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Talon Build Guide by Constant Zero

Assassin Talon: The King Of Mid Lane

Assassin Talon: The King Of Mid Lane

Updated on December 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Constant Zero Build Guide By Constant Zero 2,956 Views 0 Comments
2,956 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Constant Zero Talon Build Guide By Constant Zero Updated on December 1, 2012
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Hey guys, im a level 30 and i am pretty noob compared to you guys i bet. i`ve only been playing for about 4 months. My summoner name is constantzero and im level 30 i have never played ranked and this is my first guide so please enjoy.

Talon is a great champion to play due to his high burst potential and also the ability to jump out of a lot of sticky situations.His combo can deal massive damage to people that have little armor.Talon is a viable champion in any lane(I`m not sure about jungle never tried it)he is mostly seen in the top lane but this guide will be about Talon in the middle lane.He can easily be shut down however, he tends to fall off in the mid to late game and has a strong early game due to the fact that most ap mids think they would be up against aps so they get magic resit.Talon can easy be focused down in team fights if they have a blitz or an alistar who can chain a lot of cc, so you have to know when to jump into the team fight, if you jump in to early you will easly get focus so its best to jump in when they have used all of their abilities on the tank and then burst down their ap or ad carries.

-Skill detail and allocation
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Pros / Cons

-High burst potential
-Strong early game
-Good running away tools
-Can be shut down and focused
-Falls off late game
-Mana hungry when spamming
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I use 21/9/0 masteries so i can have the early game dominance so that i can get early kills.Talon has to get the advantage early otherwise he can`t snow ball and will easily get shut down by the ap carry.
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Marks-Flat AD-Makes it easier to last hit with.
Seals-Flat Armor-Even if you are mid lane most of the junglers are Ad and also take note that minions can actaully do some serious damage when you finish your burst.
Glyphs-Magic Resist Per Level-Magic resist per leveled will help battle with your mid laner because all most all of them deal magic damage.
Quintessences-Flat AD-This is just for the increased damage in your burst but you can substitute these for movement speed Quintessences.
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Skill Sequence

I max my W by level 9, rake is talon`s highest damaging ability and also gives a huge slow which also interacts with his passive Mercy.(Mercy deals 10% more damage to enemies who are slowed, stunned, suppressed and immobilized)After maxing his W I rank up my Q this is his other main damage source other than his ulti which i will get into detail with later, his q deals tons of damage(hehe see what i did there .tons of damage.) and also inflicts a bleed on his enemy and also reveals then for a short duration.This deals a lot of damage if you use your main combo which is W then you E into a basic attack and instantly hit Q to reset your auto attack timer and then ulti and ignite.After my Q i max my R third, his ulti is not only a offensive ability but can also be used to escape sticky situations due to the stealth and movement speed it gives you.Your ulti can do a huge amount of damage and can also be used to catch up to running champions.Finally i max my E which is a blink that blinks onto an enemy target and increases your damage output to the target and also silences them for a short duration.
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Talon is a great champion to farm with, the best way to farm is to wait for your minions to attack them a bit and then shoot out your W this way you can farm up all the creeps and also you can harras your lane opponent while doing this for some early damage to the enemy champion.
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My first items are like any other champion is boots and three pots, then after you have some gold you what to quickly buy brutalizer and maybe a few more pots and a ward for just for good measures. I quickly then proceed to buy my phage, these two items give you a lot of early game dominance with the health and slow proc from phage and the armor pen and the attack damage from brutalizer can deal some heavy damage to the ap mid. I want to finish my boots i tend to either buy merc treds or ninja tabi, i see some people buy beserker grieves but that is not what talon needs, talon does not jump into a team fight and just auto attack everyone he is supposed to wait until the teamfight has started and focus down their squishies. He is an assassin for a reason not a right cilck to win champion.Anyway.... after the phage you what to get your boots as I said and also try to buy a vampric scepter for the added life steal and which also builds into your first main item the BLOOD THIRSTER. The blood thirster is a great item for him because all of his abilites do scale on attack damage and blood thirster with full stacks has the most attack damage in the game excluding sword of the occult. Now the next item i buy is frozen mallet. This is a great item because it ALWAYS procs the slow effect which gets your passive Mercy to work and the extra health dosen`t hurt. Somepeople buy trinity force if you prefer trinity force you can get it but you really dont need the zeal part of it and what will shut you down is that little bit of damage so i tend to get Frozen mallet....this is just personal preference. Now then to our second last item will either be frozen heart or either guardian angle or randiuns omen. Any one of them is fine but frozen heart i think is the most useful because of the passive which decreases enemy attack speed by 20% this is the main reason beacuse your task as an assassin is to take down their ad carry and the debuff will help extremely well with that and also the beneficial armor and the also the cooldown because talon is a like an ad caster he relays on his abilities all the time. Now after the defense item i like to finish off my youmuu`s ghostblade and then my final item will be Maw of Malmortius this is item will be useful in team fights because you will be focused down early and the shield will help that from happening and also the magic resist will be helpful against ap caster and the huge ad boost will increase Talon`s overall damage.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Constant Zero
Constant Zero Talon Guide
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Talon: The King Of Mid Lane

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