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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spartacus697

Tank, or soft carry? Both

Spartacus697 Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Right off the bat I'm going to say this. If your playstyle involves non-stop ganking and rampaging across the map, this guide is NOT for you. This is a guide for a tank. A character that can walk into a team fight, give the support their team needs to drop the enemy team and push that next tower without fear of dying from that overfed Yi or Veigar. A guide to learn to play the way that Nasus was designed.
Now I started playing Nasus based off of hyfe's guide. It was good, Damned good. However, I just didn't feel that I had the survivability of a character who is catagorized as a tank. So I started experimenting. What I ended up with was a true monster worthy of the title, curator of the sands.

Now if you are just in it for the item build then feel free to just copy pasta what you see up top and move along for I will laugh at you when you fail.

If you want any justification on the runes and summoner abilities, these are the few things that still come from Hyfe. This guide will focus more on instruction than what order to buy items. The order is already set up top and there is no need to change it up unless you have a specific concern, in a specific game, that needs addressing immediately.

Laning phase (lvls 1- about 10-12)
Start off with the Doran's Shield and the health pot. I usually play bottom just because I personally feel more at ease there (don't ask me why I just do). If you are laning with another tank feel free to just waltz out into the grass like you own it, otherwise it is more advisable to just wait for the creep wave. When you do move down with the creep wave make sure you stay on the opposite side of the creeps from the grass. This ensures you can see your opponents coming at you before they actually do and you can decide to fight or just back up to the edge of the exp zone.
As soon as you have the money for your tear grab it and feel the freedom of being able to consistently cast your spells early game. Do the same thing for when you have enough for your boots. Don't buy any other boots with this guide because allthough the attack speed and snare reduction from other boots is nice on Nasus. This build will require you to be everywhere you can possibly be to turn the tides of battle (including minion waves, ignore those and I will personally hunt you down.)
Top priority is survival of yourself AND your lanemate. Your allies are no good to you if they can't dish out the DPS late game. Start with siphoning strike then grab soulfire just to help with the lane control. Being able to drop a soulfire between your enemies creeps and them gives you freedom to last hit a few of the bastards without too much worry of what your enemy is doing. All the while make sure you are last hitting w/ Siphoning Strike as mush as humanly possible, without putting yourself or your lanemate into jeopardy. As soon as you hit lvl 3 get wither, if first blood still hasn't been drawn and the enemy has pushed you and your lanemate back into your tower feel free to target the squishy one with your ally, wither them, exh and if they are still alive ghost to keep up. Don't be afraid to use your summoner abilites. Use your better judgement but don't hesitate so long that you wind up dead before you even cast it. If you are still feeling mana hungry even with the tear, feel free to leave your lane for a sec (after buying boots) and grab the golem buff. Repeat this passive style of play until you get warmogs or the teamfights start breaking out.
Mid game and possibly late game tomorow out of time for tonight.