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Sejuani Build Guide by messymike

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author messymike

Tank Sejuani Jungle basics Patch 4.21

messymike Last updated on December 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Update log

12/15/2014: Rough draft started.

This is a brand new guide, it is still missing some information.

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Why Sejuani all of a sudden?

I was inspired by the changes in patch 4.21 to try out Sejuani again, and as an ex Skarner main, I love champions that pack consistent cc. Riot took the % enemy hp damage from her Arctic Assault and put it on her Flail of the Northern Winds, allowing her to jungle more efficiently by letting her max it as a no brainer. Not only that, but they also increased her own %HP scaling on her Flail of the Northern Winds's damage, AND made it scale with TOTAL HP instead of BONUS HP. Sure they took some initial damage off of it, but now this thing hits harder mid and late game just from building tank!

If you like being the tankiest person it the match, chasing the squishy enemies around the map and spamming cc, Sejuani might be what you're looking for. However its not always so simple, most of the time you will be required to setup initiations with your ultimate, and that requires not only proper aim and timing, but also overall awareness of the situation at hand in order to prevent initiating your own team's defeat.

I've seen alot of people playing her AP these days, but you don't need to! Her damage is still plenty high by just stacking HP tank items!

I want to state that I am not a competitive LoL player, I do not enjoy ranked and play it solely for the seasonal rewards and stop once I've unlocked them, that being said, I still enjoy winning and occasionally min/maxing to get that extra edge in game.

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Items Start

Hunter's Machete
Health Potionx2
Warding Totem

So this is pretty much the only jungler start now with the new changes. Some people take sweeping lens first, I prefer using warding for a while during the vulnerable early game before switching to sweeping.

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Items Core

ranger's trailblazer - juggernaut
Ninja Tabi
Warmog's Armor

That is the core of this build. Lots and lots of health, with tenacity and ninja tabi to boot.
The %HP scaling on Flail of the Northern Winds allows Sejuani to build pure tank and still do enough damage to put a hurting on enemy carrys.

ranger's trailblazer - juggernaut I prefer it over the other items for its restoration on smite. Having a ton of HP and this item restoring missing % of HP means that if you are running from enemies in the jungle, it can restore enough health to either escape or turn the fight.

Ninja Tabi We already have tenacity from our jungling item, so choose between either Ninja Tabi for tanking or Boots of Mobility for ganking.

Warmog's Armor Sejuani's bread and butter, lots of max HP and plenty of HP regen between ganks/fights.

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Mid to late items

Sunfire Cape
Spirit Visage

Sunfire Cape Good armor and HP yes please! The passive damage adds to our W, meaning we can clear camps faster or just sit on the enemy carry as they slowly die.
Spirit Visage My preferred magic resist item. HP, magic resist and a great passive boosting our regen. Oh and lets not forget the cooldown reduction!

Elixir of Ruin More HP yay!

Enchantment: Alacrity Get this if your team is winning and you need that extra speed to stick to targets.

Enchantment: Homeguard Get this if your team has to defend the inhib turrets or even nexus.

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Additional item options

So maybe you don't like sunfire cape and spirit visage or maybe the enemy ADC is mega fed, thats fine!

Randuin's Omen is great if your team is behind and the enemy ADC is a threat. Great for either replacing sunfire cape or as a 6th item. Don't forget the active! Seriously, just use the active after you've managed to catch up to the enemy carry in a teamfight.

Banshee's Veil Classic magic resist item that can either replace spirit visage or implemented into your build order based on a fed enemy mage.

Ruby Sightstone Some decent HP, but the real value comes from wards. A warding jungler can have a massive impact on the game, so cheap wards can really contribute to the goal of seeing the enemy movement. Especially helpful when stubborn teams refuse to ward (as if that happens right?)

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I prefer this order personally.
Arguments could really be made for either maxing Q or E second, I prefer Q for the higher burst and lower cooldown, as it is our only hard CC other than our ult.

I put my 3rd point into W if there is no real opportunity to gank, E if I see a lane that has an opening.

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My usual mastery page. Focuses on HP and defensive stats with a bit of CDR and AP to help with a tiny bit of early damage. If you really hate being slow you can take the points out of AP and put them into utility tree for a bit of movespeed.

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Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

OK, so this is something alot of people still don't know yet. Since the nerf on armor yellow runes, it is more efficient to use 2 armor quints and 8 flat hp seals, you get 12 more HP and 1 more armor vs the old setup.

The usual HP quints and armor seals is fine if you don't have these runes yet.

I take armor marks for the extra damage reduction early on in the jungle, since we are a tank after all, we don't want to die to camps, that's just embarrassing.

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Basic jungling

When starting blue, start with the new jungle creep (the frog thing). Smite it to get its passive (damage dealt when struck). Proceed to blue buff, then head straight to red buff and smite it to regen some HP.

When starting red, do the same thing but in opposite order and with golems instead of frog. (golems/red/blue/gank or farm)

You should be level 3, look around the map and if no lanes are struggling or giving opportunity for a kill, put a point in W and proceed to clear jungle camps. If you see an opening for a gank, get your E and proceed to the lane. That's it for the first clear.

Now you want to do a few things like watching over dragon/baron, watching your buff timers (as easy as pressing tab now!) and most of all, ganking whenever your ult is up! If you choose to go the route of buying a sightstone, try combining the wards with the new jungle creep that gives vision over baron and dragon to cover not only river, but possibly the enemy jungle as well. Or just supplement the laners existing wards/replace when they run out.

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Matchups (not done)

Vayne She is your nemesis, not only can she shred your massive pool of HP with Silver Bolts but she can Condemn you mid charge and negate it! If the enemy has a vayne, consider swapping out Sunfire Cape and getting Randuin's Omen instead, it will slowdown her damage a bit.

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Gameplay Tips (not done)

Try to pop your E just before using W so they stay in it for the full duration!

When fighting a champion that has just stealthed, remember that you don't need to wait to autoattack with your W for the aoe damage, you can re-activate W and the aoe will start automatically, great for champions like Akali hiding in her pool.

If you want to attempt a baron steal, you can Q over the wall and ult the enemy damage dealers, W baron, attempt to smite it and then flash back over the wall to make an escape. This is very difficult though so don't expect it to work, as the enemy jungler can still smite while stunned, and you may actually end up hurting your team by blowing valuable cooldowns or even dying.

Your Q can charge through minions/monsters but not champions, remember this when ganking lanes!