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Talon Build Guide by Ekoth

Talon, Secure killer

Talon, Secure killer

Updated on September 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ekoth Build Guide By Ekoth 1,852 Views 0 Comments
1,852 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ekoth Talon Build Guide By Ekoth Updated on September 3, 2011
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Talon is a burst asasin perfect for securing kills or may be KS :P

This build gives quite good ad, hi armor penetration, good movement speed and tenacy(all asasins need tenacy in my opinion)

With this build u can engage and get out of fights safe and quickly.
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Perfect runes for harrasing at low leves with "Noxian diplomacy" and "Cutthroat".... u get CDR Armor penetration and armor(not much of this last one but it makes a difference on low levels)
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My masteries for this build are 21-0-9.... not much explanation needed... Exhaust trigers ur pasive when u hit that target and then the other masteries are just to make ur ad higher, to reduce time spent dead and t rise ur exp gaining.
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Dorans blade: Gives health, ad and a litle bit of life steal (just perfect for laning)

Boots of swiftness: As an assasin u must be able to engage and leave fights quickly. This item combined with "Shadow assault" gives u a high movement speed that will halp u to run away

Tirity force: More movement speed, More health, More crit chance, More mana PLUS! before u use an ability increasing ur base dmg by 150% for one atack (cutthroat folowoed by autoatack folowed by noxian diplomacy = GRATE BURST DMG!)

youmuus ghostblade: crit chance, armor penetration, CDR, AD, ACTIVE! more movement speed!

Last whisper: high AD, high armor penetration (Las whisper + Youmuus ghostblade = WTF! armor epnetration)

Infinite edge: High ad, more crit chance, crit strike goes up to 250%

Cloak and dagger: crit chance, atack speed (not really needed), 25 TENACY (very important for escaping)
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Summoner spells

FLASH: Esential for asasins, increased runingaway and engaging speed

EXHAUST: perfect spell for talon cuz of his passive, slows targets atk speed and armor (if u have the masterie) gives u high advantage if ur 1 vs 1 with lower hp than the enemy
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ekoth
Ekoth Talon Guide
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Talon, Secure killer

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