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Talon Build Guide by Getcriton

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Getcriton

Talon's guide to strong burst

Getcriton Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey this is Getcriton and this is my first guide on Mobafire, Now before I get started I would like to state that i'm only a single player with my opinions and ideas so please judge appropriately, thanks and I hope you like my opinion =D.

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Summoner Spells

I choose these summoner spells for Talon's lack of slows and his ability to ult and flash from danger or to catch a enemy. The masteries given in this guide will also benefit you'r summoner spells. But if you really need the burst you can switch either your flash for less defence and utilty, exhaust is also plausible to be switched with ignite the dmg might give the needed time reduction when going for a kill that the slow on a exhaust will not be viable at that point. But I honestly believe that these summoner spells will work the best, not saying you can't miss and match to your team's needs as in CV or Teleport.

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Skill Sequence

Usually most people go for Rake I used to previous to this build of mine. It's much easier to drain people of life as Talon when you can hit them for a large sum and then do damage of time to them while having them CCed to reduce their total dmg on you. When choosing my skill sequence please try and use a combo of noxian and cutthroat giving high damage and crowd control with silence. My skill sequence is used best upon casters of course this guide isn't set in stone so please build upon whats needed for the enemy team not to defeat you easily.

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The items i have choose for this guide will give you the movement speed and damage for easy kills and ease with escaping from a gank or to follow up on a kill, the The Blood thirsters will also give a large portion of you're damage and lifesteal making them essential. The trinity force also gives two special effects that are highly beneficial towards Talon's play style helping him slow and do more burst on a single hit, I give a short section upon the reason to use trinity force i understand that ability power gives no benefit for Talon but the other perks defeat the reasoning not to use it.

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The runes I picked were very similar to many others but with slight differences to give you a stronger end game in comparison to the set in stone 1.5 magic resist you'll gain a decent amount of resist and armor at end game for this. These runes will also support your high armor penetration giving you the rune bonuses making you not need to get nearly as much defensive items. You can make changes in runes for your play style of course just depends how offensive or defensive you really like to play as.

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The masteries support the summoner spell that I picked giving them reduced cooldowns and reduction of armor and magic resist by 10, they also give lifesteal that I feel is nearly essential early game so you will have a lower chance of being drained of life over a long period of time. They also give damage witch has obvious reasoning and armor penetration yet again another obvious reason.

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Team Work

Talon is useful during team fights for his ability to cause AoE dmg and burst a single champion that is behind the rest of their team. His ult serves a massive purpose during a team fight being able to deal over 40% of everyone within his circle's HP, even if the fight takes a turn to the worse he can always kite them to the right and ult away with ease.

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When farming attempt to stay with a safe distance of any enemy because at a short range you have the advantage of you'r teleport to them that shares a silence. You can also attempt at picking up rake creep kills if you'r willing to have the mana cost, if not just throw the enemy back with you burst damage upon them when you Noxian Diplomacy pre-cutthroat combo for a **** ton of damage.

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Trinity force reasoning

My personal reasoning for the Trinity Force relies upon it's special enhancements, The 150% Dmg increase after using a ability applies to when you Noxian Diplomacy causing you to deal massive burst from your basic hit, Sheen bonus, Noxian Diplomacy, and with a 70% chance to smash a critical strike on them dealing another 250% dmg. The Trinity Force's movement speed, critical strike, and attack speed are also very helpful the only true downfall of this item choose is the fact it is giving ability power to a champion it has no use for. I think this is a decent enough reasoning for the use of Trinity Force, but remember that this is all based on the fact that this is a suggestive guide.

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In my experience mid can be countered very easily by a high CC champion, but he can overcome most champions that focus mid lane because of his high burst stealth ability and silences. So my overall rating upon mid lane is a 60-40.

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Solo Top

Top lane is my favorite lane overall because you can drain their hp with ease and being able to escape with ease even. Having a decent Talon in top lane can cause your team a win. I rate top lane a 75-25.

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Bottom lane is what I would only recommend to a new player learning his ability's Talon does not have a stun to give so you can get a clean kill isn't the most useful champion to be on a bot. I rate bottom a 30-70.

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Talon jungle seems to be very viable for the fact talon ganks are easy. He can ult behind a champion or just teleport silence into a exhaust leaving the target disabled for a certain amount of time. I rape jungling a 30-70.