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Talon Build Guide by llcemetery

Talon - The Assassin's Creed

Talon - The Assassin's Creed

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author llcemetery Build Guide By llcemetery 21,751 Views 11 Comments
21,751 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author llcemetery Talon Build Guide By llcemetery Updated on August 25, 2011
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My first attempt at a guide for Talon. Talon is a melee assassin who can deal some pretty good damage while also taking his fair share as well. Besides looking exactly like Altair from Assassin's Creed, I found him to be a fun champion to play. His combinations do sick damage in later levels although his early laning phase is a bit tougher. His ultimate is pretty powerful and has a relatively low cooldown reduction. Your job as an assassin is to try and take down the enemy carry.

The most important thing I've found about Talon is his passive, which does 10% extra damage to slowed, stunned, silenced, etc. enemy champions. This is why items such as Frozen Mallet are extremely important for Talon as well as getting red buff as often as you can.

Hope this build helps!
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Masteries & Runes

I go 21/0/9 which is pretty obvious for a melee assassin. I took a point in Greed but I found it useful to also put a point in Utility Mastery. It all depends on what you prefer, although I prefer the extra gold since I'm not the greatest last-hitter ever. Putting 21 in the offensive mastery tree will give you that extra oomph to finish people with your combinations, especially in the laning phase.

For his rune page I go a little defensive so I have a little survivability in the laning phase. Also some armor penetration for some late game action.
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For items I start with a Doran's Blade. It will help sustain you in lane while providing some damage so you can try to get first blood. Doran's Shield is also a good item but I prefer Doran's Blade for the extra damage.

Next I go for Mercury's Treads for some magic resist and tenacity. Berserker's Greaves is also an option here for the extra attack speed.

Next I build a Ghostblade starting with Avarice Blade. If you're having trouble farming get Avarice Blade first. Always make sure to remember to activate your Ghostblade while ganking, running away from a gank, or possibly even when taking down a tower with the extra attack speed boost. These will help greatly since Talon doesn't have the best escape mechanism.

Then I pick up a Vampiric Sceptar which I will later build into The Bloodthirster. This is a great item after getting Ghostblade and will help keep you in 1v1 fights longer.

Next build Frozen Mallet which will give you health, attack damage, and the all important slow which puts your passive into effect. This is probably the most important item for Talon to have as his passive does 10% extra damage to enemy champions that are stunned, slowed, silenced, etc. This will be a life-saver while chasing and will also do some sick damage. I can't stress how important it is to buy this item.

Then I finish The Bloodthirster. The damage and life steal will make you incredibly hard to bring down in a 1v1.

Now Last Whisper for the damage and armor penetration. Black Cleaver is also an option here but I prefer Last Whipsper for the extra damage and armor penetration since many people will stack armor against you.

Sell Doran's Blade for your last item. You can even sell it earlier if you'd like.

Finally I end it all with Quicksilver Sache. This last item is what I usually use for a defensive item. According to the team you're facing you could also grab a Thornmail. It all depends on who you're playing but I've found Quicksilver to be a pretty good all around item. If you don't feel like you're in any danger, Infinity Edge is another good option here for the armor penetration. Banshee's Veil is also a viable option here for some Magic Resist and the shield.
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Summoner Spells

I always go with Flash since Talon's only reliable form of escape is his ultimate. Ghost is also an option here if you're comfortable with it but I find Flash to always be the more reliable escape mechanism. You won't need Ghost for chasing since you'll have Exhaust and Frozen Heart to slow for you.

Then I'll usually take Exhaust, or if you prefer Ignite that works as well. I would go with Exhaust since once you have Frozen Mallet, the slows from both will almost guarantee a kill. Try to always Exhaust the enemy Carry during a team fight and finish them off.
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Unique Skills

During team fights try to target the other teams squishies. Lead in with E, auto-attack and then use Q immediately after since it restarts your attack timer. Then use your W in whichever direction your target runs away to. If that's not enough, pop your ultimate and make sure they're near you when your blades return.

Your ultimate is also useful as an escape mechanism if you happen to get targeted in a team fight. It stealths you and if anyone chases your blades will return right through them. This is useful if the chaser is low on health as well. I would only use this as a worst case scenario move though, since you want to maximize the usage of your ultimate to actually kill enemy champions.
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I find your best farming tool to be W. Try to always last hit minions in lane obviously. Your ultimate can also be used to farm big waves if you're desperate for gold fast. It's smart to go for red buff as often as you can, especially before you get your Frozen Mallet since the slow from the red buff will also activate your passive. Have your jungler gift it to you as often as possible if you can.
League of Legends Build Guide Author llcemetery
llcemetery Talon Guide
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Talon - The Assassin's Creed

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