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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Dace

Tank Mundo

Tank Mundo

Updated on June 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dace Build Guide By Dace 5,493 Views 2 Comments
5,493 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dace Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Dace Updated on June 22, 2011
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Chapter 1


This MUNDO build is all about health and HP/5. Get him built and then watch the assists pile up, as well as a few kills for yourself. If you don't want to tank than stop reading now and pick another character to play...MUNDO TANKS!!!

I prefer to mid with mundo, it helps to get built faster and help the team. Laning is great if you lane with a stunner kills/assists add up fast and the cash follows. Take your time with mundo until lvl 6 then ult when u get low and ur lane partner will have fun and ur enemies will hate u lol


Using summoner spells is really a personal preference and based highly on your play style. I choose ignite and teleport. I like to use ignite when going for kills and teleport all over the map so no one ever knows when they might run into a little mundo deathball. Ghost, exhaust and cleanse can be really helpful too.


For this build 0/21/9 is really useful. The extra gold, XP and health regen helps a lot more than i thought it would.


Marks - Crit is nice to have with mundos cleaver, it helps early game to harass...and its nice late game to hit like a truck lol

Seals - HP/5 get all 9 and with dorans shield you will be close to 22hp/5 at lvl 1.

Glyphs - Straight health

Quints - Straight health, 100 extra HP at lvl 1 is always nice


Passive - adrenaline rush, it looks wimpy having only 0.3% health regen...but it adds up quick with a HUGE health pool.

Q - infected cleaver, this is your bread and butter in the early game. This hits hard and with your CD glyphs THROW IT CONSTANTLY!!

W - burning agony, this will come in handy starting mid game and then really showing its power by end game.

E - masochism, pop this every time its up to maximize damage, with this ability you will destroy turrets like a champ...oh yeah and most other champs too.

R - sadism, this makes you nie unstoppable, it regens 50% of your max health over 12 secs and gives you a speed boost to track down those pesky runners or to get the hell outta dodge yourself.


Dorans shield at lvl 1, its nice to have over 800 hp at lvl 1

Spirit visage when you get 1350g, this helps with your hp/5

Boots of swiftness for speed, you can chase down low health champs or get away clean while ur health regens, 850g

Sunfire cape, it works great with ur aoe

Warmogs, i always get the belt first to jump up the hp 1110g for the belt

Force of nature, it helps against magic and the speed boost and...well its all around a mundo necessity

Finally Atmas impaler if you wanna do damage, but at this point u should be nigh unkillable so this will help with the dps part or you can build rylai's scepter and your aoe will have a slowing effect and the extra health doesnt hurt.


So to conclude you are the tank of tanks as mundo with this build. So if you are a bit of a laid back player mundo is not for you. If you are a "battle crazed run in and cause mayhem" kind of guy then mundo is for you.

PS. this is my first build so any feedback will be appreciated.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dace
Dace Dr. Mundo Guide
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