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Varus Build Guide by Cinnamonatus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cinnamonatus

Tank-Buster Varus

Cinnamonatus Last updated on April 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! My name is Cinnamonatus. I am a Silver 4 baddie on the NA servers. This is my first guide. I chose to make a Varus guide because, as hypertanks have become the new meta, especially in the top lane, I have found that this build really helps to take them down, while still offering the normal damage required of ADCs. If anyone has any comments, advice, or insults, I would be happy to have them posted in the comments section below. Without further ado, onto the guide!

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Pros / Cons

"WHY VARUS?" I can hear you all asking. I chose Varus as my tankbuster because his kit naturally allows him to shred percentage health that other ADCs would need to itemize to do. This natural ability, combined with other good ADC attributes, allow him to do his job perfectly.

    -Percent health damage
    -CC ultimate
    -Medium auto attack range
    -Healing debuff
    -Long range harass ability
    -Strong attack speed buff

    -No escapes
    -Less ability damage (With this build)
    -Needs good positioning
    -Skillshots must be hit to deal damage

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For runes, I like to run either Flat AD or ArP marks, Armor seals (Must-have to mitigate early AA poke), MR/lvl glyphs (To mitigate late-game APC damage), and Flat AD Quints (Better last hitting and early AA damage). I personally generally take Flat AD marks just so that my auto-attacks hit harder early game, helping with lane dominance and last hitting, but if you feel you don't need the extra CSing help, then ArP marks can help to increase late-game damage.

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Skill Sequence

The skills are pretty simple. Get ultimate whenever possible, max W (percent health damage, since that's the point of this build) first, followed by either Q or E. I personally max Q second because it has a longer range than E so I can hit people who run away after I get a few W stacks on them, but E can help pop stacks in the middle of trades, so there are merits to both. Essentially, max Q if you feel confident that you can land it the majority of the time. Otherwise, max E second.

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For summoner spells, I generally take Flash and Barrier. Flash is a must-have for dodging skillshots, juking, escaping over walls, and all the other things that will come flying at you because you will obviously be focused by the enemy team for all of your terrifying damage. Other options which I have tried are Flash/Ignite (for the added kill potential) and Flash/Heal (to help heal your support and to take away ignite). I haven't practiced much with the new heal, so I generally just run Barrier out of familiarity.

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For items, I always start off with Doran's Blade, 1 health potion, and the warding trinket. Doran's Blade gives good early sustain, health, and damage, while the warding trinket, in my opinion, offers the best utility, especially if your support grabs the Sweeping Lens to clear out enemy wards. From there, work towards Beserker Greaves and Blade of the Ruined King, picking up health pots, wards, and maybe an extra Doran's Blade depending on how lane phase is going. From there, work on the Runaan's Hurricane. This will give you a massive attack speed boost, while applying your Blighted Quiver stacks and the BORK passive to surrounding enemies. More autos means more stacks means more percent health damage on more targets. After this, the build is pretty flexible. Last Whisper will greatly increase damage against armor-stacking tanks and on towers, while Phantom Dancer and Statikk Shiv grant attack speed and crit chance. Get a Bloodthirster if you need more lifesteal, or an Infinity Edge if you are really fed and have the gold. Finally, I would suggest getting a Guardian Angel to save you in late-game teamfights.

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In summary, max W, get BORK, auto-attack a lot, pop stacks, win games. For those of you who are reading this and about to go into the comments sections to call me all sorts of homophobic names and racial slurs, at least try out the build once. If it's still not to your liking, then I am open to feedback. Any grievances or comments? Let me know what you think below. This is my first guide, and would love some feedback on how to improve. Thanks for reading.
-Viam inveniam aut faciam