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Talon Build Guide by MainaimKnox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MainaimKnox

Talon, wtf just killed me?! In-Depth-Guide

MainaimKnox Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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WTF? First day of this champ and you sucker dare to make a guide?!
Yeah i do...cause i instantly fell in love with the creepy assasine called Talon.
Hes on of the best or the best champs riot came up with for ages IMO. Hes fun to play and the most important he can make your enemies rage like no other.

Feel free to check my profile, if you are scared im not competent enough, to write this guide.

Always wanted to see what the teeth of a 12-years-old type when they bite into the keyboard, cause he cant ****ing leave his base, since he will be insta raped by you? Then Talon´s your champ!!

You think how can this ****** make a guide about a champ he doesnt even know??
Well first of all im a ****ing pro. 2nd i played lot of ranked games on him right now(kinda freaky) and won most of em. After 9 games my K/D/A was sitting at 8,3/2,3/6,6 with 3 tripples an 9 double kills after first 9 games.(thx goes to soraka and anivia who stole my first penta)

So stfu and leave or share my awesome knowledge bout this even more awesome champ with me

UPDATE: added an armor pen build, seemes he really benefits from it. this is the build i use when im jungling too. since its slightly decreased costs.( Yóu could switch BT for any Def item if needed) Btw i came up with this AWESOME WORDPLAY: i call him PENTALON...muwhwahaha youno pentakill+penetration..just ****ing classis

UPDATE: Jungle section improved

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Well for runes....

As Phreak said: Hes not the strongest laner, but he defenitly will make up for that later in the game. So i tried to come up with some runes that really improve your laning phase. Since you want to get the top lane with him, you´ll be up against some of the strongest champions of the league. Alot of top laners have shield, heals, regen, lifesteal,.... So they could stay on lane forever and harras the **** out of you. You dont have such def things. But you have good offensive spells for sure.

This leaves you 2 ways to go:
Way 1: outharras those bastards. You are good at dealing dmg. So lets take this strength and make it even stronge with getting offensive **** all the way. Honestly: its possible but you may fail against some real strong toplaners with that.

Way 2: get the def you missing from runes/items/masteries. Pretty wise way IMO. It will provide you with good lane staying ability and your spells will still fear your opponents.

For Way 2 id advice:

Reds: Armor Pen, kinda obvious

Yellows: 4 flat mana reg runes + 5 hp/lvl ( you could go with 9 of the hp thingies if you dont want to harras much, or the otherway round. but care SQUISHIENESS INC!!!

Blue: Flat magic res, obvious for a melee aswell

Quints: Hp/reg (flat), how here we go. Thats over 8 hp/5sec just from runes. which makes you able to eat some of the nasty **** they will throw at you and still lasthitting your creeps with a big smile on your face. IF you feel confident bout your opponent(ranked) feel free to switch to armorpen quints.7

Of course you can come up with your own choices. But thats how it works for me.

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Again 2 Ways to go for me
Way 1: 21/0/9 taking improved exhaust, attackspeed,armor pen, dmg, crit dmg for sure.
this would be the masteries for my first build. which you want to chose when you already got a tanky jungler or if you are confident that you wont be the main target.

Way 2: 0/21/9 or 1/21/8(improved exhaust)
this would be the setup if your team needs some more beef or if your scared of your toplane opponent and want to be save while lasthitting ( i DARE you!! DONT YOU ****ING SCARE!!)
Nah, srsly its good against tough toplanes.

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Well ima keep this 2 way ****...

Way 1: mostly for those 21/0/9 games

start with DORANS SHIELD, or again if its an easy lane get the blade or somethin.

then start building your WRIGGLES if you see your laning phase takes a while. its an real good item for you. some dmg nice lifesteal and some armor??? WHAT FCKING CHEAP??? GIMME!!!!!

Now you want to start building your TRINITY FORCE. It gives a real nice bonus on your Q, which has a short CD, since we lvl it first righto?

After that you want some real wait what was this OP heavy dmg item every fkcing noob is dreaming of?? right go buy a INFINITY ENDGE.

Wow now your dmg is a ****ing mess for those nooby enemies... wanna really piss em of now??
Buy a BLOODTHIRSTER. Heavy dmg and heavy healing through lifesteal. +you got very good AD ratios on your hey a ****ing HUNDRED AD??? ****ing get that in your bag.

last item?? who cares bout it...your enemies flee anyway...but hey we got some gold since we got our 2nd its your recommend BANSHEES VEIL or if you feel untouchable get a PHANTOMDANCER.

Way 2: Get a REGWROTH PENDANT first. Since you want to get an early WARMOGS ARMOR.

Then aim for ATHMAS IMPALER to get some serious DMG

After this id recommend real dmg items, since youll get around 3,6k hp at lvl 18 with ok resists. Get INFINITY ENDGE.BLOODTHIRSTER,and BANSHEES or a PHANTOMDANCER.

This way will make you like unkillable early game and still gives you huge DMG later on.

(I really like this one if im up against MAGIC DMG top laner such as rumble or morde, since you dont need the armor from Dorans.)

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Skill Sequence

Q: Just awesome..the so called bread and butter spell. Nice harras, strong dmg, low cd, good ratio on the dot and you reveal those losey runners,stealthers

W: Just as awesome... good dmg nice slow, always usefull

E: AWESOME... your teammates will love you even more now. Nunu is doing his ult in your team?? Malz and WW destroy your carry with their ult?? And your ****ing useless soraka already wasted her silence to KS taric?? Usual situation..but they you just gonna jump to em and they will be so scared that they stop doing anything. Of course it has some other uses aswell. Like gapclosing or even getting out of a sticky situation by jumping an enemy creep, harmless champ or neutral monster.

