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Talon Build Guide by SinisterHidan

Talon: Soloing Mid With No Teleport

Talon: Soloing Mid With No Teleport

Updated on September 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SinisterHidan Build Guide By SinisterHidan 3,165 Views 0 Comments
3,165 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SinisterHidan Talon Build Guide By SinisterHidan Updated on September 17, 2011
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Is Talon your champion?

If you want to carry like a boss choose Talon. He does a load of ad burst along with surviving in ganks and team fights.
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Talon's Story

Talon's earliest memories are the darkness of Noxus' underground passages and the reassuring steel of a blade. He remembers no family, warmth, or kindness. Instead, the clink of stolen gold and the security of a wall at his back are all the kinship he has ever craved. Kept alive only by his quick wits and deft thievery, Talon scraped out a living in the seedy underbelly of Noxus. His mastery of the blade quickly marked him as a threat, and Noxian guilds sent assassins to him with a demand: join their ranks or be killed. He left the bodies of his pursuers dumped in Noxus' moat as his response.

The assassination attempts grew increasingly dangerous until one assailant met Talon blade-for-blade in a match of strength. To his surprise, Talon was disarmed and facing down his executioner's sword when the assassin revealed himself to be General Du Couteau. The General offered Talon the choice between death at his hand, or life as an agent of the Noxian High Command. Talon chose life, on the condition that his service was to Du Couteau alone, for the only type of orders he could respect were from one he could not defeat. Talon remained in the shadows, carrying out secret missions on Du Couteau's orders that took him from the frigid lands of Freljord to the inner sanctums of Bandle City. When the general vanished, Talon considered reclaiming his freedom, but he had gained immense respect for Du Couteau after years in his service. He became obsessed with tracking down the general's whereabouts. Talon's suspicions led him to the doors of the Institute of War, where he joined the League of Legends in order to find those responsible for Du Couteau's disappearance.

''The three deadliest blademasters in all of Valoran are bound to the house of Du Couteau: my father, myself, and Talon. Challenge us, if you dare.'' - Katarina Du Couteau
The end
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Pros and Cons

Burst-You cannot believe the burst that Talon can do...
Survivabilty-Lets say your ulti and cut throat do the job.
Farming-Raking like a boss
Harassing-Rake,rake,rake,rake,rake,rake,cutthroat,noxian diplomacy,ulti and dead
CC-Silence and slow from rake and trinity force
Fun to play-I guess 20/5 is fun to play, just saying.

YOU MUST BE SMART TO PLAY TALON-talon isn't easy like master yi and garen. Got to use some common sense
Can easily feed-you can die in a heartbeat
Squishy-must not get cc'ed or you WILL die
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Mid Talon?

Yes it's unique alright and you just have to try it before you deny it. The thing is Talon is an epic mid but most of you don't get it. You rake and rake and rake, you don't miss out on minions and you can also harass if you don't get caught in spells. And once they're low enough, free kill.
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Physical damage:Provides you stronger rakes, diplomacies and ulties. Whats not to love?
Crit chance:Not much left to choose >.>

Why not CDR?-You already have youmuu's ghostblade and masteries
Why not Armour Pen?-As I said earlier, stronger rakes and etc
Why not Move Speed?-Boots of swiftness and trinity force is more than enough
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Trinity Force

Trinity Force is a MUST for Talon. It provides you mana so you can keep on raking. It provides you stronger noxian diplomacies. It provides you a zeal, move speed, crit and attack speed. It provides you health. It provides you cc for your passive. WHATS NOT TO LOVE!?
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Why boots of swiftness?

Like assassins, you gotta be quick. There are many reasons you use boots of swiftness instead orFor your ulti you have to get infront of them during your ulti so the full strength of your blades are unleashed. You have to go in and out, in and out, move speed helps with this. Ganking is a large part of Talon's kills, in order to gank, you have to reach them first.
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The items I have chosen are for burst damage.for lifesteal and infinity edge for more damage.Enough said.
Note:follow my item build in that order for more damage, there is a reason behind it.
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Summoner Spells

is a must!!!!!
You can replace exhaust with heal, exhaust, ignite and flash if need be. Other summoner spells would be a waste.
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Skill Combo Order

--->--->thenThis sequence provides you most damage output with the cutthroat and passive bonus
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Early Game

As a starting item. This should provide you with op rakes at level 5 to a mid laners(brand,annie,mf,malza,cait,irelia,ashe,cass and etc)With rake you can spam it but not too often or you'll run out of mana. Once they have around half hp,then thenand lastlyNote: When ulting, either click it twice fast or use it once then go in front of the opponent to get some ground with invis and bonus ms, and also to unleash the blades pain.
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Mid game

At around level 12, you're going to have to push your lane extremely hard but safely. The reason behind this is that the minions have to push more to get the turret. This gives you more time to gank. If you do have a jungler tell them to cover for you if need.
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Late game

In a team fight you must position yourself in a flanking position in order to destroy the squishies at the back. Once the fight starts you go in and kill them instantly and run off withMake sure you silence the ap carries not the tanks.
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Be smart, don't die and ulti right. Talon isn't hard to play, but hard to master. Btw its my first guide so don't hate please :P Any constructive comments would help

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