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Talon General Guide by Fsx2b

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fsx2b

Talon - The Noxian Assassin

Fsx2b Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Talon is an assassin hero, he does crazy burst damage and is able to get in and get out fast.

Talon is easy to kill people with, but being able to get a kill and get out unharmed will be the key difference between the bad Talons and the good Talons.

You will see a lot of Talons end up with 5/5 or a lot of Deaths. But I will try my best to help you become a pro assassin who can get away with your kills.

My build is for max burst damage while giving you some protection from CC and a high amount of HP to keep you alive. You are in no way tanky but it is enough Hp to get you in and out safely. Talon is very fun to play and very good assassin for your team. I hope my guide can help you get start on your own build.

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In firt you take a Doran edge, after that you take your berserker and when you have your boot you take your infinity edge and now you can kill your ennemy. After the infinity edge you take a sheen for your Q and finish the trinity force, you take a bloodthirster, a phantom dancer an over phantom dancer (now your are 100% critical chance) you sell your boots and bought a new bloodthirster. now you re the best...

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Summoner spell

FLASH - An amazing spell for Talon. If your on cooldowns you have no away of getting away. Flash is the best skill for Talon because it can get you kills and protect you from being killed.

EXHAUST - Another great spell. This can help you solo someone because it lowers there damage. Also help you keep hitting someone trying to get away. Also good for if they flash after, they will still be slowed enough for you to get in range.

GHOST - This spell is ok on Talon if you need to catch up with someone, But because you have a blink skill already, I find flash more useful.

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Out of lane

After your done laning, you want to be ganking as much as you can. When your not ganking your farming and pushing towers.

It is important to remember that the Goal of the game is the nexus, not kills. I can't tell you how many times i see people let towers fall or not push towers when they can because they think they can get a kill. Lets say you get that kill, lets say it was for 500 gold. But your tower falls. Towers give 150 to each player. So you gave them 750 gold and you gave them more map control. Was it worth it? No

The only time where this can be done tends to be in late game. Lets says they have a tryn who is railing people. He has a kill streak of 13 kills. Is it worth killing him if you die? Yes, could your team can make a come back and push while he is down. But I am just making the point that normally a kill is never worth a death.

Now when going for kills, don't use your ult if you don't need to. Yes its very fun but you will be wasting it if you didn't need the damage. "O well its cooldown is short" So? What if you get ganked after that kill. Your ult has many uses and its best to keep it open for when its needed.

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I will play more, for have the same score of the time when Talon were my main because now i make just bad games and noob scores... I go to make matchs, matchs and matchs and screens my score and put here. Just wait :)

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Champion Abilities

Noxian Diplomacy : Talon viciously stabs his enemy, dealing heavy physical damage and causing them to leave a blood trail that Talon can use to track them.

Rake : Talon fans out three blades in front of him that quickly return to him, dealing damage and slowing any target hit in either direction.

Cutthroat : Talon leaps behind his target and silences them for a short duration, amplifying the damage of any of his follow-up attacks and abilities.

Shadow Assault (Ultimate) : Talon enters stealth for a short duration, gaining a movement speed boost and sending blades that deal damage to all enemies in their path flying in every direction. Once the blades reach a certain distance, they pause and form a circle. When Talon reappears from stealth, the blades return to him, once again dealing damage to any opponent they pass through.

Mercy (Passive): Talon’s auto-attacks deal additional damage to a target that is under the influence of any crowd control effect.

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Look behind You

We’ve seen many skills function similarly to it, but the extra damage offered from Noxian Diplomacy makes him a great poker, especially in combination with his ‘e.’ Since he isn’t tanky, you do have to back off or you’ll take too much creep damage, depending on their positioning. It offers both extra physical damage and 6 seconds of damage over time in the form of bleeding. The blood trail from his ‘q’ is rather interesting, because it allows you to easily figure out which path your escaping enemy took. However, in many situations you won’t find this little perk that handy because the duration isn’t that long, and common escaping techniques still work fine even with the trail. The damage from the skill is still useful though; just don’t rely on the blood trail to contribute much in fights throughout the game.

Rake is generally the most useful early game ability on Talon. With a quick press of your ‘w’ button, you can deal reasonable damage to a creep wave and/or an enemy champion. It makes farming and pushing lanes a breeze, while giving you a source of lane control. It deals damage in a cone, which is comparable to Mordekaiser’s cone based magic damage ability, but the added slow offers the additional effect of allowing you to chase or escape ganks better. After you pop this, his ‘e’ and ‘q’ offers a great follow-up harass that’s difficult to avoid due to being slowed. As an easy to land ranged skillshot, it can also be used to help teammates get away from a losing fight, so be sure to take advantage of it as often as possible.

His most entertaining skill comes in the form of a flash-like “leap,” that allows you to quickly get behind and silence a single target, with a small short duration damage boost. The most obvious use is for breaking the space and getting to easy-to-kill targets or for ganking. Assuming his ‘q’ was already used with your first strike after the leap, ‘w’ is an simple follow-up that allows you to stay on that target longer if you didn’t initiate the harass with it already. Another fun thing to do is use it as an escape. Talon’s ‘e’ works both on creeps and on champions, so delaying your escape and forcing them to enter the bush to finish you allows you a quick jump-start. If there’s no creeps, you’ll be forced to use it on the closest champion to your escape route and hope your ‘w’ slows them enough to get away. This is your main assassination tool, especially in combination with his ultimate.

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Hiding In the Shadow

Talon’s ultimate ‘r’, called Shadow Assault, gives him two useful utilities: stealth and movespeed. The damage is just an added perk since the skill, especially when factoring in his ‘e’, allows you to easily latch onto any champ. It can be used both offensively in team fights and defensively to prevent people from targeting you for its short invisibility duration. The timing is most crucial on this skill; pop it too soon and you’ll lose a lot of potential performance, so be sure save it for situations when you’re generally guaranteed a kill. Only use it defensively if there’s no other escape. However, the cooldown is low enough that you shouldn’t hesitate too much; it will pop back up in no time, especially if you have cooldown reduction.

His passive offers a damage boost on targets that have certain forms of cc on them; slowing is the most notable and commonly used technique that Talon will use. Frozen mallet and trinity force are both obvious item choices, with lizard buff being an earlier game option before you can make a larger purchase like that. It also naturally synergizes with his ‘w.’ Assuming you’re auto-attacking the enemy already, which is a given, it takes no extra effort to take full advantage of the passive.

What all of this adds up to is an enjoyable champion with satisfying, yet easy, combinations to pull off. Talon’s ability to leap to an enemy, along with his invisibility, makes his assassination role a very clear one. Judgment is the biggest key factor when playing him, like can be said of many champions, so don’t expect perfection on your first few rounds since it takes experience to better estimate your damage potential. For the most part, he should be able to compliment many teams well as long as they can endure damage during the initial initation. The ability to finish off escaping low health champions or burst down squishier targets can be very decisive in any battle.

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You can add me on league of legends for informations: Fsx2b


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