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Talon Build Guide by DlRECT

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DlRECT

Talonoser to steal

DlRECT Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I build this guide cuz i love talon and i hate people who play him wrong, but im a good man and i want to help those people and make them a PWN machine , my english may be bad but i offer as much as i can enjoy the guide and read it carefully ;)

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The Runes are simple:magic resist cuz your playing mid agaist mage but u can also add Health runes or magic resist(not per level).

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Talon is an assasin so u will need damage and armor penetration to assasinate an enemy and dont let him escape,also i added magic resist cuz as i said before ur playin mid agaist mages

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The items are not verry expensive and verry usefull.If u want u can add 2 dorans blade at early game.If the game goes easy and u dont eat all the focus u can replace frozen mallet with trinity force gor more damage dealt.Attension dont forget yommus its verry usefull i will explain u now:as an assasin u need armor pentration also if an enemy try to escape u can easily chase him with yommus(active increases for movement speed) and alos use ultimate no matter if u dont hit him (ultimate gives u a bonus of movement speed)so with yommus and ultimate u will surly reach the target and then u can assasinate him with your spells,CUTTHROATto silence and his not be able to use a summoner spell and then RAKE to slow him and finish him with a NOXIAN DIPLOMACY.Why do i add a frozen mallet?... remember your passive more damage to slowed (etc) targets{frozen mallets passive slow per hit} or u can add a trinity force this item make a dealdy combination with noxian diplomacy (slow per hit=more damage..casting a spell next hit deal more damage so when u activate noxian diplomacy ur hit will deal tons of damage).Of course u can add armor if u want or at 3v3 u can replace maw of malmortius with another bloodthirstier.

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Skill Sequence

As u know the most talon players are maxing RAKE always this is wrong.Cuz when u playing Mid u must destroy the emeny tower and the start ganking so u will uprgade both noxian diplomacy and rake beacuse noxian diplomacy helps u a lot to destroy the turrent.also u will upgrade cutthoatfor the damage deal.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is for assasinates(u can also replace flash with ghost for better chasing)ingite is usefull when an enemy has reached te tower and ur spells has cooldown so u will ignite him to take the kill.

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Ranked Play

At RAnked matches ur objective at early game is not to attack and kill the enemy cuz u may become low hp and get killed from the jungler. So u will not attacking the enemy until ur jungler ganks ur lane.If the jungler is busy u MUST FARM FARM FARM! no kill but farm try to dont lose minions cuz farm is the most important thing when ur playin ranked.Also dont afraid to use ur summoner is spells is not for the beuty of ur spells bar and dont afraid to use ulti for escaping dont hear ur friends that telling u dont waste ulti without kill talons utli is for kills-chases and ESCAPES so when u get ganked use ur ultimate.another importanat thing is the feeding dont feed if ur not be able to escape from the enemys try to sucide without giving kill u can go to emeny base and get killed by turrents or if u cant enter the enemy base u can flash at baron and let him kills u(if baron has not be spawned {early game} u can sucide at dragon).

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Pros / Cons

1)silencing spell verry usefull agasit a mage(mid playing)
2)ulti gives u a great boost of movement speed and makes u invisible (use it assasinateand escape)
3)talon HAve the most co01 :STYLE: IN THE LEAGUE OF LEGNEDNs HELL YEAH!!!
4)Lots of combos like if the emeny is low hp ur hiding at the grass and (R.E,W,Q) cuz R makes u invisible
5)Talon is one of the best chasers.(ulti. yommus,flash/ghost)
6)Tons of Damage at late game(i cant understan why talon deals so much damage without having a lot of physical damage points)
7)also he can easy counter the most Op mages.
8)easy multi kill with ur ultimate;)
9)hes able to moon walk like michael jackson(press /d at chat)
10) verry usefull at team fights cuz of his AoE dmg

1)So Bad at early game
2)Talon can easily spoted with an oracle elixir
3)always get focused and stunned at teamfights after his invisibility
4)early game RAKE dont deal much damage and its to difficult to farm agaist a mage enemy

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Talon can at early game can farm by hitting about 2-3 hits at all the minions wave amd then using RAKE to take all minions.

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Team Work

Talon can easily save a teamate cuz he have slow,silence and then he can use his ulti to escape.Talon deals tons of aoe damage with his ultimate and his helping his teamates to win the teamfight (also at teamfights try to silecing mage this is verry helpfull for ur team)

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Saving the DAY!

When the emeny is nunu or galio or another ultimate caster talon is better to stay back and wait until the enemy use his ultmate cast to interapt it with CUTTHROAT and save his teamates.

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The End

this is my first guide but im playing talon a lot cuz hes one of my fav champs thank u for reading my guide i hope that this guide was helpful to you ;)!