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Talon Build Guide by Veremaugh

Talon - Razor Sharp

Talon - Razor Sharp

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veremaugh Build Guide By Veremaugh 2,118 Views 0 Comments
2,118 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Veremaugh Talon Build Guide By Veremaugh Updated on August 25, 2011
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This is by no means an experts guide but hey hes only been out a day, this is just my take on how to play Talon....and it hurts!

If you up or down rate please leave a comment!
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The runes are fairly self explanitory:
Marks: Armor pen for .... penetrating some armor :D
Quints: Armor pen........ penetrating some armor
Seals: Armor............. Stops you from being so squishy early game
Glyphs: CD reduction per lvl Heres a bit more tricky, I avoided MR glyphs because after playing him a couple of game the CDR is needed 100%, having your birsty abilities 1 more time during a teamfight will make a MASSIVE difference :D
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Bleh self explanatory, I wanted to build him offensively apart from 1 item and Seals...
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Here's the interesting bit.

CORE BUILD: Boots (whichever you need), Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler and Youmuu's Ghostblade

Start with a Doran's Blade

Try to stay in lane until you have enough for both the first stage of boots and a second Doran's blade, the two Doran's Blades will help your weak early game.

Next up Finish your boots, went for the CDR ones for more use of abilities! However if there is a huge amount of CC then go for the Tenacity boots or if theres a lot of auto attack champs then buy dodge boots. Think situational!

Next up The Brutaliser

Heres where it gets a bit odd, Warmog's Armor! It gives you mad HP endgame for a champ with such high dmg and when combined with the next item its very good for this particular champ imo!

Atma's Impaler...enjoy the extra AD

Now this is where you have the think situational again!!!!!!!

If you feel you need some defensive items go for Banshee's Veil against AP or Thornmail against AD!! Then go on to get the Bloodthirster as your last item!!!!

If you dont need a defensive item then go ahead and get the bloodthirster then infinity edge as listed!


if you are against heavy ad/ap then switch out items accordingly!!!
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Skill Sequence

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Summoner Spells

Flash: would recommend this on most champions, it is such a godly ability for chasing or escaping!


Exhaust: His passive does more dmg against CC'd opponents, he does have a CC in his slow with his W ability, however this will not always be available. Also exhaust is a great resource for chasing or to completely change 1v1 fights!


Ignite: That little extra damage that you always seem to need...
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A few hints...

Always press Q after an autoattack for maximum damage!

IF you're going for a kill press Youmuu's Ghostblade, move it to a comfortable keybind, IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER TO PRESS IT DONT BOTHER BUYING IT!!!!

Dont worry about using your ulti in fights that aren't full teamfights, it has a very short CD for an ulti!

Although you will have high HP you really can't expect to be a tank, so act that way, let tanks initiate then take out as many of their offensive champions as fast as you can. In team fights always try to hit as manay people as possible with W and R to maximise your damage output!
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A little endnote

This is my first guide and i know it won't be pretty at all, ill work out the commands for linking things properly when im not too busy playing with the champion :D. Ill keep this updated for any later changes in the upcoming patches :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Veremaugh
Veremaugh Talon Guide
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Talon - Razor Sharp

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