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Talon Build Guide by willisverynice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author willisverynice

Talon: Taking in Dominion

willisverynice Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro and General Dominion

This is the first guide I have made of any sort! PLEASE make suggestions as to improvements of any kind.

For an excellent guide on general dominion roles and play please read:
(Note: I did not create this general dominion guide! all credit goes to Zemiazas, who is awesome)

I play Talon primarily as a "Taker", which is a word you would know if you have read the guide linked above.

Secondarily, if there is no better "Capturer" on the team, then I will play Talon as a capturer, as he fills that role moderately well.

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Desolation marks and quints since they make your skills pwn

Evasion seals due to the symbiosis with the nimbleness talent.

Focus glyphs since you spend half of fights waiting on your 4 cds

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Offense for damage, self explanatory, minion damage is not taken due to the relative importance of minions in Dominion.

I take defensive over support since I find the first 11 points in support fairly useless in Dominion (you get tons of xp and you spend virtually no time dead in Dominion)

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Skill Sequence

Always get ultimate ASAP, the cd reduction on it alone makes it worth it

2 ranks of Noxian Diplomacy at start, since this skill represents most of our attack damage, we want it to be strong early on. Takes about 1/4 - 1/5 of an enemies health at the beginning of the game. Getting rank 2 Rake doesn't nearly achieve this much damage.

1 rank of Cutthroat early for combat mobility

Otherwise its Shadow ***ualt > Rake > Noxian Diplomacy > Cutthroat

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Summoner Spells

Garrison is an extremely useful skill. Between this skill and your burst damage, you can take out any non tanking character guarding a CP alone. You can also defend 1v3 on a point for long enough for someone else on your team to get there. I have many times even killed all 3 attacking champions by myself due to this skill. Also, half the time the opponents don't even realize it was cast, causing them to act like (and be) noobs.

Flash is just amazing in every way in Dominion as it was in Classic, and needs no explanation by me.

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Taker Talon

Playing Talon as a "Taker" is the majority of my games with him. Talons high burst DPS makes him ideal for this role.

As Taker Talon I initially take bot alone, as Talon is fairly good at protecting against captures against multiple heros, due to blink, rake and his ultimate, so the rest of your team can deal with Windmill without worrying about losing bottom.

What I do immediately after capping is run directly for the lower speed shrine. Once I get there I do one of two things depending on how many enemy champs are pushing bottom.

If there are two (or three, if they are really bad) champions pushing bottom, then I simply run back and defend my capture point, leaving our top with the 4-3 (or 4-2) advantage.

If there is one champion pushing bot I run directly from the speed shrine to their bottom capture point, and start capping it, I can usually get it to 30% (60% neutralized) before the enemy is in range of my cutthroat, which I then use on them, followed by a rake before escaping back toward my CP. They will usually chase a bit then return to pushing, so I then return to the speed shrine then back to their CP to finish the neutralizing.

If there is one champion guarding his CP very closely, I simply push the minions to their point, use garrison and dive them.

For the rest of the game, I essentially follow the Taker role as outlined in the general dominion guide linked above.

To summarize, Taker is a role that multiple champions on your team must take, preferably three of them, they make up the main capturing force of the team. Your priorities for capturing go as following, assuming you have just spawned:

1) Taking the 2 points closest to your base
2) Taking the quest point (or defending yours if required)
3) Taking top
4) If you have top as well as your two usual points, don't make the mistake of greedily running onto the opponents side to 4 or 5 cap, leave your capper to do that and stay and guard the points. Almost every time you get a 5 cap, the enemy team ends up killing your whole team and then gaining the 3-2 advantage, and if they are smart, keeping it instead of bum rushing the base.

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Initial Items for Taker Talon

Start with basic Boots and Prospectors Blade to give you a little bit of most everything you need, hp, dmg, and movespeed.

Brutalizer for more dmg and cd reduc (ie more dmg).

Boots of Lucidity for more cd reduc (more dmg).

Even though all of Sheens stats are **** for Talon, the +dmg on next attack after casting is amazing. Since Talon is not an auto attacker, you spend lots of time running around during a fight trying no to die while you wait for your cooldowns. With Sheen you can space all your skills with an attack in between, dealing significantly more damage per second that otherwise, while leaving you with lower cooldowns ones you have used all your skills.

BF Sword is so awesome on Talon.

Upgrade to Youmuu's Ghostblade for the movespeed active buff and additional needed stats.

Zeal for more movespeed.

Trinity Force for general awesomeness that shouldn't need explaination.

Finish Infinity, getting Pickaxe first (since crit doesn't affect skills)

This leaves you with 2 items left (after you sell Prospectors), which depend on the state of the game and the champions which are opposing you. They are discussed in the Final Items section.

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Capturer Talon

If no one on your team is capturer you should probably pick one yourself. The capturer role (as you should know) is best filled by a hero that has a movement speed increasing skill, such as Yi, Rammus, Janna, Eve or Zilean, to name a few.

If you REALLY want to play Talon and no one else picks a capturer, or your capturer turns out to be a noob and doesn't fill his role, than Talon can fill the role moderately well, and better than most heros.

Talon is a reasonable capturer since he his ultimate, in most cases, can ensure he gets away when someone comes to disrupt your ninja, and since it also increases your MS, it helps you get to the next point to ninja earlier. Rake also helps escape by slowing those chasing you.

The Capturer, to summarize, has really only one job, in two steps

1) Neutralize the point that is farthest from all visible enemies, cap if no one comes to defend it
2) Run away from the champion who comes to defend that point, run to another point with no one at it, and cap that
3) Rinse
4) Repeat

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Initial Items as Capturer Talon

You will be very weak initially due to having only boots of mobility and capture speed increase amulet... DO NOT FIGHT ANYONE, just drain undefended points then run when someone comes, rinse, and repeat. Eventually you will have some fighting power but you should still concentrate on capturing points.

I will not explain all the item choices since they are basically the only 6 choices for maximizing move speed, escape, and capturing, which is what a capturer does.

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Final Items

Who is proving to be the most annoying? ----> What item you should get

Stealth Enemies ----> The Lightbringer

AP Enemies ----> Odyn's Veil (sometimes I even get this with no AP on other team just for the extra burst)

High Armor ----> Last Whisper

AD Enemies ----> Thornmail

If only one of these items is necessary, finish off with a Sanguine Blade.