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Talon Build Guide by Sir Squirrely

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Squirrely

Talon, Survive and Deprive

Sir Squirrely Last updated on September 4, 2011
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This build is my first build ever, so I'm trying to get a feel for how to do this kind of thing. Overall, I play Talon a lot and have come to the understanding that he's built for a quick in-and-out gank, which ends up being very powerful mid to late game. This build, I believe, optimizes Talon's AD output early game, while being able to provide survivability, as well as providing for even more survivability and a high AD output mid to late game. I hope this is good enough for some feedback and some tries. I've begun testing this myself, though not being level 30, it's hard to really tell you guys how the runes help and the full mastery, I just filled those out for anyone level 30 and good with Talon to try those particular runes out and tell me how it goes. So thanks and let's give this a go :)

Warning: There is a lot of typing, as I don't know how to put in icons or anything like that yet. I've just only created an account specifically to put this up. So I hope it does me some justice. I will try and make it easier to read, however. So just bare with me and please understand what I'm talking about. Thanks!

Pics of build so far (first image is only a bot game, so yeah, it's going to be meh, but it still works! :P):

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Pros / Cons

-Talon has a great harassment for early game play
-When you get all of your abilities, you can make quick and easy ganks depending on your target.
-Amazing AD burst damage mid to late game

-Talon is incredibly squishy, so survivability is cut starting early game
-Talon can be quite difficult to play without a bit of practice
-Getting CC'd A LOT when playing human players who know what Talon can do

There are more pro's and con's to Talon, I just want to point out the ones that are obvious enough for someone who just started playing as him to understand. Also, I'm trying to put this up as soon as possible :P

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As I said in my introduction, I haven't tested this out in gameplay as I am not level 30, so yes, I know "Mehhh, you aren't 30, you shouldn't be posting a guide", well I am and if people have talon and are looking for a starting point, then they can give this a whirl, but it's really up to you.

I chose Armor Pen, CD Reduc, and even Armor runes.

-Armor Pen-
Armor Pen for Talon is pretty sweet, in any position really. With armor pen runes, you have a pretty good start for being able to gank whomever you would like when you're ready to, especially harder to kill champs, like a tanky Taric, or Alistar. Point is, Armor Pen is good for most situations as Talon.

-CD Reduc-
Talon's CD times are ridiculous in the fact that he's an assassin and should be able to quickly burn down his opponents, however, his CD's take a bit of time, so you could burn down an enemy to about 30 hp and the only attack standing between you and a kill is either Rake or Cutthroat, but they're both on CD. Then you're upset, so there shouldn't be much of an explanation for having CD reducs, however if you feel like there is something better suited in this place, then put that in :) whatever suits the user best is usually the best.

The hardest part about starting out as Talon is being so squishy. So, do as you like, but I think having a bit of armor at the start of matches is always going to help your survival early game and thus, give you better farming and ganking opportunities later on. Also, more gold! :)

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I don't know how to do the whole buy order thing, so I'm going to update this as soon as possible, so for now, I'm going to explain a short sketch.

The way i have this build set-up is meant to provide you with some survivability because Talon gets beatdown in just a few seconds if someone just happens to stun you, which sucks. Usually, if you have already popped your Ulti and Flash and can't get away, you're usually dead, but sometimes you get the upper hand, which is why having movement speed is nice, hence my explanation of boot choices!

Boots are important to every character. I've been told Mercury Treads are the best boots in the game and I can understand that completely, because having Tenacity is fantastic, especially for a character like Talon who gets CC'd and focused a good majority of the time.

I choose either Boots of Swiftness, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the Cooldown Reduction. Both of these boots are very good. BoS gives you the upperhand in a chase scenario whether you're doing the ganking or escaping from a gank or just running around from tower to tower, these boots are amazing. IBoL provide you with the CD reduction that helps Talon in any situation. These boots are always acceptable with talon because there isn't much of a drawback to buying them :D

-Infinity Edge-
I choose to rush (as best as I can) Infinity Edge as early as possible, specifically for the crit damage and AD that you can get early on, not just from Infinity Edge, but from B.F. Sword too, which I call for as your first important item. Having B.F. Sword early helps you deal a lot of damage when you harass with Rake. And even better when you get to Infinity Edge.

-Trinity Force-
I chose to put Trinity Force in here instead of Frozen Mallet because I've been all over the top 5 Talon guides and used them all, with Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet and every time I get someone saying Frozen Mallet is the **** and should always be used, and then I get the other side that says "USE TRINITY FORCE, Frozen Mallet sucks!". But really, it's whatever you want, I like trinity force because you get the proc, which happens VERY often when using Talon, so you can crit incredible hits with Noxian Diplomacy (one of my very favorite moves :D), however, I don't necessarily dislike Frozen Mallet, I just find Trinity Force better for me :)

Okay, so I'm going to admit, I did this on a whim in one game, but I absolutely love this item. The way I see it, when I was playing Annie and getting Mejai's to stack for AP, I tried harder for kills and ganks and assists all the same, just to get those stacks. Well, the only item that you have to strive for that in some builds for Talon is Bloodthirster, but you can kill other monsters and still get those stacks, so it just takes more time to get back into a team fight or to gank an opportunity. But we'll talk about my taking out Bloodthirster in a second. I choose Leviathan as my survivability item, as opposed to Thornmail(which would be good in this case too, if not even better). The way I see it is, Leviathan takes VERY little to make, especially if you just get a Ruby Crystal just to have that extra health and then decide to use it for Phage or Leviathan or what have you. Anyways, it helps because you get stacks per kill or assist (Exactly like Mejai's 20 stacks and you get an even better bonus) and for this, once you get 20 stacks your damage taken is decreased by 15%, which is incredibly helpful when playing a Champion who gets focused a majority of the time. This is just a jump in a build that I've been experimenting with, so I'm not saying it's the best, but for what I have, it's pretty good.

-Atma's Impaler-
Point is, I love this item. Another point, if you're doing REALLY well and have a good team that you can easily get assists or kills with, then you want to get this almost immediately, if not at the same time as Leviathan. Why? Well, because Atma's increases your AD by percentiles of your health, silly. And if you have 20 stacks on Leviathan, well that just means you've got quite a bit of health, which increases your AD. So what's better than having two items that not only increases your health every time you gank someone (a.k.a playing talon the way he's meant to be played), but also increases the AD you have, making you stronger every time you gank someone or help in a team fight. I don't think this combo can do any wrong, however, there may be better options. It's just better to weigh out what you feel like buying and how well you farm, and if you think you want to do this. I can say, I see no flaw it in, but that's just me.

-Last Whisper-
I feel like I'm all about Armor Pen, however I don't know any Armor Pen caps or anything, or even if there is one. I just feel like the more armor pen, the better. However, if you feel like having this is a killjoy to your AD or the armor pen isn't worth it, you CAN always go with Bloodthirster! Bloodthirster is such a great item, I don't put it in this build right now because I've been focusing on Armor Pen and the best way to achieve the most amount of the right things. So it could work either way. In any case, this is just in place so that everyone can see what I've chosen and for what reasons. Make your own decisions based on your play style, not me :P

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I do assume that anyone reading this guide, knows what I'm talking about, mainly because they know what a guide is. Like I said, it's my first time making a guide or doing anything like this, so I hope it helps anyone who thinks it's a good idea. I do have a friend who is 30 and willing to try this guide out. Just on paper it sounds like an amazing idea.

In the end, it's really up to you with what items, runes, masteries and what have you that you want, rather than what I've put down on here. Just consider this for a moment and try it out. Couldn't hurt :)

And, thanks for the feedback, if there is any :)