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Talon Build Guide by Arzanot

Talon, Rogue WTF? :O

Talon, Rogue WTF? :O

Updated on August 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arzanot Build Guide By Arzanot 2,871 Views 0 Comments
2,871 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arzanot Talon Build Guide By Arzanot Updated on August 26, 2011
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Hey everyone, So this is my version of Talon, i think Talon is by far the best assasin he have good mobility GREAT dmg and a stealth what more do you need! :D i have been playing Talon since he came out, I belive you have to build talon as a attack speed/Crit assasin, As you (e) Ability wil make you do more dmg to you target ;) i also build Bloodthirster as if you can stack it its the best item in the game for a melee/Ranged champion :)
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I take Mark of Desolation. because its very good at early game harassment i find myself harash all the time whit ofc prevent to get harashed myself :D

I take Seals of clarity because i think i run fast out of mana Mid game ;) ofc blue buff is avaiable but whit these runes im fine better to give it so some1 else

i take glyph of Alacrity for the extra attack speed at early game, whit some1 whit slow or stun you wil do alot dmg so more attack speed= more dmg wich is good :D

And last but not least the quints :) i take quints of desolation again for the armor pen ;) that is very good :) you will go through all armor in low lvl :)

Ofc you can take Physical dmg wil greatly help you last hitting :)
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Masteries :D wth

I wont go very detailed in this section ;) i take 21 0 9 taking improved Exhaust and longer netural buff duration because red buff is a must for Talon, Every hit slow ^^ so whit 1,9 attack speed they wont react because you burst them down :D
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So items :) here we go :)

I find doran blade the best item on Talon its so awesome 10 attack 3 life steal and 100+ HEALTH!! it so super awesome for him.. so you want to start whit a dorans blade and then rush Beserker greaves for the attack speed. i take Cloak and Dagger, as i belive its the perfect item for Talon, he is squishy so cc wil stop him that tenacity might save you little Rogue *** :D i start building bloodthirster right after while taking The lifesteal first so i can farm in jungle too whitout going back too much ;) after that you want the Phantom Dancer Crit and attack speed is a sure win for talon :) i take Infinity edge after for even more crit! :D hurrah, Now we have to sell our Dorans blade, I would personal take Frozen mallet for more health and slow every attack but the last item is your choice
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Skills, Thats what we got :)

i Max Rake Right away for the good farming ability and the good slow and dmg after that i take Noxian Diplomacy Cause it deals alot of dmg :) and ofc Cutthroat last. Remeber to take Ulti when ever you can ofc :)
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Summoner spells :)

I take Flash as i belive its a GTFO spell wich can save you or net you a kill and Exhaust because talon is a very good duelist! whit exhaust you wil win almost every singel fight and the best is it have a slow! :D and We like slow alot :D, These are just personal pick you can pick whatever you want too :)
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farming here we go :D

At laning phase you want to last hit everything even you team mate! :D no serious.. last hit is so inportent for talon because if you doing bad in lane phase those last hit can save you day in the end so last hit!, And mid game go take Netural creeps whenever you can red buff is yours so take it. late game you want to take the huge minion waves for the bloodthirster! farming is piece of cake is enjoy it!
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WTFOMFGBBQ,, Talon dont got any cons.. ohh yes he does..

Amazing dmg
very good looking champion
Awesome attack animations
Assasins creed!
and a stealth
Kinda useless whit a team whit no cc.. but lets face it almost every champion got cc now a days
cant really figure out anything more :)
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Last but not least

I will say sorry for my english im comming from Denmark, and so i still need a bit better english :) but i hope you can read it :D well ty for reading and please throw a upvote if you think this was helpfull if not please tell me why im a human i make mistakes too :) i hoped i helped some of you whit playing this amazing champion :)

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