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Evelynn Build Guide by ProQueenIknowHow2Play

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProQueenIknowHow2Play

Tank Evelynn the best Evelynn

ProQueenIknowHow2Play Last updated on April 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi everybody im ProQueenIknowHow2Play and today im presenting u my evelynn guide. Evelynn is my favorite champion. since i got her i could stop playing her and after many games i finally discovered the best way to play evelynn - tank
why u ask?
well heres the answer:
evelynn is usually ap mid squishy like paper. People never expect u to build tank so if u do u caught them off guard. They also even late game dont realize ur tank so they keep on attacking u and when they see that ur hp isnt going down theyre like WTF???? so heres the reason why tank evelynn is the best. i hope u enjoy this guide and pls comment

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Pros / cons

- very tanky
- ungankable
- nice dmg
- everybody still focus u b/c they think u not tank and ur squishy

- squishy early game ://

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boots give u speed why u should buy them they let u walk faster whcih means u can walk into tf and tank for everybody
pots give u health
very nice armor,cd since ur ult has very long cd and great pa***ive against adc
this item is good because it gives u armor mana and again cd for ur very long cd on ult this item has also very nice passive slow on hit with ur Q and with ur E ur like Ashe
this item is very nice because it gives u both armor and magic resit and the passive is probably the best passive in game it revives u which means u can live and tank more but u should use its passive because u should die at all
gives u very nice magic resist u need it because other items give u mostly armor but this one gives u magic resist. also the ap is very helpgul more dmg on ur skills and passive works greatly if u have ap champs in team like Ahri
a lot of health + a lot of health regen what theres more to say very nice item get it

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early game

Just focus on last hitting and not getting hit my enemy because if they hit u ur hp goes down and if it goes down to 0 hp u die and its really easy to die early game as Evelynn because shes very squishy.

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mid game

mid game is when youre becoming slowly a tank. dont be afraid to tank dmg since ur a tank u can do it. because mid game ur items are mostly against bruisers and adc try to deal only with them. avoid apc. try not to die and then preceed onto late game where u excel best

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late game

Late game is when u shine. ur like a stone, unkillable. dont be afraid to start a tf. ur ult is made for it. in late game protect ur carry, tank all the dmg and then win!!! not die too.