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League of Legends Build Guide Author AtIass

Tank Killing Xin

AtIass Last updated on December 23, 2010
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My build for xin zhao facuses on attack speed.A lot of you will go "What attack speed??? but xin is for crits ?????. well i understand but if you dont suck balls this build is amazing.I use this build because all the xin zhao i have seen in game have been easy kills early game and mid game and tough late game. with this build (if you dont suck) you will be weak in early game so i advise that u have a ranged teamate laning with you so that you dont feed the enemy team. By mid game assuming you got at least 1 kill and 1 assist you should at least have the zeal for your phantom dancer. by this time you can chase your enemies ,because you will have the upper hand in a fight (again assuming you dont suck). Mid game was my main priority for this build because thats where a xin player shines or dies and with my build mid game xin players normally shine (cause if you suck you will die). By late game you have your last whisper and frozen mallet by then the enemy champions will realize that they will need 2 maybe even 3 of there teamates to help kill you because they cant stop you. and once you get infinity edge well....lets just say. start congratulating the other team for their efforts even though they are in vain.

Item order with explanations
Berserker greaves- These are your first main item that you buy. Mainly because though xin has a good chase with audacious charge i think getting boots early helps you get the extra step before the enemy champs get to their turret. These go with my build because they give an early 25 attack spd
Phantom Dancer- I put phantom dancer in here for obvious reasons. The first being its great addition to the attack speed the second being its crits. It also gives you enhanced movement which helps even more because by this time its extremely hard to run away especially if you have flash like i listed in spells. i suggested buying the zeal before buying the phantom dancer because it might be a little hard to get 3395 and get it and the fact that the zeal gives u a little edge early if you buy it because it adds attack speed and crit chance.
The Bloodthirster- Some of you will think why is a bloodthirster in an attack speed build? well although this is an attack speed build you need to be able to do decent damage and when it comes to damage a bloodthirster is as good as it gets with 100 dmg plus 40 if you get all the stacks by killing some minions.
Last Whisper- I put last whisper in right after bloodthirster for the sole reason of its armor pen. When you buy this your attack not only goes up 40 but you get armor pen. which just so happens to be perfect for this attack speed build
Madreds Bloodrazor- This is one of the late game items essential for taking down enemy tanks easily. It gives you some attack speed and does magic damage equal to 4% of the targets max health. i Put madreds bloodrazor in here for being able to take down annoying tanks like Sion, Dr Mundo, Cho Gath, and others, because late game i find them a problem.
Sword of the Divine- Has to be my favorite item in this build because it gives 60 attack speed (<-- thats amazing) 100 magic dmg every 4 attack which with this buuild happens a lot (even tho xin isnt magic pretty usefull) and.. drumroll please Your attacks cant be dodged and you gain 30 armor penatration which stacked with ur whisper is extremely usefull. this build has helped me defeate some of the toughest fed champs and i hope it helps you.