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Talon Build Guide by Unorthodox

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unorthodox

Talon – The True Assassins Guide

Unorthodox Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Hi I am unorthodox, a UK League of Legends player. I have found this Talon build @ So all credit must go to milneruk for it. I thought I would add it to mobafire because it is a build I have been using and it works great for me!

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About Talon

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow, is a physical damage assassin who specializes in high-mobility, high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Talon is a powerful but fragile melee character with specialized tools to make him both deadly and evasive. As a result, what Talon lacks in durability and sustain, he dishes out in mobility and power.

Talon’s abilities are as follows;

Cutthroat: An ability that allows Talon to catch his enemies by surprise. Talon leaps behind his target and silences them for a short duration, amplifying the damage of any of his follow up attacks and abilities.

Noxian Diplomacy: Talon viciously stabs his enemy, dealing heavy physical damage and causing them to leave a blood trail that Talon can use to track them.

Rake: Talon fans out three blades in front of him that quickly return to him, dealing damage and slowing any target hit in either direction.

Shadow Assault (Ultimate): Talon enters stealth for a short duration, gaining a movement speed boost and sending blades that deal damage to all enemies in their path flying in every direction. Once the blades reach a certain distance, they pause and form a circle. When Talon reappears from stealth, the blades return to him, once again dealing damage to any opponent they pass through.

Mercy (Passive): Talon’s auto-attacks deal additional damage to a target that is under the influence of any crowd control effect.

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Summoner Spells and Masteries

Flash and ignite are perfect for Talon giving more burst power and mobility

11/0/19, picking up as much cool-down reduction as I can along with critical and Armour penetration in offensive.

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Item Build

Mobility is Talon’s Main asset starting off with a high base movement speed he is built to roam. Being pretty much a melee style caster like Pantheon Cool-down reduction works wonders, to his quick hit and run skill set. I focus on items which improve his burst damage output and movement speed with a little bit of life steal to sustain him in prolonged fights. If needed you can build Blood Thirster before Infinity edge if you are having a tough game.

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Execution of Skills

E > Q > W > R

Talons Ultimate is Tricky to master. I find combining it with Flash works wonders! Upon its use the enemy can pretty much predict your position as being somewhere inside the circle of blades so pot shots may hinder you however with a well-placed flash you can move away or towards the enemy depending on how the fight goes, giving your blades a bigger area of damage when it ends. When closing position yourself just behind your target to get the max damage output With all of the cool down reduction from masteries and runes and ghost blade most of your skills will be ready to go again by the time your ult is over.

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Early Game

You want to harass with your “W” skill “Rake” and try to Zone the enemy lane away from experience range, moving in and out the brush just on the edge near the enemy tower works best turning back now and again to pick up last hits. First time back I pick up Long sword, Boots and a Ward, to get ready to rush Brutalizer having an Early ward is vital for countering enemy ganks. With Talons Amazing burst damage you might be able to get the jump on the Ganker. getting the steal on their jungle buffs = Talowned.

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Mid Game Level 6+

This is your Roam Phase (if your lane is doing well) look for any opportunity to set up a Gank against an out of position laner. Remember to Prioritize Threats to the team, and wait for them to use CC skills before going in. Being an Assassin, taking down annoying carries is a must in team fights. Squishy Champions that have dangerous CC remember “E” “Cutthroat” silences the enemy use it well on champs that channel their ultimate to cut them down to size (Talon Top Tip).

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Late Game Level 12+

Talon being such a good early/mid game champion his damage should start to even out now as others will start having death caps and infinity edges. Now is the perfect time to build Sheen, Combined with your “Q” “Noxian Diplomacy” you will start seeing some insane burst damage even sometimes hitting 1000+ on Squish champs late game. From here on you want to finish your Ghost Blade and focus on Trinity Force.

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End Game Level 16+

By now you should have an Infinity edge/Blood Thirster, Trinity force and Ghost blade. To finish I normally go for either another Blood Thirster/Infinity Edge, Banshees Vail or Starks Fevour. If the team is mainly AP go for Banshees. If your team is quite weak Skarks can give them a good boost to stay in team fights while you mop up the kills, nothing worse than talon being left in the fight on his own. If you have a good tank And a Strong Team then its Blood Thirster all the way.

Now if the game does carry on for longer sell your dorans blade and build a Frozen Mallet and watch them QQ.

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Lane Partners

Talon is most effective when he is with a character that can stun or slow to utilize his Passive Mercy. My favourite combos are:

Team TnT: Talon and Taric.

Team Noxus: Talon and Swain.

I Hope this Guide helps you all in the fields of justice, any questions or ideas feel free to comment below.

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I hope you all can use this guide and I hope it helps you like it has me.

As I said before all credit goes to milneruk.