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Talon Build Guide by jackel

Talon will find you, and kill you

Talon will find you, and kill you

Updated on September 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackel Build Guide By jackel 958 Views 0 Comments
958 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jackel Talon Build Guide By jackel Updated on September 4, 2012
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Build at your own risk, this fits MY play style very well and i prosper because of it. If you tend to derp, this build is way to squishy for you, as a matter of fact, go play Darius or Garen because they are nearly impossible to **** up with lol. At this point you will be wondering if this guide is biased, and the answer is yes, yes it is. If you don't want a biased guide though, make your own build and stop looking up another person's.
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How to play 1v1 top

This is just general because you should be able to figure it out on your own and these are just some tips.

I encourage you to be timid until you understand how your opponent reacts and plays. Then either play passive aggressive, or go balls out. Either way, keep a mana pot on you at all times until you are about level 10 or 11, you WILL need it. The build order is NOT solid. Always start boots+pots, unless you feel the top lane is just too strong, like a ****ing Garen or Pantheon. Then you should buy a cloth armor and pots to adjust. Substitute for merc treads if need be. Always have a ward so you can watch your river since your main damage, Rake, cleans lanes fast and you will likely always be pushed. If you are wrecking faces with 2 BT's go for your third early, and then a trinity force. If you start to fall off, prolong the third BT, and consider getting your GA before your trinity, then the trinity, then the last BT. Use your head, you will be able to figure out what you need. If at any point you are getting ****ed up, make changes to survive, please don't use this build as a concrete play style, one build wont win you every lane.
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How to play 1v2 top

Same rules apply from the 1v1 section. Only difference is that you will have to play VERY passive 9 out of 10 times. And keep Hp & mana pots on you always always always, can't stress that enough. If they push you to turret, and you are oom, expect to die every time. You will need to rely on a good jungler to save your *** until you are fed and can take care of yourself. Play smart, don't make plays that you are sure of, if they get an early kill on you, now you are dealing with a fed 2v1 situation. Goodluck lol...
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How to play 2v1 top

Now if you are duel laning, expect to lose because it's ****ing stupid and you should never duel top with Talon. You will lose CS which is crucial because your build is expensive as ****, and will most like have a opposing jungler babysit top and you will lose. Unless they suck that is.
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How to play 2v2 top

Click buttons because chance are you arn't playing a serious game anyways lol.
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Skill Sequence

Pretty standard, always start with your W, and it depends who you are fighting if you want your Q at level 2 or level 3. Vice versa for your E. Other than that, max your W, then Q, then E.
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Pros / Cons


    Strong as ****|Easily shut down
    Fun|Hard to sustain
    Bursty|Easy to melt
    Highly maneuverable|1v2 situations suck
    Able to make plays|Hard VERY early game
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You must CS. I mean take your normal CS per game, and try to multiply it by x1.5 at least, if not x2. Your build is very expensive and you will fall behind if you prioritize harassing over CSing the entire game. Everyone plays at a different level, so it's hard to give you a set value of CS to have at a certain point in time, but the best way to keep track of if you are behind or not is to look at everyone else's CS in game. Since they are at, or around your level, you want to be out CSing them preferably. ALWAYS try to be ahead in CS compared to your opposing top lane, and if you can, try and lead the room too. Just don't **** over your ADC but stealing all of his farm, he needs it too.
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Team Work

Rule of thumb with your common assassin, you dive in first, you die before you DPS. Let your bulkier allies head in, then come prowling out of a ****ing crack in the wall, flash if u have to, ult behind them, rake them, silence their CC champions and Q their squishies so they bleed and run back behind your wall of allies, then just find good places to DPS without changing ALL of their focus onto you, dance around if you must. Because your health is so low, you have to attack smart, or you will just get focused, CC'd and destroyed before being useful.
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The masteries I set will help you poke and CS without getting beaten to a pulp to bad. HOWEVER I will agree you can also stat 21/0/9 too because this tree will also work.

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