R: YAYAYAYAYYA. Getting ganked much? Dont want to burn your flash anymore? Sick of noobs running away from you? Want to pull of a good gank? Or jsut need some more heavy burst? This ulti gonna be your best friend then.

Youno what??? I found 2 ways to skill him!! YEAH THATS RIGHT!!

Both ways get his W at lvl 1 tho

Way 1: Priorizes your Q for heavy single target DMG. Pretty nice harras against opponents that you arent scared to get into melee range

Way 2: Priorizes W. I find it usefull against opponents like garen, which you dont really want to melee unless you silence him before and go out quick. Your W is a prefect harras against him. Ranged+Slow...real nice.

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Summoner Spells

Well Flash is pretty usefull as on most champs.

As 2nd i prefer exhaust and ignite in some situations... take what works for you
(Look at your toplane opponent again: Heavy autoattacker??: Exhaust!)

As for jungle its obvious: Flash+Smite should be your choices.

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Creeping / Jungling

Not gonna lie here. Since Talon already is ****ing awesome, he doesnt need to be an awesome jungler. But hey its doable. But i dont advice to do it. Since its pretty slow.

If you want to know how, stonewall is a good source to get the infos from as usual:
Or check out some other Youtube Guides

UPDATE: I messed up my recent ranked games to get jungle Talon working for you guys. Its not real simple and hes not the best ganker. But i cant help still sounds promising.
Ill update the jungle and build part as soon as i find a good way that works for me..stay tuned

UPDATE: Found a satisficing way of jungling him. Actually his gapcloser+silence+slow+heavy burst dmg make him a pretty good ganker. No early ganks, but you can gank pretty much 24/7 after lvl 4.

For the route: I really advice to take stonewall´s way: Ghosts>Wolves>Golems
then go back and buy armor+2 potions, then do the blue and wolves again. then you should be lvl 4 and moderate to high hp after 2 potions.

Runes: Are really important. Id suggest stonewalls way here too...tried several sets and had best results with 3AD marks and 3 AD quints. See 4th build for details. If you find another way it works for you ok..but i bet you wont...atleast none that gives you gankability at lvl 4 without going back.

Hes not the quickest and neither the slowest jungler. And his later game defenitly makes up for this. So i came to the conlusion that if you already got a good and tanky toplaner in team, Talon is a solid choice for your jungle

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Team Work

Well your job in teamfights its kinda obvious: Your a ****ing assasine. So kill people.
You gotto be selfish. Cause you want to wait until the teamfight is already going on until you go in. You want to target the highest threat as usual. or you decide to take out a squieshy unprotected support first. Just watch the positionung of the enemies and your team. Thats real important. Try to engage without your E. You really want to save it to cancel channeling abilities. If your enemies dont have such or already used em feel free to engage with E and silence those pesky AP carries. Talon really excels at fighting those. He got all you need for a quick dead ap carry. Silence, Gapcloser, huge burst and a stealth mode.

So mainly you try do pick out the guys that are ****ing up your own team, but besides doing this talon can dish out some nice aoe dmg aswell (Ult+Rake). So Talon puts alot of pressure on the enemie team. Just watch out the you dont eat too much of your enemies attacks. Feel free to fall backout of a fight... may use your flash if you cant get out any other way.
People wont be able to chase you if its an even teamfight, since your team gonna rape em otherwise. If they are able to chase you, they are fed and your team sucks, so the game is lost anyway. After the focus went from you to your team, feel free to jump in again.

This hit and run tactic is often critized by people: You could do alot more dmg if you just build tanky and stay in the teamfight... well true that, your total dmg output would be higher even if you have less dps, BUT its not bursty it all. It will give your enemies time to counter you, to throw CC on you, to dodge you or even heal,shield whatever.

Where a quick jump with huge burst could do the job on squieshies, bruisers are likely to not get the same success. Its really situationell. If your team already has some kind of bruiser or tank, then you dont really need to copy that guy. Yes beeing able to dish out constant dmg in teamfights has its advantages, but so has bursty hit and run.

Ino its not the same but heres an example that shows how burst vs constant dmg works:
Our constant dmg Competitioner will be fiddle drain in this case vs annies Q
While fiddles drain will do more dmg overall it might not be able to bring a squishiy down, since he has enought time to counter it by: leaving, ccing you, getting healed or shielded.
Annies Q will do lot less dmg but its instant and cant be countered ( unless they throw a shield on you before that).

So both ways have their advantages and i think Talon excels at doing heavy bursty dmg, rather than dishin out alot of dmg over alot of time. If you wanna take the part of a bruiser, feel free to play jarvan, renekton or whatever.

You could prolly call him an anti carry. since hes really good in getting down those high priority targets pretty quick.

Besides of teamfights keep doing, what your best at. KILL PEOPLE. Dont be afraid to take a 1v1 against an overextending pushing champ. You most likely gonna win it. But dont be afraid to push yourself. If your team is keeping the enemie team busy, tell em to dont engage and push some. Rake gives you goood pushing abilities and your Q+Sheen procc is a real mess for turrets.

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Pros / Cons


*You gonna be awesome
*Your enemies gonna **** in their pants
*Your E makes Brooooolaaaahhhf shut up for atleast a second
*Your dmg is a ****ing sick joke
*Fun to play as hell


*You just copy from me
*You will get focussed
*if build offensive your pretty squishy
*you still wont be able to perform at my lvl of skill