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Talon Build Guide by Rysterxd

Talon the mega assasin

By Rysterxd | Updated on September 27, 2012

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Talon the mega assasin

Let me first say thank you for looking at my guide.

Im not gonna go in depth on why i choose the runes and the items. They work really well and it can cause u to get 1k damage when you use your W, to slow then use your q to add additional damage on to that. Also adding your passive that you deal bonus damage when your targets slowed, then damage is never ending.

I recommened staring with boots and hp pots because ur kind of slow at base movement speed so its always good to get tht additional speed. Next you shuld get two long swords, this is so can start building the brutleizer and for additional attack damage. You shuld then save up enough for when the nest time you go back you can buy breserker greves and a brutleizer. After which you start building the trinity force but dont get finish getting it till after u get a blood thirster. After u have a blood thirster and a Trinity force start building the Infinity edge. This is a great item on talon and its a need to buy, without it and the trinity force you will not be that useful. After you get that finish up with a yoummu's ghost blade. This item is great, for chases and escapes, it grants u extra movement speed and some armor and damage i believe, but you have to remember to activate it!

Now your skill sequence should be R>W>Q>E. Your E is not that useful so i just recommend getting it around level 5 or so, but not putting another point into it until you absoltly have to.

Now with talon you cannot get greedy. Your main role is to jump in **** some **** up then get the hell out. If you stay in you will die! You can easily 1v1 or sometimes 2v1, but like i said dont get greedy.

Now summenor spells. I recomend flash and ignite, but exaust works very well in replace for ignite.

Farming is a not a huge thing for talon but its still imporant. Just got some creeps here and there, for farm your goal should be around 230-250 by the end of the game, any more then that is completly unnessasary unless you are really under feed. If ur having trouble farming dont be afraid to use your W, its a really good tool to take out some creep waves, BUT DONT SPAM IT WHEN YOU FARM AT EARLY LEVELS YOU WILL RUN OUT OF MANA VERY FAST!!!!

Thats about it for Talon, please message me and leave some feed back, also do not hate on me this is my first guide.

Hope you guys enjoyed!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rysterxd
Rysterxd Talon Guide

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