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Talon Build Guide by Felixdetrix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Felixdetrix

Talon - Slice & Dice - The complete Talon guide!!!

Felixdetrix Last updated on September 1, 2012
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Hello my gamer guys and ladies, I have made a new build for Talon. Talon is a Stealth Melee Assasin that kills everyone on the battlefield (With my build) Now friends, Talon is one of the most funnest champions out there. All you got to do is buy him. His Price isn't cheap though, he costs 6300 ip. he might cost you , but darn, he is worth it. Talon is one of my favorites of all time. Immidetly when he came out, i bought him. In my first game with him - i got a Pentakill. Amazing huh? that's when i started to fin myself some builds. After 2 weeks of studying for a build, here it is! Hope you like, comment, share, and lastt but not least, ENJOY!!!

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My History with Talon

My history with Talon: With Talon - I have won over 100 games and in alomost all the games, i got over 14 kills. My first game with him - I got a Pentakill. -Each and Every single game i play with Talon with my build - i get atleast: 4 doublekills or 1 triple or 1 quadrakill or 1 Pentakill! If you like to fight with an Assasin - you would love Talon... I bought Talon when he just came out - he looked cool and fun to play. That's when it all started and happened. Just do my build, and you will know what i mean...

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Just to clarify a little things with the items. When your build is almost finish and you need only 2 more spots in your inventory, all you gotta do is sell the two ''Dorans Blade''. If you don't like that there is that much Lifesteal from the ''Bloodthristers'' , you can just change 1 of them for Trinity Force or Ionic Spark.

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Summoner Spells

Now for the summoner spells, what you need is Ignite and Flash. if you are not high level enough for flash - get Teleport. I chose those Summoner spells because when people see me , they are scared of me killing them so they run and I "Flash" and "Ignite" them as fast as possible. Teleport is also usefull because lots of people on your team will need some help with laning so you can just teleport to a turret or minion really fast and kill em all!

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Farming with Talon is easy, one simple step...Rake (w). Rake can be really usefull for farming them minions. since it is the first to max out, you will use it on them and they will die immideatly. You will see what i mean when your going to play him =).

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Combo - Slice & Dice

- I will now tell you my combo that works everytime with Talon.
First, start off by "Noxian Deplomacy (q)" then use "Cutthroat (e)" on the target, then use Rake (w) and then use your ultimate "Shadow Assault (r)" and if target healed himself during battle and running away use "Flash" and "Ignite" on him.

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Contact me or Help me !

Thank you very much for ready my build and guide for Talon, Hopefully you Like, share and comment on my build and i will update the build once in a while. Thank you very much - for any info on the build or questions - Contact me at - or send me a message on my YouTube account. Thanks and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Follow me on Twitter!