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Talon Build Guide by Gosu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gosu

Talon-over 9000 crit

Gosu Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Talon to me is the best burst Melee AD, to be honest i made this build because i see people play talon as if they where playing a master yi, they would buy phantom dancers, blood thirster's and ect.... I feel that talon can be played like that but i also think its not the best way to play him, his move set just screams out "PLAY ME AS A BURST HERO". so now lets get on to the build.

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The runes that i chose are very simple marks of desolation for early game armor penetration to get first blood, seal of vitality for some health simple , and glyph of celerity for cooldown reduction. Why cooldown reduction? You ask well since you are playing talon as a burst you will need to have you're cooldowns nice and low so you can burst all day long.

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Masteries are basic. i didn't get alacrity because u dont need attack speed that much.

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Alright on to the items, i know you all just skipped to this part so lets get started, you want to open up with boots and 3 potions so you can chase or get away, i don't feel the need to get dorans blade but its a viable choice. Next we u get back hopefully you had a good time and got a kill or 2 and got some nice farm you want to get the brutilizer this item is awesome because it gives you 25 damage, armor penetration , and cooldown reduction pretty nice right. then you want to finish your item and get ghost blade, the infinity blade then trinity force. once you have this you should be doing some nice damage no, you should be like 4 hit-KO'ing people then you want to work on some defenses like frozen mallet and banshees veil.

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Skill Sequence

For skills i chose to max out rake first because its your best move other then your ult, rake slows, hits twice, and is an awesome harass move. then you want to max out your NOXIAN DIPLOMACY because its awesome then your cutthroat. But remember you ult is your priority

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How to use your skills

How to use your skills well, i have seen people ult befor they get into a fight then go in they pop cutthroat and rake then NOXIAN DIPLOMACY which is complete wrong because first of all you wasted your ult and second you want to do rake before NOXIAN DIPLOMACY. this is how you do it the right way cutthroat first then you use NOXIAN DIPLOMACY then rake and then pop your ult right next to them and run away, this is the fastest way possible to burst and is also the safest once you alt you run away till your burst is up again.

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Summoner Spells

Flash...... ALWAYS PICK FLASH ITS OVERPOWERED, then exsuast so they dont run away or they cant run away. other viable spell would be ignite, ghost , teleport , heal , and cleans if they have lots of CC.

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right before i end this i juat want to explain how you lane as talon, you want to harass with rake, then once you have all you abilities at lvl 3 with the exeption of your ult if you have a friend you are laning with for example i love to lane with my friend cause he play leona so what happens is he throws his sword i dont know the names of leonas move so sry, so he goes in for the stun, i blink in auto attack for a bit, my friend does his other stun, then i rake so after the stun is over they are slowed then we auto attack till we get first blood. So lets say you are laning with a random person all you want to do is harass with rake till they are half health then tell your teammate and go in for the kill so you just blink in rake and use NOXIAN DIPLOMACY and run away if you havent killed him already.

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Well thats all, hope this build helped you, and remember Talon is NOT A MASTER YI.