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Talon Build Guide by Dovakhiin

Talon, Shadow´s hand.

Talon, Shadow´s hand.

Updated on January 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dovakhiin Build Guide By Dovakhiin 3,247 Views 0 Comments
3,247 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dovakhiin Talon Build Guide By Dovakhiin Updated on January 16, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Talon


Hi, my name is Dovakhiin. I've been playing Talon alot recently and I have found my game experience with him enough to share with the rest of the world.

I am by no means a high ELO player and do not aim to be a hotshot.

If you rather want the words of some "proffesional high ELO player" do not scroll down any further, you are wasting your time.

If you disagree with my build or setup in any ways, then please leave CONSTRUCTIVE comments below.

I am new with Mobafire, so I know little about its functions. I will improve most of the sections when I have figured out how to use the functions of mobafire at its best.
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Pros / Cons

+Arguably one of the best Bursters
+highly mobile
+Great ganker
+Easy farming

-Needs his farm and or kills to be effective
-Less viable top
-Useless invisibility when countered with pink ward/oracle
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Summoner Spells

Flash is used to escape from people (ganks, teamfight focus, low health), be ware of using it to catch up with people as often you might regret it afterwards.

Ignite is pretty standard, use it as a finisher, or when you start your burst on a AP/AD carry.

Viable summoner picks: Exhaust, Ghost and Cleanse
Mediocre summoner picks: Heal, teleport
Non viable summoner picks: Revive, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Surge, Promote,

*Will add arguements about the Viable/Mediocre/Non-viable summoner picks*

Exception: Smite
If you want to jungle, smite is the way to go with talon, so in that case its an exception.
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Why the rune setup?

Talon is a great assassin, capable of killing any AD/AP carry in a matter of seconds.
The reason those Marks and Quints are armor penetration is easily explained in one sentance:
To slash through any AP/AD carry's armor.

As Talon is quite mana hungry, your seals are flat mana regen/5. Using this and the mana regen from the mastery you will almost never run OOM (out of mana).

Choosing from top, mid, or bottom, mid is simply best for Talon. He is meant as an AP counter and this is the lane where most AP carries go to.

Yes Talon is able to solo top, but this will just waste his real potential. Most of all, there are way better top picks.

Aside from this, going mid-lane means going up against a caster, which in turn means getting magic damage. The Magic resist runes will make you able to take more beating.
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You are an assassin, if you have played assassin creed, then you know what you must do.

"You walk in the shadows, finding that one perfect opening in any situation, dashing in and sticking your blade into the enemy and vanish before they can even react to your strike".

This means having alot of Burst. So that is why we go 21/0/9. Leaving out Critical damage and Chance for more sustained damage and tower bonus damage.

You're also a mana hungry assassin meaning you will need mana to deal the damage you want to. The remaining 9 points there for go into mana bonus and regen.
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Skill Sequence

We maximaze rake first with the thought in mind of farming insanely fast after receiving Bloodthirster.

The only downpart is that when you use it to harass the enemy while he is standing in his minions is that there is a chance of pushing the creep wave into his tower, which in result means you cannot burst him (towerdiving is possible, but the risk is high) and having the chance of getting ganked.

(If you buy wards and place them correctly, then getting ganked has a low possibility)

You can always swap out Rake for Noxian Diplomacy if you want to deal more single target DPS.
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Skills and their usage.

*To be added*
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You want to start out with Boots + 3 health potions.
After your first recall, hope to get The brutalizer. if you fail to do this get the two long swords, or a null-magic mantle if you get harassed alot along with a long sword and potions (2-3).

Your third recall should be about getting Mercury's threads, potions and a B.F. sword. If you are not able to do this, buy potions and farm untill you can get the B.F. sword. This comes after Mercury's Threads.

Your fourth recall is about Getting that Bloodthirster. If you are not able to get it, grab the B.F. sword and then Vampiric scepter.

The fifth recall is when you finish the Bloodthirster and start thinking about getting either Trinitiy force, or Last Whisper.

Trinity Force v.s. Last Whisper
When you are done with your Bloodthirster I want you to TAB, look at the enemy and their items. Are the main Damage Dealers stacking some kind of armor? if they are, focus on getting Last Whisper. If you feel like they are leaving it for later, then leave the Last whisper also for later.

When either one of these items are done, focus on defensive items. I prefer Guardian angel for its general defense and rebirth.

Best Defense items: Guardian Angel, Banshee Veil, Quicksilver Sash,
Mediocre Defense items: Frozen Heart, Randuims Omen, Sunfire Cape, Force of Nature,
Worst Defense items: Thornmail, Warmogs, Aegis of the legion,

*Will add arguements about the defensive items*

I excluded a few items, because I simply hope nobody who plays talon will get them.

Yes, you are an assassin, but when you make a mistake you will get a second chance.

After the defensive item build either Trinity Force, or Last Whisper depending on which item you build before the defensive Item.

Finish it up, Wait with selling your brutalizer until you are able yo buy another B.F. sword and then finish infinity edge.
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Team Work

You have several roles within a team and your role is the assassin.

Let me explain properly, when the laning fase is starting your job is to dominate your lane, doing this is stopping the AP carry from farming, or atleast give him one hell of a hard beating if he does try to do so.

When you are going good, look at bottom and top, does anybody need help? Is there any possibility to gank? If so, push your lane and if done already go to the specified lane. Though keep in mind they might have warded so ask before doing anything.

When the laning phase is over your job is to assassinate any carry. You do NOT initiate ANY teamfight. When your tank initiate's do not blindly follow, look for an opening to the AP, or AD carry. Try to finish him as fast as possible and get out after you have done your burst.

When you spot the support or carry out of position, punish him for this, even with risk attached to this, if you do it perfect, then the reward will be worth it.

If your team manages to hold their ground 4 v 5, keeping the enemy occupied, try to destroy the unprotected lanes, with your Q this should be done in no-time.

If you know the enemy has any channeling champion (nunu, galio, fiddlesticks, Karthus, Caitlyn, etc) try to use your E for their ultimate's. If you feel that you can burst them down before they can even unleash it, then do so.

I cannot repeat this enough times: You are an assassin, so as an assassin find an opening or use the opening your tank wil open for you. Do NOT try to make one yourself, you might end up being too early.

"the early bird guts the worm"
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Why not ATMALLET? Bruiser v.s. Assassin.

*To be added*

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