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Talon Build Guide by Wicked Wolf

Talon the Life Drinker

Talon the Life Drinker

Updated on February 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wicked Wolf Build Guide By Wicked Wolf 2,714 Views 0 Comments
2,714 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wicked Wolf Talon Build Guide By Wicked Wolf Updated on February 11, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Talon
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Introduction to Talon's Build

OK so when i came up with this build I had been just screwing around. You may not like it as much as I do but i really do not care. The best thing to do when using this build is simple play smart, don't feed the enemy, and if you know one or more of the enemy team is missing in action be smart turret hug while still staying close enough to the minions to get the exp to level up. Also the smart thing to do is concentrate on the screen, keep one eye on your battle and the other eye on the mini-map. PLAY SMART, DO NOT GET GREEDY WITH KILLS, your teammates need to get kills as well. I promise you if you play with this build and play right you can 4 hit a gangplank from 2500 health down to zero and still live.
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Runes to Talon's Build

Truthfully one of my friends gave me the suggestion about my rune build because it was originally the build i had for Pantheon. The problem is you may not work well with my build choices but that is alright because you can always make your own build of runes. The choices of runes is as such 9 greater marks of desolation and 3 quintessences of desolation for armor penetration to help you get through the enemy's armor. Second if you play like i do you will use a lot of mana so it is best to get 9 greater seals of clarity to have a great mana regeneration stat and have a better chance of being able to use your abilities a lot more instead of porting back to base to refill or buying a mana potion. Last, since you are using your abilities a lot more with having mana a lot longer, you are going to want the cool down of your abilities to take less time. In which case go for 9 glyphs of celerity, sure you aren't going to get much of a cool down reduction at low levels but they do help greatly when the game goes on longer than you want.
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Masteries to Talon's Build

My masteries are my choice because i like to try to get a lot of damage dealt out to at least knock the enemy down far enough so that if they kill me one of my teammates can kill the enemy. As long as you are playing with competent players. If you so choose to switch up your masteries a little bit by all means go right ahead make this build guide your own don't just try and copy my build because you and I do not have the same mind.
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Items to Talon's Build

Let's see the in game items I chose...First, start off with something that will up your health I choose the first recommended item Doran's Blade.
Second, get your movement speed up a little because trust me if the enemy has boots and has ghost or flash you will need the boots. My choice is Berseker Greaves because I think it is good to have movement speed as well as upgrading your attack speed a little bit.
Third, Talon is a damage per second class of champion so the better chance you have of critical hitting the enemy the quicker the enemy will die. Now, remember the enemy may have some help coming so it doesn't hurt to steal some of the enemy's life to give it back to you; the harder you hit the more health you gain back. Executioner's Calling is really good for that.
Fourth, now that you are doing better at hitting a little harder and gaining some life back it is time to go for your possible cannon damage. You are still going to need that life steal while you look so go for the Bloodthirster you will get the damage power you want and you will help your life steal upgrade.
Fifth, You have damage and are doing pretty good with staying alive so now you need to get a little more critical chance damage and it would be smart to get a bit of a cool down reduction on your abilities. Youmuu's Ghostblade has all of that and it even has +20 armor penetration so it guarantees that you will hit a little harder.
Last, if you have lived through almost everything so far and you have the bloodthirster maxed out stat gains just think, I'm pretty much owning everybody one vs one right now so i guess i can have a little fun. you still need to think of staying alive so best thing to go for is something with more life stealing power. I chose the Infinity Edge you may want to hit even harder and gain more life stealing ability in which case you might decide to grab another executioner's calling, and i say hey go for it just stay alive to keep your stacks with the bloodthirster. When you have the bloodthirster maxed out and you have all the items shown you will get like 63% life steal which is freaking awesome. After you have gotten all the items just have fun killing the enemy heck you may even want to switch out Doran's blade with Trinity Force for some extra health and attack speed, go for it hell upgrade your life steal power even more switch the emblem of valor out with the hextech gunblade if you want.
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Summary to Talon's Build

I have not yet tried this build inside a ranked game so don't do it yourself if you care about you ranking don't try it out for the first time in a ranked game! if you want to give it a shot go for battling artificial intelligence first

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