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Talon Build Guide by finalnova

Talon, The Assassin's Blade

Talon, The Assassin's Blade

Updated on October 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author finalnova Build Guide By finalnova 2,406 Views 2 Comments
2,406 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author finalnova Talon Build Guide By finalnova Updated on October 4, 2011
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This is my first guide, sorry if I am doing something wrong ><.

Talon is a very bursty AD based champion. He is great to gank with his stealthy ultimate, Shadow Assault, or he can run away just as easily with it. He has the ability for you to reveal your targets if they get away from you for some reason or another so you know where to go. If you can get first blood, then you are fairly hard to be beaten with. If you don't get first blood, its still somewhat easy to pull ahead, assuming you play smart.

To succeed with Talon, you have to know who to stay away from as the game develops. Tanks are usually a no-go unless they are down to 1/4 health or even 1/3 health. They will survive to long otherwise. Anything with Thornmail you also want to avoid. If you are going ganking, go after people that are either easy to kill from full health or go after people you can jump on and hit Noxian Diplomacy and be on your way.

Talon benefits so much more from Lizard Buff then Golem Buff. Mainly because of the slow associated with Lizard. Golem is nice as it drops your ultimate cooldown a good bit, but that slow lets you benefit from Mercy and it does additional damage as well. So it makes it far more superior. You should be able to get it around level 10-11.

Talon can solo lane, but I find it harder to solo in middle. I normally take top lane regardless and I can solo just fine with a jungler in the jungle. You just need to hug the turret and harass with Rake *a lot*.
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The runes are still a work in progress and I may be taking out the Greater Glyph of Might for Glyph of Alacrity or vice-versa.

Greater Mark of Malice
I run these because its crit. Who doesn't like crit on a pure AD character? You get a 8.4% higher crit chance at level 1 with them. I believe you have a 10% chance to crit at level 1, I may be wrong though.

Greater Seal of Strength
These are pure AD seals. With these you get +3.8 attack damage. You hit harder at level 1 then the average champion, which is always a good thing.

Glyphs of xxxx
I am running Glyph of Alacrity for the Attack Speed, and Glyph of Might. Glyph of Might for AD (+2.9 at 18) and Glyph of Alacrity gives me 3.2% attack speed at level 1. Not sure on the numbers.

Greater Quintessence of Alacrity
See Glyph of Alacrity above, more attack speed. 10.6% more attacks overall in fact.
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I went for pure damage on my skill set. Just getting the 21 in Offense spells to get that extra 4% damage, then over to Utility. I picked up the quicker time to be resurrected with 1 point into health/mana regeneration then the 4 points into more experience, then the last point for that extra 1 gold every 10 seconds.
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Skill Sequence/Level Progression

When engaging at level 18, depends on who your target is, you want to hit Shadow Assault to get closer, activate Noxian Diplomacy and jump on top of your target with Cutthroat. Hit your target to get the DoT on them then do Rake. This slows them for you to hit them and you get your 10% increased damage. Keep hitting your Noxian Diplomacy and Rake as much as you can.

When you need to get away, use Rake. Save your Flash for if it's really bad and you are about to get ganked or jump over a wall. Shadow Assault is also very useful because it stealths you and increases your movement and damages everything in your path, so you might make some free gold or help get a kill.

For level progression I do the follewing:

I would max out Rake first. Its your main Area of effect and its only in a cone. Your blades hit the furthest edge of it but it only does the initial damage. Everything else is hit TWICE. Yes, twice. Once on the way out and once on the way back. It also gains 60% of your Attack Damage. It also slows your target which makes you able to get your passive, Mercy, which is another 10% of your damage on CC'd targets. CCs being Slowed, Silenced, Stunned, Suppressed and so on.

When you get to the point where you can't do Rake anymore, I would put one point into Noxian Diplomacy and one into Cutthroat. This allows you some ganking ability prior to your ultimate.

Noxian Diplomacy initially hits for its base damage and another 30% of your attack damage. Then it applies a DoT for its base damage and another 20% of your attack damage. It also reveals the target to your team, which is always nifty. This skill also works against turrets as well, it just will NOT apply the DoT effect on the tower, just the initial damage.

Cutthroat works like Katarina's Shunpo in a way. You jump on top of your opponent silencing them, thus able to get Mercy, plus a percentage of extra damage onto the target. So at level 18, you are maxing around 25% extra damage when hitting with Noxian Diplomacy which is in the area of 331 damage with another DoT of 81 damage per second over 6 seconds. If you crit then its 828 + 81 damage per second over 6 seconds, assuming Infinity Edge. This is assuming 330 attack damage using the build above and the rune set above.

Shadow Assault is an awesome closer/escape skill and on a very short cooldown of around 45 seconds at level 18. For 2.5 seconds you are stealthed while a ring of blades is launched outwards hitting everything for base damage + 90% of your attack damage. Each blade can do around 550 damage. So it can be a killer and if all of them hit your target.. It can hurt a bit. but I only get about half if that to hit my target.
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When I go into a game, the first thing I buy is Doran's Blade. This gives me health, lifesteal and attack damage. Not much lifesteal, but every little bit counts at first. After getting a kill or 2, I go back for Long Sword to prep into Madred's Razors. I skip the cloth armor and combine into the Razors. I thing form into Wriggle's Lantern after that, skipping Vampiric Blade. Lifesteal, some attack damage and more lifesteal is nothing bad. Its also a free ward.

I start building my boots after Lantern, Mobility Boots. I buy the boots first or if you are doing really well, then I just buy the mobility boots for the 1000 gold. This gives me speed to move from place to place for quick ganks. The downside of going to Movement speed 2 (about 395 movement) doesn't matter much, because you are ganking or running.

I then buy Best Friends Sword (BF Sword) for the AD followed by the Pickaxe. I then skip the cloak and go straight into Infinity Edge. This gives me 80 Attack Damage and 25% crit chance, as well as another 50% crit amount.

Usually I go into Phantom dancer, but buying Zeal first. I go Zeal then straight into Phantom Dancer, skipping the cloak and Short Sword in the process. The Movement speed (putting you at 492), Crit and Attack Speed is not bad.

I get Best Friends Sword and then straight into Black Cleaver for the Attack speed, putting you around 1.660 attack speed. This is where the attacks start hurting alot more.

At this point, if the game is not over or not near ending, I go into another Bloodthirster or if you fancy Attack speed, I go to another Black Cleaver or Phantom Dancer.
League of Legends Build Guide Author finalnova
finalnova Talon Guide
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Talon, The Assassin's Blade

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