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Talon Build Guide by napalmdeath

talon the tanky assassin?

talon the tanky assassin?

Updated on September 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author napalmdeath Build Guide By napalmdeath 1,645 Views 0 Comments
1,645 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author napalmdeath Talon Build Guide By napalmdeath Updated on September 2, 2011
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were not going to be best friends or butt buddies if that's what you want so I'm not writing an introduction for myself
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If you had to ask "why the armor pen red?" just uninstall for the love of god.

After multiple talon games armor and dodge runes were useless. Talon just does to much damage they wont have a chance to harm you. Plus with the 3 points in meditation and the yellows you will never be oom. OOM= no kills and that is very bad.

Cooldown blues i feel is the best choice here due to the fact we wont be grabbing any cd reduction, and besides like i said along with armor yellows magic resist blue will be useless for the most part. attack speed blues are garage as talon is not a right clicker you get in and then you get out no questions.
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Your prolly looking at my mastery setup like wtf is that? but i feel that 8/6/16 adds adaptability, and as we in the military say "adaptability is survivability." Cripple is extremely beneficial grabbing extra crit and cool down reduction along the way. Six in defense simply for added early game survivability. the last 16 in utility adds increased experience which is more beneficial then it sounds, meditation to eliminate all mana issues when paired with the yellow regen. dont be that assassin who has to sit back cuz their oom, when your oom your useless! no questions about it. lower flash cool down? you know it! and lastly the 3 in quickness is rediculous, with out boots of swiftness if you take the merc treads your movement speed will be higher then anyone else on the field. being fast is amazing its the best offense its the best defense. get it get out watch them cry.
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Skill Sequence

pretty straight foward except you may notice at level 3 i get my second point into rake due to the simple fact that the damage scaling is rediclous and you can afford to sit back and farm them minions while you wait for 4 to be a aggresive. the rest is straight foward max w-q-e taking your ulti when possible.
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how to play talon

talon is pretty strong in lane; jumping around and dishing massive damage when he wants. so sit back and harass with w as much as you want mana isn't an issue. then when your ready for the kill jump in with your E and and then follow up with q. as they run hit them with rake which does massive dps as is headed one way but then comes back for double. they will be slowed and you should be able to pop off another q to there face. when you get your ult you will ult after jumping on them. With talons ult it is possible to make every blade hit your opponent if they run for the edge and your in front of them, don't be afraid to flash for multiple blade hits to secure that kill

in team fights you sit back and wait for enemies to blow there cool downs and all the cc. thats when you jump onto their squishy ap's and destroy them. the one you focus with e-r-q-w-q will die and then rinse and repeat the e-q-w-q
League of Legends Build Guide Author napalmdeath
napalmdeath Talon Guide
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talon the tanky assassin?

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