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Talon Build Guide by Smahs

Talon - Somebody Ordered Slaughter?

By Smahs | Updated on September 4, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Talon
  • LoL Champion: Talon
  • LoL Champion: Talon
  • LoL Champion: Talon
  • LoL Champion: Talon


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Talon is a high burst damage AD champion. He excels at taking down AP/AD carries in an instant, get out and do it over.
This guide will have diffirent builds for diffirent occations.
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You can switch out the Magic Resist blues with Cooldown blues if you feel like it.
Armor yellows help insanely much in the early game.
Armor Pen reds has no equivalent on AD champions in my opinion.
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The masteries is typical AD masteries except for avoiding the attack speed. Talon is a burst champion, not an auto-attacker, even though his passive may indicate that.
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Build 1. The Usual Game

Ive found several builds useful on Talon.
The one up in the top is the one i use the most. Rushing for the Bloodthirster will make your Rake kill the caster minions with no problem.
Phage gives a good health boost and the chance for the slow if you dont land Rake. The slow from Phage procs your passive on Noxian Diplomacy.
Getting Mallet will further increase HP and chance of slowing.
Atma's Impaler makes wonders as soon as you get Frozen Mallet.
Infinity Edge makes your Noxian Diplomacy crit for 1000 if you are lucky. Its a must if game goes on for that long or you get that fed.
The last item in the build is mostly up to you. If you get focused get either Warmog's Armor (the bonus of that is you already have Atma's Impaler) or Banshee's Veil.
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Build 2. The Wonderful Game

Still start out with boots and 3 pots.
Again, rush the Bloodthirster to make your farm skyrocket. Begin gank other lanes as your skills scale extremely good when you have that BT.
Either Mercury's or Cooldown Reduction.
If you manage to get a good start and feel like god, get Blade of The Occult. Your burst will be rediculously insane. I've got a quadra kill at lvl 11 with this build and some good kills early on.
If you dont feel godlike and dont want to get focused, go for Infinity Edge instead.
If you are getting focused by now, get Phage--->Frozen Mallet, if not, get a second Bloodthirster, then Frozen Mallet
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Build 3. The Bad Start

We all have games like this, but thats why we have Doran's stuff!
If you can read your opponents lane combo to be a harrass heavy, start with Doran's Shield.
Brown Boots next.
If you continue to get outlaned/harrased, get Doran's Blades. 2 or 3 will get you back in the game as the Doran's items are the most cost effecient in the game.
Get Bloodthirster and continue with one or the other build.
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Build 4. AP/AD Heavy Opponents

This is as situational as countering AD heavy opponents. You see AD heavy team? Think about getting a Wriggel's.
You see AP get Mercury's and a Quicksilver Sash, but for the love of god, get Doran's Blades to get back into the game if you face such teams.
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Build 5. Dealing With Tanky People

Most of the time you dont want to hit guys like Rammus, Mordekaiser, Lee Sin, Jarvan and Mundo, but sometimes you dont have a choice.
Again, go for situational items for diffirent games. Often, following an exact build will put you off versus various teams.
If you face champions like the guys listed above, start out with boots and 3 pots (still get Doran's if its against harrassment heavy tanks.)
Get The Brutalizer ---> into Yomuu's Ghostblade and then get Bloodthirster.
As the game goes on, get Last Whisper and continue one of the usual builds.
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Build 6. Trinity Force

I dont really like getting a Trinity Force, as it only gives one attack 150% damage. You usually jump people with Cutthroath, auto attack, then Noxian Diplomacy. Some people find it working and ive seen people do good with it and done good with it myself, just dont find it that cost efficient.
If you go for this, switch out Atma's Impaler and Frozen Mallet, as Trinity Force gives a health boost anyways.
Get a Quicksilver Sash or some defensive item with Trinity Force.
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Summoner Spells

I would Recommend Flash and Exhaust.
Flash is a must have on all champions without a blink skill in my opinion.
Exhaust will get you the early kills and save your *** from time to time.
Ignite... I dont really like it on Talon. He has a bleed. I know, it isnt for much, but when you could have Ignited for the kill, you could have Exhausted for another.
Teleport? Nah. Just no.
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High burst.
Not the hardest champion to play (not Annie style though.)
Works well with a setup team.
An okay escape mechanism.
Easy to juke casters with.

Low damage early game (untill 6.)
Easily killable.
Escaping with Ultimate will give away your position.
Pretty easily countered as armor will shut him down. All his spells is physical damage. So please... DO NOT FOCUS THE RAMMUS!
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I dont really believe he is useful in ranked games as he is so easily counterable. Hes mostly a pubstomping champion :)

Have fun owning n00bs and make b4b1es QQ :D
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I dont really believe he is useful in ranked games as he is so easily counterable. Hes mostly a pubstomping champion :)

Have fun owning n00bs and make b4b1es QQ :D
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Talon is the funniest champion ive ever played. Played correctly he can and will destroy everything.
Thanks for reading the guide and hope you all have fun with the build(s)!

Again, Thank you.
Peace out.
- Smahs
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