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Talon Build Guide by Furious Nutrient

Talon the Super Assassin

Talon the Super Assassin

Updated on August 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furious Nutrient Build Guide By Furious Nutrient 1,335 Views 0 Comments
1,335 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Furious Nutrient Talon Build Guide By Furious Nutrient Updated on August 29, 2011
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My First Guide - Intro

Ok so basically the masteries are set to maximise his early scaling and damage. this build will falter a bit in the late mid game but it will pop back up late game.
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Doran's Blade is always a useful item for that bit of hp and damage,
Grabbing Ionians allows you to keep your speed up as well as maintaining a constant harass.
Sheen helps out with damage on your Q, the tri force helps proc your passive.
Youmuus again for some cooldowns, but also for that bit of crit and damage so you don't fall behind in your autoattack and scaling.
Bloodthirster will mean your ulti should have around +106 scaling on its damage before you farm it up.
Cleaver will help increase damage on your passive as well as your AA.

Mallet will give you that bit of survivability as well as a 10% increase in your damage every hit due to your passive.

Other items are situational though you may want to grab another Bloodthirster.
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Summoner Spells

Flash makes for a good escape with your ultimate, ignite will do bonus damage when your E is active on an opponent. Much like Swain's Torment.
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This build has quite high cooldowns on his runes the very low cooldown on his ulti is beneficial for escapes and split pushing, it is quite easy to juke with talon, as a combo of rake and Cutthroat can set an opponent back a considerable distance from you with the ability to do it quite frequently. The armour penetration is useful in combination with your passive to deal that little bit of extra damage. The Quints help out with early damage scaling.
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Skill Sequence

Getting points in Rake first will allow you to make use of your passive as well as the 60+ damage you get from it at level 1. Getting a point in Cutthroat on level 3 will allow a good harass with E W Q combos. Which will take out a good chunk of their life each time. Maxing Noxian Diplomacy will severely raise your damage output.
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Farming early game is quite easy, using Noxian Diplomacy you can ensure you get last hits on minions as well as rake for farming slightly larger numbers, once sheen is up and running, it becomes quite simple as you can basically one hit minions with Noxian Diplomacy.
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Attack Combo

Ok basically there are two easy ways you can run in and burst someone down. One is open with stealth to catch up, then use Cutthroat, followed by Rake and Noxian Diplomacy.

The second way is more useful for getting them when they are closerby
Open with Cutthroat, Follow up with your ultimate, W and Q

W is better to hit before Q as it applies a slow which will increase your damage.
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Split Push

I find talon to be a useful split pusher for the sake of his juking capabilities. With the sheen proc and his Q you should be able to easily do around 300 damage to a turret each hit, and if someone runs up behind you then Cutthroat to them followed by an ultimate can confuse them, Talon is quite a fast champion once you get ahead you can send back rakes to really slow them down.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Furious Nutrient
Furious Nutrient Talon Guide
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Talon the Super Assassin

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