMELY dificult, but if u make it, it's devestating.

Ignite is great for Talon, because... it's just really good. it's great for getting that last dmg to kill an enemy.

Exhaust: is great with your passive(10% more dmg to slowed targets, and supressed and so on). and gives you more survivability.

Clense: good for Talon, he has no way out of CC(crowd control)s and Clense would really help him.

Heal: NO. SHAME ON YOU! play better

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Use your W(Rake) to farm. But in early games you don't want to burn out your mana. try to always hit one or two enemy champions and minions, because you want to harass their health down with rake, before you go in for a kill. Talons burst is amazing, and his Rake ability is the only good farm he has, and in mid game and late game you can use it to farm minions more, but in early game, keep it to a minimum, unless you can harass a champion aswell.

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red buff is great for Talon. end of story, but if you got a jungler on your team, don't be an *** and take it from him, not in early or mid game. blue buff is also good for him, more cooldown reduction and mana regenration. but if you have to choose, definetly go for red buff.