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Amumu Build Guide by Janglur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Janglur

Tank Amumu Carry

Janglur Last updated on November 15, 2011
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This is my first build. I'll admit, I used other builds to get mine started, but this collaboration was based off my brother and I discussing what would be best for Amumu. I'll update, as I am constantly changing as I see fit. The soon-to-be new update will make me alter Masteries, plus my summoner skills may be altered. As it is now, I am quite proud of this build. Please, let me know if I should change anything or clarify...

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As of right now, the runes I carry are for Nunu to jungle, so I can't say for sure what they should be. However, these seem to work very well with Amumu laning. Health and Armor are always good, cooldown lets your skill come up quicker, and Magic Pen. makes Despair even more effective.

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Very predictable. 21 defense, plus 9 to get magic pen.

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So, the main part of my build. This is what is going to win you games. I start the laning phase with a ruby crystal to give more sustainability, wanting to stay in before I go back as long as possible. When I go back, Catalyst should be able to be purchased, which keeps me in the lane even longer, as I get health and mana every time I level, plus max. Next comes the boots, which, in a good match, I get on my first recall. After that, Glacial Shroud gives good defense and mana, plus my cooldown will give me a better harass. I always get Merc Treads as they are good MR plus tenacity, which really helps the tank. Follow that up with Banshee's Veil from my Catalyst for more health and MR, plus it's obvious Passive benefit. Frozen Heart from Glacial Shroud for more Defense, Mana, Cooldown, and an added benefit of slowing enemy attacks. Around this time, laning phases are ending and I'll be doing team fights. Bit of HP with Giant's Belt, then time for my first bit of AP! Blasting Wand comes first, then finish the two for Rylai's. This is good for AP, HP, and when you chase enemies, you slow them when despair is active. This will help catch any that manage to live through your first nuke. Next, it's either Abyssal or Sunfire Cape, with Abyssal being the preference. It will give you more AP (yay!) and MR, plus lower enemy MR, meaning your damage output is even higher! However, if the other team is AD reliant, Sunfire will give you armor, HP, and more damage over time in AoE. Build the last item if the game lasts awhile, and you will dominate.

The armor and magic resist makes you formidable, letting you be in the middle of five enemy champions for extended periods of time relatively easy. The Mana granted lets Despair stay on almost all the time at the end of the game, along with Sunfire cape and Tantrum as it comes back up do massive damage output to all around you. The AP is enough to do heavy damage over time, and good damage on your ult, allowing aces to happen for your team more often. And the Cooldown Reduction on Frozen Heart make your ult and Bandage Toss come up enough that every team fight should have a Curse of the Sad Mummy, and every chase you should get multiple chances at Bandage Toss.

If you find you're against 5 AD, subsitute Banshee's Veil with Thornmail, or for 5 AP substitute Sunfire Cape with a Lich Bane (for fun :)

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Skill Sequence

Many would think to take Bandage Toss first, but I view that as a mistake.

Tantrum: very good for harassing, as it has decent damage, and it comes up quickly if you're being auto-attacked. Not only that, it blocks damage, great for a tank. It is my first fully built to do damage AoE and block damage.

Bandage Toss: second for the stun/reach. However, it is my last fully built up, as I do not use it for damage. It's great to use to stun early to let your teammate help pick up a kill, or in a team fight to bring yourself really close really quick, to do AoE attacks and stuns.

Despair: great for minions as well as after your Bandage Toss or Curse of the sad Mummy, however it drains too much mana to be used from the beginning. Second to max as it allows good damage, especially while chasing an enemy, or if you find yourself in a group of minions/champions.

Curse of the Sad Mummy: an amazing ult that stuns all within an area around you, dealing moderate damage. It is useful in all aspects of the game, from laning to team fights. In laning, I'll use in in tandem with Bandage Toss to hit one or both champions for good damage and to pick up kills/assists. Team Fights, it will let you start a team fight off on the right foot, or quickly change the team fight from getting beat to gaining the upper hand. Max asap, as it's stuns alone would make it a worthwile ult, with the damage output towards the endgame making it a devastating move that can carry your team to victory.

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Summoner Spells

I use these two because I think in 99% of games, your tank should have fortify (until they disband it... T_T ) It can save you from losing a turret, but a good player can use it as an offensive spell. If the other team is turret diving for a kill, Fortify can kill them or push them away. If they are turret diving to kill you, use Fortify immediately before a bandage toss, and they can't get away.

I use Exhaust to get a chance to either save an ally, or chase the enemy. If an ally is about to die by two enemies, bandage toss and Exhaust in tandem are a mighty combo for protection. If they are trying to run away, same thing. I would not use flash as Bandage Toss does roughly the same thing... Quick entry into a battle, plus stun. Amumu doesn't necessarily have to use Bandage Toss on the enemy champ. Remember, the biggest thing about Bandage Toss is getting you into the fray, not damage or even the stun (no matter how nice it is...)

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As I said, this is my first guide. I would appreciate any feedback, as long as it's constructive. Please understand that, while certain items may give better AP, or more damage output, the purpose of this build is not necessarily to kill, but to tank. The damage output from this build will be enough to make you a threat that needs eliminating, but not detract from the ability to withstand an assault on you as you go into the middle of every team fight.